Make A Splash Pool Party to Benefit Charity Water
September 13, 2019
Beach ball cups for drinks and pool party favors

Make A Splash Pool Party 

To celebrate heading back to school we hosted a “Make a Splash” Pool Party for a group of friends and their families. Just because school's back in session doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the beautiful weather! But this party is great all summer, even all winter if you have access to an indoor pool! To make the party extra special we invited our friends to set aside some money as a family to donate to Charity: Water.

Make a splash pool party

Make a Splash Pool Party Invitation

Make a splash pool party invitations

Our summer was so busy we realized we hadn't gotten together with a big group of friends and our Back-to-school pool party was born. The invitations are simple but fun for the “Make a Splash” theme.

Since this was also a donation party, I let guests know a little more about the cause. You can order these invites with or without the cause of course!

Charity Water Donation Party

Pool party to benefit charity water

But this cause is one that I feel strongly about. So many people in the world are sick and dying because of dirty water. And we have so much clean water that we poop in it. Think about that one for a minute!

My kiddos decided to earn some money to donate and they worked at odd jobs until they gathered up $15. It may not seem like much but from 25 cents to a dollar per job that took A LOT of effort to earn!

Donation parties aren't necessarily about the quantity you can raise for a charity, although that's a wonderful side effect. For me, it's all about exposing children to feeling they get when they do something to help someone else. There are few teachers better than the sacrifice that goes along with service. Learn more about WHY and HOW to host a donation party here.

Learn more about Charity Water's history in this video.

Pool Party Set Up

Pool for pool party

The location is important. And you can't have a pool party without a pool! Luckily we had access to a local pool club for a private party. The banners even matched the color scheme!

Pool Party Tables

Pool party table decor with hanging lanterns

Since most people were in and around the pool wrangling children, ornate tables were unnecessary. Our simple tablescape consisted of watercolor fabric runners, sea glass centerpieces, a few shells, and some colored bottles.

A few solar powered lanterns added a little interest to the otherwise utilitarian space.

Water print fabric runner, shells, and sea glass centerpieces

It all came together and we had a great time but can I tell you a secret? This Ocean and Pool theme mashup bothered me the whole time I was planning but the color scheme worked so well I finally had to get over it.

Party Accessories and Decor

Beach ball string lights for pool party decorations

One of my favorite pieces of decor is this solar powered beach ball string light! They added a little pop to the front of the table and glowed cheerfully as the party went into the evening.

Splash balloons as pool party backdrop

The balloons definitely stole the show! These Northstar letter balloons are so versatile and fun. You can spell any word or phrase and the balloons are reusable! {If you have the patience to let the air out again!}

Coconut water and Bai drinks in mini beverage pool

This inflatable pool beverage cooler was perfect in form and function! It was my goal to keep everyone hydrated but to cut down on all the sugary sodas that usually accompany a party. We had some fun options and several people tried coconut water for the first time.

Pool Party Food Table

Make a splash pool party table

Don't worry! We had some classic Ocean Water punch as well on the treat table.

This table with the balloon garland wave and “splash” garland made for a fun focal point. Our dinner of sloppy joes wasn't so pretty however and you aren't going to see a photo of it! But we made sure to have plenty of snacks to keep all 22 of our children going!

Healthy Party Treat

Healthy pool party treat fruit tray in the shape of beach ball

Speaking of kids, I'm pretty passionate about feeding them well and healthy party food is my jam. I love serving fruits and veggies and watching the kids gobble it up!

This beach ball fruit tray was super simple to put together and all the fruit was eaten by the end of the night! Check out more ideas on how to make healthy party food fun for kids.

  • Using a standard chips and salsa tray, fill in each pie shape with a different fruit
  • Fill the center bowl up with grapes
  • Carefully top it off the bowl with each particular fruit to create the points

Savory Party Snacks

Whale crackers for low sugar pool party snack

Whale crackers were a fun addition and switched it up a little from the standard fishy. I love these new {old} canisters I picked up at the local Antique Fair a few weeks ago.

Pool party treat menu next to canister of popcorn

Popcorn is a classic party food for a reason. Everyone loves it. But when finding a creative label for the menu board we stretched the truth just a tad. Our “popcorn shrimp” doesn't actually contain any seafood. A label that may be more clever than it is informative.

Sweet Party Treats

Pool party snacks on wood cake plate

We did have some sweet treats as well and these leaned towards the ocean side. But our shark pudding cups and Swedish fish raspberry cheesecake shooters were the perfect addition to round out the meal. Both desserts are super easy to make and require zero cooking!

Both recipes would be perfect for an under the sea party, pirate and mermaid party, or just something fun for Shark Week!

Wave Photo Booth

Make a Splash pool party backdrop

After dinner we moved the table and used the balloon garland “wave” backdrop to take fun photos. It's always nice to give items more than one purpose during an event. Cups can be favors, the activity can be the favor, favors can also be decor, and anything fun can be a backdrop!

Pool Party FAQ's


    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you! Clean water is a topic I feel very passionate about.

  1. Beth

    I admire your philosophy behind raising awareness for important causes by throwing parties! And, bravo to you that you’re teaching your children about the importance of giving and charity.

  2. Susan-Sugarpartiesla

    This pool party is awesome ! Love that your involving your children to be involved for raising for a good cause.

  3. Jennifer Digiacomo

    This whole setup is so fun and refreshing! Makes me want to jump into a pool! Love all of the sweet beachy details in your decor!

  4. Lori

    Love this summer party Bri!! All the sharky details are fun!!

    • Ashley

      Do you remember where you got the beach balls from?! Looking for ones with those exact colors but can’t seem to find anywhere!

      • Brianna Adams

        I think I picked them up at Walmart but they aren’t quite in season yet. Good luck!!

  5. Holly

    What a fabulous way to end summer! And, I love the snack table— the splash balloons are so fun! Great cause to support as well.


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