Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas
September 19, 2018
Gold number 6 balloon on dessert table for a dinosaur birthday party

Prehistoric Dinosaur birthday party ideas with large T-Rex backdrop and food tablePrehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

When your little man loves all things Jurassic you know you will eventually get to design a dinosaur birthday party! I’ve been gathering ideas for over a year and am so excited to share our favorite prehistoric dinosaur birthday party ideas with you! Take a peek at this modern green, black, and gold party and let me know which is your favorite part! {I’ll tell you mine in a little bit!}

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation

T-Rex inspired invitations with palm leaf background are a fun dinosaur birthday party idea!

Printing invitations and putting together envelopes is so much fun. I love the simple roaring T-Rex silhouette with a mud splattered back design. Although my favorite thing just might be the leaf envelope insert which sets the stage for the botanical motif that runs through the whole party design.

T-Rex inspired invitations with palm leaf background and personalized envelopes are a fun dinosaur birthday party idea!

You can't see them but round cupcake toppers printed on label paper make fabulous seals for envelopes addressed in style. The invitation suite and Dinosaur Party package can be found in the PartiesWithACause Etsy shop.

Dinosaur First Impressions

Dinosaur tracks leading to the entrance of a dinosaur birthday party

Welcome guests to the party with these easy to make dino tracks.

Happy Birthday sign on greenery wreath for a dinosaur birthday party welcome
Stuffed dino, large nest, and dino eggs in the entry are a fun dinosaur birthday party idea!

And let them know they're in the right place with a welcome sign. I attached our sign to a simple wreath made using an embroidery hoop wrapped with an ivy garland and a few ferns.

To top it all off, my son loved the idea of a huge dinosaur nest on our front porch with his gigantic plush triceratops guarding the eggs. A magical entrance doesn't have to be complicated. I have a tendency to go overboard but loved the simplicity of this porch and how excited each guest was.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the dinosaur nest and eggs you can check out the article here. {coming soon}

Dinosaurs Take a Seat

Prehistoric dino party table with pith hats, and large dino centerpiece for a dinosaur birthday party idea

The dinosaur tablescape was so much fun but also hard to scale back for a more modern feel. Is creating clean minimal design a challenge for anyone else? I guess I just love my details! Either way you style it, you'll use the same 5 elements:

  1. Table Cover: Unless your table fits the theme
  2. Table Runner
  3. Centerpiece: Focal point to draw your eye
  4. Place Setting: Plates, cups, napkins, and flatware {if necessary}
  5. Supporting details: Optional but fun
Gold monstera leaf and T-rex plates, green napkin with a bite, reptile cup, and pith hat for the perfect dinosaur birthday party place setting

A simple white tablecloth is all you need with a clean color scheme. Then layer it up with a fun runner down the center of the table using faux monstera leaves and a few vine garlands. Then top it with a huge inflatable Brachiosaurus for a jawdropping centerpiece!

Gold monstera leaf plate, T-rex plate, green napkin with a bite, reptile cup, and pith hat for the perfect dinosaur birthday party place setting

Finding just the right combination for the place settings can sometimes be tough but is nearly always possible. I ordered these T-Rex skull plates all the way from Portugal! I couldn't pass up the perfect thing. Gold Monstera dessert plates, reptile goblets, and chewed on napkins round out the design. Notice something missing? With dinosaurs the utensils are optional!

Additional party details aren’t necessary at this point but will take your event to the next level. Add in a few potted plants, ivy garland and plenty of gold and green dinosaurs!

Gold dinos and monstera leaf plate with pith hat as place setting for a dinosaur birthday party

The pith hats give guests a hint at the Dino Dig party activity planned after lunch.

Hiding dinosaurs throughout the table at a dinosaur birthday party

One last look at the table for a view of the whole centerpiece. {I'm working on getting the lighting right when shooting into a window but I'm not there yet! Obvs!!} How fun is this set up!? We had a great time with it!

Prehistoric dino party table with pith hats, and large dino centerpiece for a dinosaur birthday party idea

The King of the Jungle

T-Rex graphic banner backdrop through the palms at a dinosaur birthday party

Okay, are you ready for my FAVORITE part of this Dinosaur birthday party!? As I dreamed of this party I kept seeing a huge T-Rex peeking out between two huge potted palm trees given to us by my sweet mother-in-law. I found this beauty at Custom Prints Your Way and had it printed as a 48″x72″ banner {on sale of course} at Vista Print. Isn’t it just perfect!?? I’m still so excited about it. If you thought lions are the king of the jungle you better think again!

T-rex graphic backdrop, balloon garland, and potted palm trees are a fabulous dinosaur birthday party idea!

The top of the entertainment center needed some framing so I created my very first balloon garland! It wasn’t the best garland in the world but it worked and was exactly what I needed. I used the very simple “string-it-on-with-a-needle-and-fishing-line” method then glued the small ones and a few leaves to fill in the gaps. If you haven’t tried one yet…..I highly encourage it. The only things I’d recommend are:

Customized dinosaur name banner for a dinosaur birthday party idea

The finishing touch was a printable dinosaur fossil table runner and an incredible dinosaur banner from 4 Hearts Paper Craft Co. I am so in love with this banner. Melissa custom designed it to coordinate with our invitation so the details are perfect. Lucky for you, it’s now available in her shop!

Gold number 6 balloon on dessert table for a dinosaur birthday party

Round out the table decor with a number balloon for the birthday boy…..

Gold t-rex, dino eggs, and fossil cookies for a T-Rex inspired invitations with palm leaf background are a fun dinosaur birthday party

…..and a golden T-Rex to guard the party snacks!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Menu Ideas

Plate loaded up with party food, reptile cup with green punch and volcano cupcake for a dinosaur birthday party
  • Brachiosaurus Tails: sliced kiwi
  • Dino Eggs: green grapes
  • Stego Spikes: watermelon triangles
  • Herbivore Mix: raw broccoli, snap peas, celery, and cucumber
  • Carnivore Snacks: BabyBel cheese, and beef jerky
  • Dino Claws: Bugles
  • Dino Fruit Snacks
  • Fossil Cookies
  • Volcano Cupcakes
  • Swamp Water
Kiwi and Bugles make Brachiosaurus tails and dino claws using food labels at a dinosaur birthday party

Kiwis have always felt a little more like cutting into an animal than a fruit with their furry shell. The slices look very much like what I imagine a sliced dinosaur tail would look. And the Bugles are a no brainer – I've been pretending my Grandpa's favorite snack were claws since I was a little girl.

Green grape dino eggs for a dinosaur birthday party

Keep it healthy with green grapes as Dino eggs. But watch your fingers cause they are being closely guarded.

Watemelon triangles labeled Stego Spikes are a fun Naming regular foods something fun and festive is a great dinosaur birthday party idea!

Watermelon is a favorite of all my children. My son specifically asked for watermelon triangles, which look very much like the spikes on the back of a Stegosaurus.

Cucumbers, broccoli, celery for the herbivores at a T-Rex inspired invitations with palm leaf background are a fun dinosaur birthday party!

As many of you know I'm a huge fan of healthy party food and this party was no exception. Color coordinating the snacks was super easy with all these green veggies for the Herbivores.

Food for the carnivores at a dinosaur birthday party

The carnivores in the house enjoyed BabyBel cheeses and Beef Jerky!

Monstera leaf and dinosaur fossil cookies for a dinosaur birthday party idea

For the Sweetivore we have Fossil Cookies from Little Rose Cookie Co….

Volcano cupcakes on a stand. A perfect dinosaur birthday party idea!

And volcano cupcakes! I love this idea from Michelle's Party Plan-It on Oriental Trading's Fun 365. Purchase the cupcakes and simply add orange and red candy melt lava, add gold sprinkles, and top with an eruption pick! {which are sadly out of stock at the moment}

Green juice labeled Swamp water in a carafe is a fun dinosaur birthday party idea!
Monstera leaf and dinosaur fossil sugar cookies for a dinosaur birthday party idea.

The fossil cookies were a dream come true! My jaw literally dropped when I opened the carefully wrapped package from Little Rose Cookie Co. The gold brushed cookies are so incredible detailed with black dinosaur fossil designs and green monstera leaves. Since we already had volcano cupcakes I saved these beautifully wrapped cookies as a favor to send home, but I have to admit that not many actually made it out of the house!

Monstera Leaf cookies at a T-rex graphic backdrop, balloon garland, and potted palm trees are a fabulous dinosaur birthday party

The fossil cookies were a hot commodity, leaving a few of the gorgeous leaf designs for me to eat myself. I mean, for my family to eat. I may or may not have enjoyed one of the soft and delicious cookies for breakfast. What happened to the rest of them is a mystery because every crumb has vanished without a trace!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Mantel

Living room decorated for a fun dinosaur birthday party

With the food jungle on the right and a dino table on the left the huge fireplace mantel needed a little dinosaur love.

Number 6 balloon on mantel with leaves and plush dino for a dinosaur birthday party

Green and gold leaves provide shelter for a plush stegosaurus and frame another number 6 balloon to celebrate the birthday boy!

Happy birthday t-rex skeleton banner for a T-Rex inspired invitations with palm leaf background are a fun dinosaur birthday party

The iconic “happy birthday” T-Rex banner is the focal point of this simple design. I intended on making my own banner but when I found this one for such a great price I went ahead and purchased it.

Dino themed fireplace mantel is a great Naming regular foods something fun and festive is a great dinosaur birthday party idea!

Using flowers I already had, adding a few bunches of leaves and a mini potted palm we got just enough dinosaur birthday festivities without going over the top.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Details

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Prehistoric Dinosaur birthday party and want you to come away with new party ideas for your own dinosaur soiree. I shared my favorite….now it's your turn. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Volcano cupcake with golden dino is a great dinosaur birthday party idea!

I think the gold dinosaurs tucked absolutely everywhere added so much to the atmosphere. They're also pretty sneaky when it came to the treats!

Summer birthday boys celebrate with a dinosaur birthday party
Gold dino eating a gold monstera leaf cookie at a dinosaur birthday party

My summer babies with birthdays just days apart. This may have been big brother's celebration but they both had a great time! 

Now if someone can come help us with our little dino problem. They just don't seem to be taking the hint!

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Simple dinosaur birthday party ideas with fun food and place settings

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  1. Jane Gachucha

    Which type of scissors did you use to cut the napkins?

    • Brianna Adams

      I just used regular scissors to cut the zigzags. You can make a pattern and trace it on each napkin for them to all be consistent or just free hand it if you don’t care.

      • tania

        where’d you get the Carnivore & herbivore signs

  2. Tiffany

    Hi there! All the details are perfect! Where did you find the dishes that held the grapes?

    • Brianna Adams

      Hi Tiffany! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to you! I have bad news – those awesome oval bowls are only available now and then in store at Zurchers. I don’t know why they don’t offer them online. I’ve requested them a few times but still nothing. I’m sorry. They are such a fun shape.



    Where did you get the carnivore and herbivore signs?

  4. pressprintparty

    So many amazing details in this party. From the plush dino at the door, to the dino banner and the amazing cupcakes! So fantastic!

  5. Jackie Walter

    The big backdrop is definitely an amazing piece of the party! But wow you covered all kinds of amazing details!

  6. Holly

    I am obsessed with this party!! Every detail is beyond amazing!! So so cute!!

  7. Susan

    Everything about this party I love ! My kids would literally be in dinosaur heaven if they were there.

  8. Carolina

    Oh wow Bri!! Absolutely love all the details you put into this party!! So creative!!

  9. Beth

    The details are perfect! So happy to see healthy treats mixed in among the confections! Fantastic party!

  10. Lori

    I adore this Bri!! The backdrop is spectacular and all the details on the table and in the treats are amazing!! You outdid yourself!!

    • Adele

      Where did you find the boats for the grapes(dino eggs)?

      • Brianna Adams

        Hi Adele! The white ones are no longer available but I found a couple replacement options that might work for you:
        Clear oval bowls:
        White melamine bowls: (right now this one also shows a coupon option)

        Best of luck and have so much fun!

  11. Sarina Kinnunen

    I love this Bri! Especially your dinosaur backdrop.. So cool and realistic!!


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