Space Crafts for Kids: 30+ Out of This World Ideas
June 10, 2020
Moon sand on tray with space toys - great space activity

30+ Space Crafts for Kids that are Out of This World!

Space crafts for kids are seriously the best! And we've brought together 35 super fun, educational, and creative space themed activities that'll appeal to the whole family.

30+ Out of this world Space crafts for kids by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Space Crafts for Kids: Little

If you have {or have had} a toddler you know how much mischief they can get into. They need constant supervision and make terrific messes.

Guide that energy in a positive direction with these Space Crafts for Kids geared specifically to the littles. But don't be surprised if the older kids want in on the action too!

1. Straw Rockets

Straw rockets for kids

These straw rockets from Mom Brite are SO SIMPLE but ingenious for keeping your toddler busy. Just make sure to have extra straws…..and rockets!

2. Moon Sand Box

Moon sand on tray with space toys - great space activity

Moon Sand from The Crafting Chicks

3. DIY Star Stamp Painting

Homemade Star Stamps for Kids

Star Stamps by The Educators Spin On It

4. Launching Cup Rocket

Cup rocket launching off toilet paper holder

Launching Rocket Cup from Lalymom

5. Space Discovery Bottle

Outer space sensory bottle space craft for kids

Toddler Space Discovery Bottle Artsy Momma

6. Popsicle Stick Rocket Ship

Popsicle stick rocket space craft for kids

Popsicle Stick Rocket from Crafts 4 Toddlers

7. Easy Comet Craft

Make your own comet space craft for kids - with log tissue paper tails

This darling Trailing Comet Craft by Tikkido

8. Balloon Aliens

Girls holding balloon aliens

Okay, so these balloon aliens from Play Inspired Mum are less scientific and more pure fun!

Space Crafts for Kids – Independent Play

Sometimes you just need to hand your child an activity. These space projects for kids can be completed without much supervision from you.

Plus they are quiet, simple, and low mess. Which sounds awfully good to me!

9. Space Shape Matching Pages

Space shape matching activity for kids

Space Pattern Blocks by Simple Everyday Mom

10. Balloon Rocket

Balloon rocket launching into the sky

You provide the supplies and let their imaginations take flight with these balloon rockets from Mom Brite.

11. Space Matching Game

Space matching activity for kids

It's a classic! This space matching game printable from Natasha LH is great for a wide age span.

12. Space Spinner

Space crafts for kids spinner

Simply print the pages for this space spinner from Conservamome and give kids free reign to color. Then assist in cutting where necessary and add the center brad.

Let your little astronauts count down and blast off again and again.

13. Space Word Search

Space word search printable

Space Word Search Printable from Arty Momma

14. Space Coloring Bookmarks

Space bookmarks you can color

Cute space bookmarks you can color by Brooklyn Berry Designs

15. Outer Space Bingo

Outer space bingo cards

Outer Space Bingo Cards by Maple Planners

Space Crafts for Kids: the Whole Family will enjoy

Let's save the messy space crafts for everyone in the family! You'll need to be more involved on these to ensure success.

16. Moon Rock Science

Black and green DIY moon rocks

How cool are these moon rocks from Glitter on a Dime!?

17. Astronaut Helmet

Paper Crafted Astronaut Mask

Paper crafted Astronaut mask by Jordan's Easy Entertaining

18. Outer Space Clay Bead Jewelry

Clay jewelry space crafts for kids

I'm super excited to make a solar system necklace like this one from DIY Candy

19. Moon Bread

Loaf of moon bread with book

Such a cool activity to combine baking with a book. I love this moon bread from The Educators Spin on It.

20. Oreo Moon Phases

Oreos set up in the phases of the moon

I always have wanted to try Oreo Moon phases like these from Super Teacher Worksheets and can't wait to pair it with a fabulous printable from Handmade Beginnings.

21. Toilet Paper Rocket

Colorful toilet paper rockets for kids

Gotta love recycled toilet paper projects! These rockets from In Our Spare Time are so cute.

22. Candy Constellation Game

Constellations made of candy

My kids are super excited about any project involving treats! How about these Candy constellations by Handmade Charlotte?

23. Astronaut Jet Packs

DIY Astronaut jet pack Space craft my favorite space crafts for kids

I've had a crush on these jet packs from Party Like A Cherry for quite some time. Alia has a gift for turning soda bottles into pure childhood magic!

24. Stomp Rocket

A stomp rocket on stand with paper rocket

We built stomp rockets like this one from Press Print Party for my son's Space birthday party. It was a HUGE hit. I highly recommend them.

25. Space Pencil Toppers

Felt rocket ship pencil toppers

How cute are these Rocket Pencil Toppers by The Inspirationed It. Older kids would love sewing these together though you might want to help them cut out the felt pieces.

26. Homemade Bottle Rocket

Homemade bottle rocket

If you're looking for a little action try a homemade bottle rocket like this from Spaceships and laser beams.

27. Glow in the Dark Moon Shirt

Black shirt with glow in the dark painted moon graphic - space crafts for kids

I can't wait to try out these moon shirts from DIY Candy. She designs a wax paper moon stencil but I'm going to use my Cricut Maker to create a vinyl stencil with a moon cut file and cheat a bit!

28. Understanding A Lunar Eclipse

Solar eclipse experiment

This little exercise in regards to lunar and solar eclipses by Only Passionate Curiosity is great for an older child. Perhaps even a science fair experiment.

29. Planet Mini Reports

Free planet mini reports

So you may never want to look at a worksheet again but for kids who love space you might just get them to fill out these Planet Mini Reports from Only Passionate Curiosity.

30. Solar System ID Cards

Solar system ID cards

Another option for a study on the Solar System with these ID cards from Surviving a Teacher's Salary.

Plus a BONUS FIVE more Galaxy themed activities!

Galaxy Themed Space Crafts for Kids

Galaxy themes have popped up in parties, fashion, and art lately. We've always had a fascination for the sky. Is that because we're closer now than we ever have been?

Many of these activities require extensive supervision or you just need to do it and let the kids watch. Paint. Slime. Soap. Bath bomb. You get the idea. But they are totally worth it!

31. Galaxy Paint Pour

Galaxy paint and pour art technique

Older kids will love this one but you'll need all hands on deck to keep the galaxy pour art like this from Homebody Hall under wraps to keep it from making too much of a mess!

32. Galaxy Soap

Glitter galaxy melt and pour soap

I'm in LOVE with melt and pour soaps like our mermaid tail soap party favors so when I saw these galaxy soaps from Beauty Crafter I had to add them to the list!

33. Galaxy Slime Recipe

Stretchy sparkly glitter galaxy slime is a kid favorite!

Slime is always a hit and we had a great time combining all these colors to create this gorgeous galaxy slime.

34. Galaxy Bath Bombs

Galaxy bathbombs in bowl space crafts for kids

I've tried making a bath bomb or two as gifts and they are much easier than they appear. But these swirled galaxy bath bombs from STEAM Powered Family look like a fun challenge.

35. Sparkly Galaxy Playdough

Sparkly Galaxy Playdough craft for kids

If slime is too unpredictable for you sparkly Galaxy playdough like this from Made To Be Momma might be just what you're looking for!

Which Space Crafts for Kids will you Choose?

With so many to choose from, how will you choose? Quiet activities? Painting? Paper crafts? Or launch a rocket or two?

Summer Camp Activities: Week 2

Make these Space crafts while enjoying an at-home summer camp to keep your kids busy most of the summer! We’ve got 6 weeks worth of crafts, activities, snack ideas, exercise recommendations, books suggestions, and even themed tv show and movie ideas.

Summer Adventure field guide on desk for summer camp activities for kids

You can join the Facebook Group below to see a daily schedule and tons of ideas!

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A group for parents who just went from being first time homeschooling teachers to being summer camp counselors. Join us for fun summer activity idea…

It’s SPACE Week!

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30+ Space Crafts and activities for kids Salt Lake party stylist

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  1. Lori

    Wow! These were a bunch of great ideas!! I love the moon sand in the tray!!

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      Thank you! My kids helped pick out all the things they’d want to do. The moon sand is such a great one!

  2. Natalie Mayhew

    So many great ideas. I love that solar system necklace!!

    • Brianna Adams

      So do I! Thank you. I got all the stuff I need to make them too. Can’t wait to show them off.


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