Prehistoric Party-saurus DIY Dino Egg Piñata
August 21, 2018
DIY dino egg pinata for a fabulous dinosaur birthday party activity

DIY Dino egg Pinata with bright green spots. The perfect dinosaur birthday party activity!

Prehistoric Party-saurus DIY Dino Egg Piñata

When your son turns 6 and requests a prehistoric dinosaur soiree… get excited! There are so many amazing things you can do. A MUST have on the birthday boy's list was a piñata. Apparently a piñata never quite made it to his Monster Truck party last year and it seems he hasn't forgotten. So the quest for a DIY Dino Egg Piñata began!

August Pinterest Challenge

Green spotted DIY dino egg piñata for a dinosaur birthday party

I love these monthly Pinterest Challenges hosted by Erlene at Pinterventures because it encourages me to actually MAKE some of the ideas that I pin. In the absence of any cool dinosaur piñata options at the store {of course} I went out in search of a relatively simple, but WAY cool, idea on Pinterest. I came across this Yoshi Egg pin by Lisa's Birthday Ideas. I had to read her post to realize what a Yoshi egg was. {Super lame I know! Especially because I did play a little Super Mario Brothers back in the day.} But we were smitten and our piñata dream started to take shape.

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DIY Dino Egg Piñata Basics

Paper mache paste in a cup with foam brush for a DIY Dino Egg pinata

Paste Recipe

Let's see if you can keep up with me on this one….?

That's it. I was a little skeptical but that stuff works so well, is inexpensive, you probably have it on hand, AND dries hard.

Two different kids of paper strips used to make a DIY Dino egg pinata for a dinosaur birthday party

DIY Dino Egg Piñata Supplies

  • Paper strips: newspaper is great, but I had this packing paper which worked perfectly as well. It needs to be thinner and softer than copy paper.
  • 20″ Balloon: this forms the base. Blow it up to the appropriate size. I bought a 20″ clear balloon.
  • Tissue Paper: I used white squares of tissue paper as the final “smoothing layer”.
  • Flour Paste from “recipe” above
  • White paint: acrylic paint works great
  • Green paint: for the spots! There's something about green spots that just screams dinosaur.
  • Foam paint brushes: They carry them at the Dollar Store as well
  • Twine: for the handle
  • Duct Tape: to attach handle, close the hole, and reinforce the center

Step 1: Blow up Balloon

Blow your balloon up to the desired size. The 20″ balloon ended up being quite large and I didn't even blow it up all the way. The bigger it is the more stuff you will feel like you need to buy to fill it up. Use a couple pieces of Duct tape to secure the tied end down because I could NOT get the soggy paper to keep it from popping up! {I got too excited and missed photos of these first few steps. I'm so sorry but you'll have to use your imagination! Good thing they are pretty simple steps.}

Step 2: Add your Strips

Set your balloon up in a bowl, covered in saran wrap, large enough to keep it stable but small enough that it doesn't fit inside. You want it to perch on top so the paper strips aren't damaged inside the bowl while drying. This is a rather cathartic exercise that I quite enjoyed. You will get paste up to your elbows and all over your hands. It feels so good to get messy sometimes. Just dip each strip into the paste and let the excess drip off or use your fingers to squeegee it off and place on the balloon. Continue adding strips until you have the top half of the balloon covered.

Step 3: Let Dry and Repeat

Give it a bit of time to dry and turn it over. Repeat process of adding strips until balloon is completely covered. I liked putting down 2 layers and then giving it a chance to dry before adding another two. I think I ended up with 6 layers of the packing paper. It is a labor of love that you will want to plan ahead for. *Warning: As the paste dries all the liquid goes to the bottom of the balloon in the bowl. This end will be extra soggy and can be easily torn if you aren't careful in turning it over. The saran wrap helps keep it from sticking to the bowl.

Turn over until both ends are completely dry.

Step 4: Add the handle 

Adding a twine handle to the top of a DIY Dino egg pinata using camo duct tape

I used twine to hang this bad boy but if you'd rather not see it a heavy fishing line would work fine. I chose to secure it on either side with duct tape. My son even chose this awesome camouflage pattern! I was worried about the bumps of the twine but after a few more layers of paper strips it wasn't a big deal at all.

Step 5: Paper Mache the Duct Tape

Adding paper mache to cover the camo duct tape holding on the twine handle for a DIY dino egg pinata

When adding strips to a dry layer make sure your strips are extra gooey. Smooth them down with your fingers and continue applying until the area is covered. Then let dry. Again.

Step 6: Cut Hole & Fill

Egg pinata with hole cut to load candy. DIY Dino egg pinata for a dinosaur birthday party

It's not a piñata without candy and there's no candy without a hole. I used a very sharp knife to create an X in the wall of my egg. It's rather satisfying to hear the balloon pop inside when you do this! Make the hole just large enough for your goodies. I made mine a little bigger than necessary. {Side note: Doesn't this look just like a bird nest!? Made me laugh.}

Fill it up!  I don't love giving my kids tons of candy so I also picked up little toys and pencils and whatnots for the kids. The only request I did NOT do was Reece's Peanut Butter cups as they would have melted in under a minute in our July sun. Choose individually wrapped candies that can take the heat if you're planning for a summer party.

Step 7: Just Keep Pasting, Just Keep Pasting….

DIY Dino egg pinata in final stage of paper mache. closing up the treat hole.

At this point you've formed a relationship with this piñata and it's hard to imagine letting anyone whack it with a stick. But you'll just have to be brave and keep going. Cover the hole with another piece of duct tape and continue with the paper mache. You are an expert in paper mache right about now. Technically you could probably cover all the duct tape layers at the same time.

Step 8: Be Neurotic and Cover it Again

Okay so I have a confession to make. I was laying in bed at night totally bugged at the bumpy texture of my piñata. Not a big fan of the bumps and wrinkles created when wrapping a tear shaped object with flat paper. So I decided to try tissue paper and it was exactly the perfect thing to smooth it out and finish it off! The tissue is so thin I just apply the paste to the egg and then add the paper, smoothing it down with the foam brush. Watch the Video to see how easy it is.

Step 9: Paint it and then Hang it!

DIY Dino egg Piñata with bright green spots. The perfect dinosaur birthday party activity!

With the white tissue paper the white paint isn't really necessary unless you are a crazy perfectionist like I am. But I really loved painting the green circles. I drew them on with a pencil first, then painted them carefully. It took two coats so be patient.

Then we hung it from the basketball hoop but any high branch will do. Just make sure to keep the area clear.


Boy hitting a DIY dino egg pinata for a fabulous dinosaur birthday party activity

Once your paint is dry this DIY Dino egg piñata is ready to whack. We used a broom handle as our stick. {some of them unscrew} And it worked perfectly. We started youngest to oldest and the birthday boy got two tries. Everyone got to take a whack before it exploded in a shower of toys, erasers, Hi Chews, suckers, and taffy. You can find more Piñata Filler Ideas other than Candy here.

I highly recommend creating a corral of sorts to keep the kiddos out of the whacking zone. They are so excited that it's tough to keep the younger ones at bay. Adult supervision is required for this one! Having someone get hit in the head is a great way to ruin the party.

DIY Dinosaur Egg Piñata Summary

Broken DIY dino egg piñata with candy and toys surrounded by toy dinosaurs

I think the golden dinosaurs approve of the loot! This was such a fun project to try. I haven't used paper mache since I was a child and want to encourage all of you to try it again as an adult, at least once! I think I see some large Easter eggs in our future! What about you? You interested in trying your hand at a DIY Dino Egg Piñata?

Recommended Dinosaur Reading:

Until next time my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams

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  1. Breanna

    How long did it take to break the pinata?

    • Brianna Adams

      Each child got a turn but it broke fairly quickly with a couple strong direct hits. It was stronger than I expected though. It’s all about how many layers you choose to do. Hope that helps. Thicker is always better in this case.

  2. Beth

    I’ve never thought to make my own pinata! The next birthday party I throw will feature one of these!

  3. Susan

    I’m so glad you shared this ! I need to make a piñata one of these days. This is a diy I’ll refer back to for sure!

  4. Holly

    This is pretty darn impressive!! I am not sure I am patient enough for this craft! haha!

  5. Carolina

    Now I want to make a piñata for myself!! It turned out super cute and I love the way you also made a video! You are such a great teacher!

  6. Lori

    This is sooo darling!! You have the best ideas my friend!!

  7. Julie

    Pinata’s freak me out at parties, I watch kids getting closer and closer, no matter how much they are told they just can’t help themselves! Your cordon idea is a great one. I think I might be able to enjoy the pinata with out worrying so much!!
    I actually love the idea of them and they are fun and exciting for the kids. I must get over my ‘see the danger” !

  8. LydiaF1963

    I can tell from you post you had a blast making this pinata. Lots of fun!

  9. MomHomeGuide

    Great project! What kid doesn’t like a pinata?!

  10. Erlene

    Yes, kids do no forget when you say something will be provided and it’s not….lol. I bet he was super happy that he has a cool mom to make this awesome pinata for his party 🙂 Pinned.

  11. Lynne

    What a fun project! My son would have loved this when he was young. Pinatas are always so much fun!

  12. eyeloveknots

    Such a fun pinata! Love that it is a dinosaur egg. My mom has been getting back into pinata making lately. Going to share with her!


  13. Roseann Hampton

    So cute! Pinatas are always so fun to make! Messy but fun!

  14. Debrashoppeno5

    You can see by the kids faces that they are having a blast. And you know they are fascinated by all things dinosaur so this is the perfect game.

  15. pressprintparty

    I laughed out loud when I saw step 8…. I know all too well the stresses of pinata making, having made several! I’m glad the twine worked for you to hang it. Great job!

  16. Lori Goldman

    We always have a piñata at birthday parties. And I love a good party DIY! Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Kelley

    Very cute, could be used for so many dino themed parties

  18. swood97

    This is such a fun idea for your party theme! I know about kids remembering that one thing they missed out on! Now I want to make a pinata!

  19. Habiba

    Bri, I am so in love with this cute dino egg. I will propose this idea to my goddaughters mother as she asked me to be a helping hand with my little girls birthday party this year. I share your excitement of creating things and am already in creativity mode for the September party.

  20. rawsonjl

    Oh so fun! A pinata is always such a huge hit at kids parties too. Pinned.

    • Jackie

      I am having a problem that after each layer, it cracks down the side or top after fully drying. What am I doing wrong?

      • Brianna Adams

        Oh no! Okay let me think. Maybe not enough layers at once and make sure you’re putting on enough paste. If the paper is too thin you might have trouble with it too. I’m sorry. Maybe send me a photo. I’ll email you.

  21. Jenny Sparmo

    This looks great & I’m sure it was a lot of fun. My husband is the pinata maker in our house, he makes one for our Halloween party every year. Pinning!

    • Jessica

      Love this idea!!! How long does this take start to finish?

      • Brianna Adams

        It takes a few days to make sure you get enough layers with dry time in between. I’d do a layer in the morning and another one at night for a few days.


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