Simple Shark Pudding Cup Recipe
September 11, 2019
Piping in the pudding for Shark pudding cup

easy recipe for Shark pudding cups

Simple Shark Pudding Cup Recipe

This shark pudding cup recipe couldn't be easier for a pool party, shark week treat, or birthday party snack! You know I'm ALL about simple party food that can be done without much prep. This one isn't super healthy but I'll give you a few tips in case you want to do a little extra work and make your own.

Ingredients for Shark pudding cups

Shark Pudding Cup Ingredients

Healthier Alternative Ingredients

Shark Pudding Cup Assembly Directions 

There aren't many steps but there are a few tricks to make things go more quickly.

Step 1: Add Sand

Graham cracker crumbs for Shark pudding cup

The graham cracker crumbs are the perfect base to create a sandy ocean floor. You can fill these up the day before and have them ready to go. BUT they do not transport well in this state.

Step 2: Make & Color Pudding

Green pudding instead of blue for Shark pudding cup

I wanted a teal pudding so I started the recipe with vanilla instant pudding and Aqua gel food coloring. But vanilla pudding is so yellow that it stayed green for a very long time and never really reached my desired color.

Check out our Choosing The Perfect Party Color Scheme for a little color theory lesson if you aren't sure how to mix your colors.

PLEASE USE WHITE CHOCOLATE pudding mix or make your own pudding without egg yolks.

Step 3: Pipe Pudding 

Pudding in ziploc bag holder

You may have seen me use these zipper bag holders before on my raspberry cheesecake shooters. I'm kind of obsessed!

The biggest trick with filling any zippered bag is to FOLD DOWN THE ZIPPER. That way if you get a little on the sides it doesn't interfere with the seal.

Piping in the pudding for Shark pudding cup

Just fill up the bag and snip the end. For these you'll want a larger opening.

Adding pudding to shark party cups

Then squeeze them into each bowl. If you tap the bowls on a counter at the end you'll remove any ridges and smooth out the surface nicely.

Pudding in a cup with graham cracker crumbs

Don't they look cute from the side? You can use opaque bowls but they don't give you this fun view. you could hide other sea creatures in the sand if you wanted too.

Step 4: Place Sharks

Shark pudding cup on blue tablecover

Once your pudding is set, it's as easy as placing one or two sharks on top, depending on the size of your bowls.

Serve Shark Pudding Cups

Shark pudding cups on tray with beach decor

Now that you're done your shark pudding cups are ready to serve. See! Didn't I tell you they were easy!? Not bad for a last minute party treat! They were a hot commodity at our Make a Splash Pool Party!

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Quick & easy recipe for Shark pudding cup

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  1. Beth

    This is one of my all-time favorite party food ideas! So fun!

  2. Susan Sugarpartiesla

    What a fun and easy way to make treats for kids and still have it going with the theme!

  3. Jennifer Digiacomo

    I’ve never made pudding cups before but these are so adorable and inspiring! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  4. Sprinkles & Confetti

    I always want to do a fun themed treat for my parties and usually run out of time – love that this can be semi made the day before!

  5. Holly

    These are perfect for pool and beach themed parties alike!

  6. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I love how you have the “sand” too at the bottom. I’d made some before but it was just jello. Super fun.

  7. Lori

    These are so cute Bri!! I love the graham cracker sand at the bottom!!

  8. Sarina

    This is soo cute!! They’d be perfect for an under the sea themed party!


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