Sandwich Cutters for the Ultimate Rocket-wich
June 8, 2020
Rocket sandwich cutters make lunch super fun

Use Sandwich Cutters for the Ultimate Rocket-wich

Sandwich cutters to the rescue making easy rocket sandwiches for a space themed party or summer camp snack.

Rocket sandwich with berries blasting off to space

How do you Make a FUN Sandwich ?

The sandwich. This daily lunch staple needs a makeover now and then for continued appeal. To make a sandwich more fun you can:

  • Make new filling combinations – Nutella and banana anyone? Tuna? Chicken salad? BBQ chicken? Pulled pork? Hummus and cucumber? Turkey and pears? Avocado and cheese? Egg salad? You never know until you try a few.
  • Use different bread – Ever tried a Hotdog “silly” sandwich? Or pita pocket? What about a mini sammie on slider buns? Or bagel thins? Triscuits or Ritz crackers?
  • Get rid of the bread altogether – Try our gluten-free Apple Sandwich
  • Add colors to your fillingUnicorn grilled cheese please!
  • Use food labels to call it something fun!
  • Cut it into SHAPES! So easy and way more fun. Use cookie cutters, sandwich cutters, or a steady knife.
  • There are lots more ways to make Healthy food more fun for kids with a little imagination!

What is a Sandwich Cutter?

Bread, sandwich cutter, and berries for an interesting lunch

Okay, so a sandwich cutter looks fun. But WHAT is it?

It's a cutter specially sized to fit a standard loaf of bread. Designed to create imprints, fun shapes, and remove the crusts. The thickness of two regular pieces of bread so it doesn't smush the sandwich while cutting.

Why Use a Sandwich Cutter?

I already have cookie cutters. Why would I need sandwich cutters?

Cookie cutters are great for making small sandwiches for tea party finger food. But lunch requires more sustenance and cookie cutters leave a lot of waste.

Because sandwich cutters are specially designed to fit the piece of bread you're really just losing the crust. {which I will roll my eyes at every time! But will indulge in no-crusts for a party.}

And cookie cutters don't give you the option of the imprinted designs that only go through the first layer of bread.

How do you Use a Sandwich Cutter?

Rocket sandwich cutters make lunch super fun

Pro tip: For pbj's, or any soft filling, cut the bread FIRST, then add the filling or they will squish and make a huge mess.

Pro tip: For meat and cheese or any firm layered fillings you can assemble, then cut.

Using sandwich cutters is really simple. Line it up on the bread so it sits inside the crust. Press evenly and firmly down, then wiggle it onto the countertop or plate to help cut through the bottom layer.

Rocket Sandwich cutter coming through the back of the bread

If you flip it over you'll see this. {above}

Press your fingers along the edges to ensure a clean cut and remove the excess.

If you're adding the filling later the extra bread can be saved and used as crumbs for baking, cubes for stuffing, or enjoyed on their own with a little butter and honey.

Rocket-wich Imprints

Rocket sandwich with imprinted design

See the cool shape AND pattern it makes in the bread? You can't get that from a cookie cutter!

Potato bread or white wheat bread is best for seeing the images but doesn't give you as much nutrition as a whole wheat option. You decide what's best for your family.

Add Tasty Rocket Details

Rocket Sandwich with fruit details by Salt Lake party stylist

For our peanut butter and jelly rocket-wich we used fruit details to add the blueberry porthole windows and strawberry rocket flares. Use a dab of cream cheese, or nut butter as glue to keep them down.

For a savory sandwich olives and red pepper are an easy substitute. Or try cheese and meat shapes on the outside.

You can go ALL OUT on food art if you've got the time. If not, this is all that's necessary for a simple, yet impressive, space snack fit for any astronaut!

Count Down to Lunch!

An edible rocket thanks to sandwich cutters

3-2-1…..Blast off! And let's eat. You can't stack these rockets very well, so display them on a platter, or tiered tray if you need to make a lot of them.

I displayed only three for our space themed party {note that there's only ONE in the pic!} and plated the rest for a group of hungry 7 year old boys.

Food labels are another GREAT way to get kids excited to eat their food and try something new. Our Space party printable “Rocket wich” label was perfect.

Are you ready to make your own rocket sandwiches? If you do, please share and tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

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It's SPACE Week!

Join us each week for NEW summer camp ideas! Get a whole weeks worth of activity ideas sent straight to your inbox each Friday. Sign up here and receive a free printable Summer Adventure Field Guide!


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Rocket-wiches astronaut party snack by Salt Lake party stylist

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  1. Natalie Mayhew

    Your food crafts are off the charts cute! Love this!

    • Brianna Adams

      I LOVE playing with my food! Cute food is so much more fun to eat isn’t it? Thank you so much.

  2. Lori

    What a fun and easy way to make a sandwich look super fun!

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you! I love these cutters. It really does make it so easy.

  3. Elise

    So cute! We have been practicing counting down from 10 since the launch last week.

    • Brianna Adams

      That’s so fun! My kids loved watching the launch too! But they always hear me count down when I need them to follow through!


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