Maple Syrup Candy in Snow – Easy Winter Treat Recipe
January 2, 2023
Maple syrup candy in the snow

Maple Syrup Candy in Snow – Easy Winter Treat Recipe

Maple syrup candy in snow is such a fun winter activity! Especially if you've been stuck inside for too long. Time to get out and gather up clean snow for this easy winter treat. Keep reading to see how easy it is and even see a video of my son making his very own maple syrup sucker!

Winter time fun maple syrup candy
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Candy In Snow – NOT Maple Syrup

So…this is awkward.

You don't actually like maple syrup. Okay, we can fix that.

Make up your favorite caramel recipe. Or add candy flavoring to sugar, Karo syrup, and water, then follow the same steps for the maple syrup candy. Heat to a temperature of 235-240° and pour over snow for different types of winter candy. It's that simple!

Maple Syrup Candy Ingredients

Maple syrup candy supplies

If you DO like maple syrup, you only need a few ingredients for these super easy winter treats:

Maple Syrup Candy Ingredients

  • Pure Maple Syrup – I prefer this organic jug from Costco
  • Sheet pan with clean snow
  • Candy thermometer
  • Small saucepan
  • Popsicle sticks – for making suckers {optional}

Boil Your Maple Syrup

Boil the Maple syrup for candy

First you'll need to boil the maple syrup to reduce it down. This removes some of the water content, and allows the natural sugars to crystallize.

A candy thermometer isn't absolutely necessary but I've been SO HAPPY I finally purchased one. It's a lot easier to work with when cooking than a meat thermometer, even if you don't plan on making much candy. {But of course if you're cooking meat I recommend this meat thermometer}

You'll want to heat the maple syrup, we used 1 cup of syrup to make 5 suckers. Stir occasionally until it reaches 235-240° {soft ball stage}, for a softer taffy like maple syrup candy. Reach higher temperatures and it'll become a maple syrup hard candy instead.

Pour Heated Maple Syrup in Snow

Maple syrup candy in the snow

Now that your maple syrup is ready, let's pour it onto the snow! But please be careful because the syrup is REALLY HOT!

If you'd like to work inside like I did, pack down a nice thick layer of snow in a baking sheet and store in freezer until ready to pour. If working outside, make sure you tamp down a nice flat area of snow near the back door.

I created several long syrup strips in the snow and waited for it to cool. The thinner the syrup pours, the faster it'll harden.

Roll Your Maple Syrup Candy Suckers

Maple syrup candy in snow

Add your popsicle stick to the edge while still soft, then test the edges after a few minutes. As it starts to harden roll your stick up to make a lovely organically shaped maple syrup candy sucker!

You don't want to take too much time on these because they will harden very quickly! Give each family member a chance to roll their own natural candy sucker.

Why is My Maple Syrup Candy Cloudy

Maple syrup candy in snow

Help! Why does my maple syrup candy look cloudy?

The last sucker in our batch was a bit cloudy too, but never fear. It tastes just as great as the clear ones. The bottom of the syrup boiled more, got hotter, and ended up with a higher sugar content. It's pretty simple.

Enjoy Your Maple Syrup Candy in Snow

Maple syrup candy sucker

Enjoy your homemade maple syrup candy you made in snow! I think it's so cool you get to use snow for this recipe. Reminds me of those snow ice cream days as a child. This was one recipe I've wanted to try ever since I read that pioneer children made this in winter as a treat.

If you want to share a fun wintery afternoon and make these maple syrup candies in the snow, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

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Maple Syrup Candy in Snow

Such a fun winter activity for kids and adults alike! Healthier naturally sweetened treat.
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Activity for Kids, Healthier version, healthy treat, Kid food, Maple syrup, natural sweetener
Servings: 5 suckers
Calories: 118kcal
Author: Brianna Adams


  • Small saucepan
  • Quarter sheet pan
  • Candy thermometer
  • Popsicle sticks


  • 1 cup Maple syrup
  • Clean snow


  • Determine your location for making the maple syrup candy. If outdoors, find an area with clean snow and tamp down a nice flat section.
    If indoors, press snow into a quarter sheet pan until full. Store in freezer until needed.
  • Add 1 cup maple syrup to small saucepan and heat on medium heat until it boils. Using a candy thermometer stir occasionally until the syrup hits 235-240°. This is a "soft ball stage" of candy making and results in a taffy like consistency for your suckers.
  • If you desire a hard maple candy, keep boiling until the temperature reaches 250-260°. Just make sure you add your sucker sticks immediately after pouring.
  • Once you've reached the desired temperature, quickly pour the hot maple syrup in ribbons onto the snow for softer candy or in small dots for hard candy.
  • Place a popsicle stick at the end of each ribbon while still soft, then as it cools after 2-5 minutes start rolling the candy up onto the stick for a beautiful maple syrup sucker!

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Easy winter treat Maple syrup candy in snow

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