Dinosaur Crafts for Kids 21+ Ideas
June 3, 2020
Flying paper Pterodactyl puppets kids craft

21+ Dinosaur Crafts for Kids: Child Approved

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids abound. Do a quick search and you'll find THOUSANDS of options. While variety is nice, the sheer volume of options is a bit overwhelming.

So I've waded through the noise to present the very best ones. The ones my kids actually want to do {Ages 10, 8, and 5} in fact, I had them vote and if it wasn't unanimous, the craft got cut from the list!

So let's get stomping…

21 Dinosaur crafts for kids

21+ Dinosaur Crafts for Kids They Actually Want To Do

  1. Flying Pterodactyl Puppets
  2. Shadow Puppets
  3. Dino Egg Sensory Bin
  4. Paper Plate Dinosaurs
  5. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils
  6. Handprint Dino Art
  7. Dino Paper Bags
  8. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs
  9. Dinosaur Garden in a Jar
  10. Dinosaur Egg Piñata
  11. Chomping T-Rex
  12. Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs
  13. Tissue Paper Dinosaur
  14. Mini Dino Dig with Q-tips
  15. Dinosaur Footprint Cookie Recipe
  16. Pop Up Dinosaur Eggs
  17. Frozen Dinosaur Excavation
  18. Paper Dinosaur Hat
  19. Mini Dinosaur Balloons
  20. Origami Dinosaur T-Rex
  21. Dinosaur Handprint Paintings
  22. Air Dry Clay Dinosaur Bones

1. Flying Pterodactyl Puppets

Flying paper Pterodactyl puppets kids craft

Okay, so technically not a dinosaur, these prehistoric birds are still a whole lot of fun! We love these flying pterodactyl puppets by The Craft Train and can't wait to make our own.

2. Dinosaur Shadow Puppets

Dinosaur shadow puppets for kids play

Shadow puppet plays are a childhood staple and these dinos on sticks from 65 Million Years make for a great time!

3. Dinosaur Egg Sensory Bin

Dinosaur sensory habitat in pan in the grass

ALL kids love making a mess! And this particular mess is the perfect learning activity. With edible “mud” and eggs to smash this sensory tray from Finding Myself Young is a MUST try.

4. Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Dinosaur made from paper plates fun kids craft

Sometimes simple is best and these paper plate dinosaurs from Good To Know couldn't be any easier! A couple of plates, some paint, and a toilet paper tube and you've got a new friend.

5. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Salt Dough dinosaur footprint fossils for kids

Creating dinosaur fossils with my very own whole wheat salt dough is super easy and makes for an awesome Paleontologist dinosaur dig!

6. Handprint Dinosaur Art for Kids

Handprint dinosaur crafts for kids

This is the first activity we tried and let me tell you – they are DARLING!! Try this dinosaur handprint art from The Joy Of Sharing to make a sweet dinosaur craft or double up the handprints and use it as a thank you card!

7. Dinosaur Party Bags

Dino party loot bags DIY craft

Favor bags for a party, commonly known as “Loot bags” are a must, but they are also just a fun dinosaur craft for kids to create out of paper bags. Templates and instructions for loot bags available from Party With Unicorns.

8. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Toilet paper dinosaur crafts for kids

Recycled art projects are my favorite and these toilet roll dinosaurs from The Craft Train are the cutest I've ever seen!

9. Dinosaur Garden In A Jar

Dinosaur terrarium in a jar

Creating terrariums is so much fun and these dinosaur gardens in a jar by Messy Little Monster would make perfect party centerpieces when you're done!

10. Dinosaur Egg Piñata

Green spotted DIY dino egg piñata for a dinosaur birthday party

This dinosaur egg piñata we created for my son's Prehistoric dinosaur birthday party is such a great activity to create, and then to smash! If you need ideas for non-candy piñata fillers, I've got you covered there too!

11. Chomping T-Rex Craft

T-Rex dinosaur craft for kids with clothes pin mouth

I can't get over how cute these chomping T-Rex dinosaurs from the Glue Dots blog are! I mean, the clothes pin mouths are genius and will be so fun to devour everything in sight!

12. Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

Baking soda dinosaur egg science experiment for kids

Combining science with play is the perfect way to teach your children and these hatching fizzy dinosaur eggs from Messy Little Monster are the coolest! Simple ingredients but loads of fun!

13. Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft

Tissue paper decorated dinosaur for kids

Once your shape is cut this tissue paper dinosaur craft by Mom Unleashed is perfect for any age. Just tear, roll, and glue! A successful project every time.

14. Mini Dino Dig Kids Activity

Q-tips dinosaur skeleton in mini dino dig

Create a q-tip dinosaur skeleton with My Mini Adventurer and then try a mini dig of your own! SO cool.

15. Dinosaur Footprint Cookies

Toy T-Rex making foot imprint in a baked sugar cookie

Similar to the Dinosaur Fossils from salt dough these Dinosaur footprint cookies are even tastier! A review of several cookie recipes is coming soon so you don't waste your time on a cookie flop!

16. Pop Up Dinosaur Eggs

Pop up dinosaur eggs with baby dino inside

Peek-a-boo projects are always a hit, especially with the Toddler crowd, which is why I was surprised when all three kids (4-10) voted these Pop up dinosaur eggs from Red Ted Art as a top dinosaur craft they'd like to try.

17. Frozen Dinosaurs Excavation

Toy dinosaur skeletons frozen in water

Playing with ice is a great summertime activity which is what makes these Frozen dinosaurs from The Best Ideas For Kids so fun to excavate!

18. Paper Dinosaur Tail Hat

Child wearing paper dinosaur hat

The image says it all…..a craft that becomes spikes and could even go all the way down as a tail!? This dinosaur hat from What can we do with Paper and Glue offers so many possibilities!

19. Mini Dinosaur Balloons

DIY Mini Dinosaur balloons

Oh Happy Day always brings us fabulous party ideas and these mini dinosaur balloons are another big hit!

20. Origami Dinosaur T-Rex Activity

Origami is not for the faint of heart, but after creating a dozen paper cranes for our Around the World virtual trip to Japan the kids are eager to try this T-Rex. Recommended for ages 8 and up but even the little ones love watching it come to life.

21. Dinosaur Handprint Painting Craft

Dinosaurs made from painted handprints andaccessories

Making painted handprints is classic fun. Turning those handprints into a dinosaur is awesome! Check out the cute dino handprint tutorial from Red Ted Art.

Best Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Phew! That's quite the list. I hope you enjoyed the journey and have a list of dinosaur activities and crafts to try out with your kids.

I'd love to know which crafts you tried out with your kiddos. Please let me know in the comments and if you share online tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can celebrate your success!

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  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    Dinosaurs are a great classic. Thanks for all the great ideas. You have some real fun printables as well.

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you! Dinosaurs will never go out of style. They are just way too cool. It’s always fun to explore and find new fun activities.

    • Brianna Adams

      Dinosaurs are always fun and such a classic! I don’t think they’ll ever go away.

  2. Natalie Mayhew

    Thank you for such a great post! It’s full of fantastic ideas and hours of fun!

    • Brianna Adams

      You are so welcome! Thank you. It’s all of the fun dino things that my kids want to do.


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