Easy Edible Science: 20+ At-Home Activities
July 1, 2020
Party cupcake with candle Salt Lake party stylist

20+ Easy Edible Science Activities to Try at Home

Easy edible science activities are my absolute FAVORITE! If you're gonna be learning you might as well do it while making a snack! Keeping my kids fed takes up a ton of mental energy so I always try to combine food + activities for a big win!

Easy Edible Science Experiments by Salt Lake party stylist

20+ Edible Science Activities

  1. Science of Gummy Bears
  2. Why Popcorn Pops
  3. Science of Homemade Ice Cream
  4. Chemistry of a Cupcake
  5. Taste Test Science – Trick Your Tongue
  6. Science of Marshmallows
  7. Why Apples Turn Brown
  8. Fizzy Lemonade
  9. Kool Aid Rock Candy
  10. Edible Water Bubbles
  11. Edible DNA
  12. Edible Glass
  13. Grape Molecule building
  14. Fizzy Sherbet
  15. Pizza Cells
  16. Solar Oven S'mores
  17. Exploding Watermelon
  18. Turbulence on a Plane
  19. Color Changing Unicorn Noodles
  20. Color Changing Celery
  21. Skittles Rainbow Science

Everyday Food Explained by Science

Science of Gummy Bears

Homemade gummy bears for easy edible science

Why do gummy bears hold their shape? How does the liquid turn into a squishy solid? Find out with these homemade gummy bears from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Why Popcorn Pops

Popcorn in brown paper bag

Popcorn is my favorite food so I'm definitely looking forward to trying this one! Find out why popcorn pops with Little Bins for Little Hands.

Science of Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream science

And who can pass up ice cream!? Try making it at home with these instructions and watch the reactions happen right under your nose.

Chemistry of a Cupcake

Party cupcake with candle Salt Lake party stylist

Ever wondered why you need baking soda when making cupcakes? Or if it's really ok to substitute applesauce for oil? Room temperature eggs? Beat the wet ingredients first?

I'm one to jump right in and hardly ever follow a recipe – which is why my baked good NEVER turn out well. Understand more about science of baking with this article from Beyond The Chalkboard

Taste Test Science – Can you Trick your Tongue?

How to trick your taste buds with smell and taste

Can you get an apple to taste like something other than an apple? Try this taste test experiment from Education.com.

Why are Marshmallows Fluffy?

Homemade fluffy marshmallows science

Make homemade marshmallows to explore what gives them their distinctive puff using a marshmallow recipe from STEAM Powered Family.

Why do Apples Turn Brown?

Why do apples brown? Easy Edible Science

Do your kids turn up their noses at brown apples? Let them see why apples brown and how they can stop it with Left Brain Craft Brain.

Easy Edible Kitchen Science

Fizzy Lemonade

Fizzy lemonade edible science

Making lemonade at home is easy, but can you make it fizz? Follow these simple instructions for fizzing lemonade by Little Bins for Little Hands.

Kool Aid Rock Candy

Homemade rock candy easy edible science

I've seen rock candy all over the internet but I LOVE this idea of rock candy made with Kool Aid by 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Edible Nature Science

Edible Water Bubbles

Edible water bubbles on white plate

How cool are these edible water bubbles by Left Brain Craft Brain!? I'm thinking we should try making our own bursting bobas!

Edible DNA Strands

Edible DNA strands from candy

This candy model is a great way to explain DNA strands to children. Another fun activity from Little Bins from Little Hands.

Edible Glass

Edible glass homemade kitchen science

How cool is this edible glass from Go Science Kids? It actually shatters and we can't wait to try it out.

Grape Molecule Building

Completed grape molecule edible science activity

Create your own grape molecules with this fun activity from our Mad Science party.

Download this molecule diagram sheet for simple molecule suggestions to create with kids.

Fizzy Sherbet

Fizzy sherbet easy edible science

If your kids like Dippin' Dots they'll love creating this fizzy sherbet from Laughing Kids Learn.

Pizza Animal Cells

Animal cell pizza kitchen science

Or how about recreating an animal cell in your next pizza like Journey 2 Excellence? They also made a pizzookie Plant cell.

Solar Oven S'mores

Solar oven to make s'mores

Check out these Solar Oven S'mores from Lemon Lime Adventures. Summer treats without the heat or danger of fire!

Exploding Watermelon

Exploding watermelon science

Part of me has wondered forever if this whole exploding watermelon thing is real. Should we get brave enough like123 Homeschool 4 Me to try it out?

Turbulence on a Plane

Airplane turbulence demonstration in Jello

If you have a young {or older} one who's afraid of flying this lesson from Kids Activities Blog is wonderful at explaining turbulence and airplane safety.

Edible Color Changing Science

Color Changing Unicorn Noodles

Color changing unicorn noodles edible science

Changes color? Count me in!? Love these color changing unicorn noodles from Left Brain Craft Brain and a pH lesson for your kiddos. Check this out for more {non-science} unicorn food ideas.

Color Changing Celery Science

Celery edible science project

Show kids how plants drink water with this color changing celery from Rainy Day Mum.

Candy Rainbow Science

Plate of M&M Candies in water as Edible Science

And you can't talk edible science without the classic candy rainbow! Try a few different types of candy and see how they spread. Check out all the questions for this Skittles Rainbow Experiment.

Favorite Easy Edible Science Projects?

Which easy edible science projects are you most excited to make? I'm town between the edible glass and the unicorn noodles! I'd love it if you tried a few of these too and if you do, please share and tag us @partieswithacause on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

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21 Easy Edible Science Experiments by Salt Lake party stylist

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    • Brianna Adams

      I love all things science and all these things make it even more fun. Thank you

  1. Natalie Mayhew

    You are so the pied piper for kids! This is simply perfect! Yummy, fun and educational …thanks for the cool ideas!

    • Brianna Adams

      I love being able to make meal time into a learning experience. It’s a necessary evil so might as well make it serve both purposes. And the food science is just so fun.


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