DIY Bamboo Party Decor With Pool Noodles
June 24, 2020
Faux bamboo diy by Salt Lake Party Stylist

DIY Bamboo Party Decor With Pool Noodles

DIY Bamboo Party Decor is such a great addition to a Panda Birthday Party, Tropical Luau, Chinese New Year celebration, or Japanese cultural night. Learn about other cultures and habitats while creating this darling prop that is oh so easy! And did I mention that most of what you need came from the Dollar Store!?

Simple DIY Bamboo Supplies

Pool noodle, paint, and faux greenery for DIY Bamboo party decor
  • Green Pool noodles {Dollar Tree}
  • Green paint {Michaels}
  • Small cup or palette
  • Foam brush {Dollar Tree}
  • Optional faux greenery {Dollar Tree}

Paint Faux Bamboo Joints

Painting green pool noodle with green paint

Once you have all your supplies ready to go dip your brush into the green paint and starting 5″ from the end of the pool noodle roll the foam around as you drop the brush creating a nice straight line.

Make it a Joint

Creating DIY bamboo by painting pool noodle

In order for it to look like a joint you need to feather the paint AWAY from the first line towards the bottom of the noodle.

Next you'll want to paint another line 1/2″ apart and feather the paint unevenly up towards the top of the noodle.

Painting pool noodle to look like green bamboo

Continue creating joints all the way up. You want them spaced unevenly as they aren't perfect in nature.

Also, try to leave the paint a little shorter on the top of each joint.

Finished DIY Bamboo

DIY Bamboo from pool noodle by Salt Lake Party Stylist

4-5 joints fit on a standard sized pool noodle without feeling crowded. But I don't recommend any more than that.

You can see that there's a little more paint on the original paint line giving it some additional depth. Make sure you don't mess with that straight line as you add and feather additional paint.

Also try to stagger the joints from pole to pole for more variety.

Trim and Stand DIY Bamboo

DIY Bamboo from pool noodles

Once your painted Bamboo is dry you can cut it down to length with a sharp knife or box cutter. I like a long kitchen knife to make the cleanest cut.

They'll also stand up much straighter if your cut is clean, allowing you to add a sprig of greenery to the top. I believe this is a faux spider fern I picked up at Dollar Tree and it worked PERFECTLY!

If you make it a point to troll Dollar Tree once a month or so and you'll often find just what you need. Although you might not want to follow the advice of a notorious party hoarder like me! 🤣

Display DIY Bamboo

Faux bamboo diy by Salt Lake Party Stylist

I used this DIY Bamboo as a backdrop for our Party Like a Panda Birthday and it was so perfect. Use large glue dots to attach bamboo poles together and display.

I liked that the joints weren't perfectly aligned from pole to pole.

Party Like a Panda graphic for Panda themed birthday party
Party Like A Panda graphic available in the SHOP

I hope you try making DIY Bamboo Party decor and have just as much fun as I did.

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    • Brianna Adams

      Yes! The yellow would be great for a tiki hut or something. Great idea.

  1. Natalie Mayhew

    Wow these are incredible! So clever

    • Brianna Adams

      SO glad you like them. I’m really happy they turned out. It was sort of a gamble.


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