Sponge Water Bombs – DIY Sea Anemones
July 8, 2020
Finished sponge water bomb by Salt Lake party stylist

Sponge Water Bombs – DIY Sea Anemones

We created Sponge Water Bombs as part of our summer camp Under the Sea week! Do you get an ocean vibe from these babies? Cause they remind me of sea anemone tentacles and I LOVE them.

Easy to color coordinate for a party, simple enough for kids to make with a little cutting help, and fun for everyone to play with!

What Are Sponge Water Bombs?

What are Sponge Water Bombs you ask? Basically a reusable water balloon made of tied sponge strips to use in summer water fights or water relay races. Perfect to use for play dates, summer birthday parties, family reunions, or just to get outside and cool off a bit.

What Can You Make Out Of Sponges?

These colorful sponges are perfect for soaking up water, so why not use them to create a few water bombs! I just love how the shape reminds me of sea urchins and anemones from my childhood tide pool days!

Colorful sponges make great water bombs

So grab a sponge, or THREE and let's get creative.

How Do You Make Sponge Water Bombs?

  1. Cut three different sponges into 3 strips of the same size
  2. Stack them so the colors are in different orders, you'll have 9 different strips
  3. Tie around the center with string, fishing line, or elastic band
  4. Trim string if using
  5. Fluff the “tentacles” and make a nice full ball
  6. Dip in water and toss! 😉

Step 1 – Cut the Sponges

Sponges cut into strips for sea anemone sponge water bombs

Cut the sponges into strips of equal width. 3 strips is enough but you can do 4.

Step 2 – Stack Sponge Strips

Stacked cut sponges for water bombs

The lines don't have to be perfect on your sponge strips but stack them up in alternating colors.

Step 3 – Tie Center

Finished sponge water bomb by Salt Lake party stylist

Color coordinated elastic bands are a SUPER easy way to get the center tied. Pinch the center and wrap around twice.

No long hair in the house? Fishing line, string, or regular rubber bands would also work just fine.

What Can You Use Instead of Water Balloons?

Sponge water bombs are like reusable water balloons. If you choose biodegradable sponges like these you know you've made an even better choice for the environment.

Pro tip: Make sure to let the sponges dry out between water fights and periodically zap damp water bombs in the microwave to keep them from getting musty.

I'd love it if you tried making these sea anemone water bombs! And if you do, please share and tag us @partieswithacause on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

Sponge Water Bomb Relay

Now that you've created your ammunition, how are you going to use your sponge water bombs? We're using ours as water relay activity for our Surf Themed Birthday Party.

Sponge Ball Relay Race

  1. Have buckets of water on one end and empty buckets {bowls} on the other
  2. Each team dunks their sponge bomb into the water and tosses it to their teammate on the other side
  3. They squeeze as much water as possible into the empty bowl and toss the “dry” bomb back
  4. Repeat until the timer goes off, you run out of water in the bucket, or the bowls are full at the end!

Summer Camp Activities: Week 6

Dive Under the Sea during our at-home summer camp and keep your kids busy most of the summer! We’ve got 6 weeks worth of crafts, activities, snack ideas, exercise recommendations, books suggestions, and even themed tv show and movie ideas.


It's the FINAL week of our SIX WEEK adventure. If you'd like to get on the list for our next FREE at-home summer camp activity series we'd love to have you. Simply leave us your info below!

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Sponge water bombs, sea anemone craft by Salt Lake party stylist


  1. Natalie Mayhew

    What a super fun DIY! I love the way your mind works!

    • Brianna Adams

      They’re so easy aren’t they? And thank you, I love your creativity too.

    • Brianna Adams

      So hot isn’t it!? They are so fun to play with and I love that there’s no mess to clean up afterwards like there is with water balloons.

  2. Lori Goldman

    What an easy and cute DIY for summer! I love that you included a game idea as well.

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you so much! It’s the game we play and it’s so fun but you don’t really need rules for these little guys. Just get ’em wet and have some fun!


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