Simple Fruit Sushi Recipe Tutorial
August 9, 2019
Fruit sushi with diced kiwi simple recipe tutorial

Fun and simple fruit sushi tutorial

Simple Fruit Sushi Recipe Tutorial

I came up with this simple fruit sushi recipe tutorial for our recent “Party Like a Panda” Themed Birthday Party. When your son LOVES sushi but his friends DON'T we needed a great alternative to fish and seaweed! Turns out everyone loved this sweet and healthy treat! Keep reading for all the tips and tricks or skip to the bottom for the recipe.

Finished fruit sushi for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

On a personal note – I do realize that giant pandas live in China and sushi is considered a Japanese dish. However, my son does not care about such distinctions in his Asian food, especially since most restaurants serve a mash up of options. So for this party……our pandas eat sushi.

Fruit Sushi Recipe Ingredients 

Ingredients for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

  • Firm Bananas
  • Ripe kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Green fruit leather (you can also make your own by dehydrating food colored unsweetened applesauce)

Fruit Sushi Recipe Directions

Sliced banana for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

I know you are going to want to jump right in and start cutting bananas…..but wait just a second. Let's get all the prep work done ahead of time so they aren't sitting around getting brown.

Step 1: Dice Fruit 

Sliced kiwi for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Kiwi is a favorite fruit around here but you can use anything that is bright and matches the color scheme of your party.

Don't have a color scheme yet? Take a look and see if you like any of these party color combinations.

Diced kiwi for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Dice it up into fine little cubes and set aside.

Sliced strawberries for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Dice your next fruit, I chose strawberries. Mostly for the taste but also the complementary color contrast. It looks so pretty with the bright green kiwi.

Diced strawberries for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Other great fruit combinations:

  • pineapple/coconut
  • peach/blueberry
  • mango/raspberry (just break the raspberries apart so they don't squish)
  • pomegranates/apple

Step 2: Slice The Banana

Sliced banana for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

This may not seem like a necessary step as anyone can slice a banana but it's important that these little guys have straight edges. So you'll want to slice your pieces and leave little wedges of banana to keep them straight as the fruit naturally curves.

I was able to get 5 pieces from one medium size banana.

Step 3: Scoop Banana 

Teaspoon scoop for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

My melon ballers were too large and I found my rounded 1/4 teaspoon was the perfect size.

Banana scoop for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Run the metal spoon around the edges to create a circle first, then carefully scoop it out. Keep the edges held firmly between your fingers so the banana sides don't crack. But not tight enough to squish it.

Banana scoop for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Save your banana wedges and little scoops for later. Freeze them up and use in a smoothie or add to a batch of banana “ice cream”.

Step 4: Cut Fruit Leather

Fruit seaweed for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

You can't have fruit sushi without the iconic seaweed! Using the green fruit leather roughly measure the height of your pieces and cut a strip. I was able to wrap one piece on banana with each strip.

Step 5: Wrap Fruit Leather

Fruit seaweed wrap for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Wrap it around the banana pressing down slightly to keep it in place.

Trimming fruit seaweed for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Wrap it so the end overlaps approx 1/2″ and trim the excess.

Fruit seaweed wrapped fruit sushi

Slightly dampen the inside edge of fruit leather and seal it down on top of itself to reduce the chances of unwrapping.

Step 6: Add Diced Fruit

Fruit sushi with diced kiwi simple recipe tutorial

Sprinkle on the diced fruit in a single fruit color.

Finished fruit sushi on marble tray

Or two colored fruits, which I think looks {and tastes} best. Plus I love how the kiwi seeds look like fish eggs and the strawberries like raw fish.

Serve Up Your Fruit Sushi 

Finished sushi on bamboo mat for Simple Fruit Sushi Tutorial

Carefully transfer each “frushi” piece to a bamboo tray for a realistic presentation. If you really wanted to get fancy you could serve it up with:

  • tinted green cream cheese “wasabi”
  • thinly sliced mango or apple “ginger”
  • tinted maple syrup “soy sauce”

Finished fruit sushi on bamboo mat

Grab a set of helper chopsticks and enjoy! They'll go quickly so be sure to make a few extra!

Finished fruit sushi on bamboo mat

I hope you enjoyed this simple fruit sushi recipe tutorial and gave you a few more ways to get healthy foods on your party table! I'd love to know if you make it.

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Thanks so much for stopping by. I can't wait to share the rest of our Party Like a Panda Birthday with you!


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  1. Jennifer Digiacomo

    These fruit sushi pieces are genuis! I love that they’d work for an adult party or a kids party! They’d also be a wonderful way to accommodate someone who may not like fish, at a sushi dinner!

  2. carolyn

    Love this idea! Perfect for a Ninjago party! Thanks for the idea

  3. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    That’s one of the simplest Fruishi I’ve seen. Love that you don’t have to make rice crispies. So cute, and I bet yummy.

  4. Susan SugarPartiesLA

    Oh my god! Bri ….. this is genius!!! I love love love this idea !

  5. Jackie

    You did a terrific job, I don’t think I’m patient enough to make sushi of any kind!

  6. Holly Hulke

    Fruit sushi is such a fun idea! I’ve never seen anything like it!!

  7. Lori

    Seriously one of the cutest and most unique ideas ever!! I love it so much Bri!!


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