15+ Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas
May 17, 2019
Unicorn in a field of horses Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Magical Unicorn party food ideas15+ Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas

Unicorn birthday party food ideas are a must when planning a unicorn themed party!

Why throw a unicorn party? There are few things more magical to a child than unicorns! Does there need to be any more reason than that!? When my designer friend Kadie decided to do a unicorn party I knew it would be full of fun decor and beautiful food.

If you're looking for ideas for a unicorn children's birthday party you are in the right place.

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Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas 

Food table Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

And party food is what most people get excited for. {Not me, I'm more of a decorations kind of a girl!} But the food table is without a doubt the best place for a focal point.

I love how Kadie created this backdrop over her kitchen island to hide her cabinets. Hang a simple white tablecloth and and iridescent fringe curtain from the ceiling and viola! Like magic the rest of the kitchen disappears.

Party goods Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Because the food is so important, you'll want great unicorn party plates and cups to serve on.

These unicorn plates and matching napkins get the unicorn stamp of approval! And I love treat cups for those tiny nibbles. Find more unicorn party supplies in pink and gold!

What to Serve at a Unicorn Party

When thinking of unicorn food ideas there are a few simple rules:

  1. Anything in rainbow colors
  2. If in doubt, add sprinkles!

Healthy Unicorn Birthday Party Foods

Unicorn treats Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Start healthy with a fruit rainbow to offset the impending sugar rush!

Then add a bowl of mini unicorn horns {Bugles} for a bit of salty.

Rainbow grilled cheese Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

If your party is near lunch time these rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches are a hit!

And finish it off with fruit filled Unicorn yogurt parfaits topped with whipped cream and Lucky Charms!

Sweet Unicorn Treats

Rainbow crispy treats Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

What about Rainbow Crispy treats using Lucky Charms as a colorful addition?

Unicorn sticks Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

White chocolate pretzel rods covered in unicorn sprinkles are always a hit!

Unicorn Party Beverages

Unicorn smoothie for Unicorn birthday party food ideas

  • Unicorn Smoothie: a healthy take on the colorful drink. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles and no one will know that it's good for you!
  • Whimsical Water: simple printable labels turn a plain water bottle into a mystical beverage
  • Rainbow Party Punch: Add a scoop of rainbow sherbet to each cup of 7-Up
  • Unicorn Lemonade: Add colored ice cubes to pink lemonade. Tip: color the lemonade and freeze so cubes don't dilute as they melt
  • Unicorn Milk: Simple strawberry milk does the trick every time!

Unicorn Birthday Party Cake

Cakes and cookies Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

This unicorn cake is perfect and the best part is our party mama decorated it herself! Buy a simple cake from a grocery store bakery and embellish it yourself with this cake topper.

With so many other treats the cake doesn't even have to be real. Decorated faux cakes are a great option for a focal point when you don't need {or want} any more sugar. Then display it proudly on a sparkly gold cake plate!

Custom sugar cookies Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

But let's talk unicorn sugar cookies for just a minute! Are they necessary? Absolutely not. But they are the perfect canvas for edible art! Even I can appreciate that!

Full body unicorns and the number seven showcase this special birthday. All baked and decorated by the birthday mama herself. {anyone else think she could sell these!?} You can get the unicorn cookie cutters here, and number cutter here.

Custom sugar cookies Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Do you dare to try and decorate your own sugar cookie? Mine would DEFINITELY NOT turn out like this! If you're in the same boat, don't fret. There are loads of talented people like Little Rose Cookie Co. who can make them for you!

Enjoy a Magical Unicorn Party!

Unicorn in a field of horses Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Now that you've got a great list of Unicorn birthday party food ideas I hope you're feeling ready to dive in and plan the best unicorn party ever! You can go all out, or keep it small. Have a sugar rush or try to be healthy. The most important thing is doing what's right for YOU and your family. Don't ever forget to “Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses“!

Thank you so much Kadie for letting us be part of your special day! It was fabulous!!

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Unicorn birthday party food ideas

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