Ultimate Outdoor Party Games
June 27, 2018
Bubble soccer game at night for the ultimate in outdoor party games!

Boy at bottom of a bounce house water slide great for outdoor party games.

5 Ultimate Outdoor Party Games For Kids

How about a list of the five best outdoor party games for kids and families!? If you don't have time to read it right now PIN IT FOR LATER. I love a great outdoor party and today I'm excited to introduce our guest author, Mark, an avid foosball player and one of the biggest foosball enthusiasts on the planet. With that in mind, he created an all-things foosball blog called The Foosball Zone.

Outdoor Party Games

Throwing an awesome birthday party means entertaining at least a dozen high energy kids! The best way to keep them occupied, and save your sanity, is offering awesome games they can play OUTSIDE. There's no better feeling than running around having fun with your friends while the sun shines! Due to that, I'd like to share 5 ultimate outdoor party games that will definitely entertain your kids and give them a day they'll likely never forget!

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Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer game at night for the ultimate in outdoor party games!

Bubble soccer is a great game for kids because soccer is one of the most popular team sports on the planet!  It is also completely safe game because every player wears a protection in a form of a bubble. {Genius!! I think a mom designed this one!} Your entire body is covered with one big bubble and the legs are the only thing free. You've gotta be able to run somehow.  Bubble soccer is entertaining to observe and it provides one of a kind experience when you play it. The only downside is the requirement of a large playing field for the game. Might not fit in your backyard, but you could definitely swing a game at any park for the ultimate outdoor party game.

Human Foosball

Human foosball is another take on soccer requiring much less space. When playing foosball YOU become the player, getting tied to the rods {or holding poles or ropes} and you can't move much. It requires huge amounts of teamwork because every player on the rod moves in the same line. Your kids will probably have a stomach ache from laughing by the time they are through! Besides great entertainment; it is a useful game showing the power of teamwork and is the perfect activity for a large birthday party, youth group, summer camp, or family reunion.

Laser Tag

Laser tag guns on table with waiting participants in background for the best outdoor party games of summer.

Laser tag is a perfect game for an army theme, beloved by tweens and teens alike. The object of the game is to “shoot” members of the other team {It's really fun but Momma's got to be okay with that fact} and unlike paint ball doesn't hurt {score} and is WAY less messy {double score!}. That makes it much better for kids and moms. You don’t need much space to turn your backyard into the ultimate Laser Tag field. Just add a few obstacles like hay bales or tires and shelters like a play structure or piece of plywood for them to hide. Often thought of as an indoor game in a dark room with black lights, don't underestimate how this easily adapted version could become the most memorable outdoor party game there is!

Ball Pit

Baby ball pit in pack n play. A great outdoor party game for little ones.

Have a little one? A ball pit is the ultimate fun for them! Ball pits are easily assembled; you really just need a large container to fill with balls…..lots of balls. A pack-n-play is the perfect solution for a party of one. But kiddie pools or play tents would be great for a few more. It's also versatile enough to play in the backyard while also fitting in the living room for indoor play. Check out this Have a Ball Party for more ball pit inspiration.

Bounce Houses

Boy at bottom of a bounce house water slide great for outdoor party games.

Does it count as a summer party if there's no bounce house? It is great for both kids and adults {Have you seen the bounce houses for weddings? They are all the rage right now!} with the only worry…finding your shoes at the end! With such a large selection of bounce house designs you can customize it to just about any party theme. We've seen castles, ships, jungles, water slides, regular slides and other crazy constructions to choose from. Can you have an outdoor party for kids that doesn't include a bounce house? 

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Feature Summary

Thanks Mark! This is such a great list of outdoor party games, a few of which I'd never heard of! I love that there's something here for everyone and that they are relatively simple. Some require a bit of equipment but it can be used again and again or possibly rented and returned. These would also make fantastic activities for a family reunion, and I KNOW I'm not the only one looking for great family reunion ideas!! Hope everyone's summer is going well and that you are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine even more with these Ultimate Outdoor Party Games!

Mark loves to write about foosball and is not afraid to honestly review every foosball table he finds. That is why you can read his honest reviews of a list of Sportcraft foosball tables right here. 

Until next time my friend,

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  1. Beth

    Loving the outdoor game ideas in this post! Thanks, Bri! Can’t wait to try the human foosball set up. My gang would definitely enjoy it!

  2. Holly

    The human foosball cracks me up! Love it!

  3. Carolina

    Omg!! Some of these games, I didnt know they excited!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Susan

    Omgosh ! So many fun outdoor game ideas! Love the human soccer. I would totally be in one of those. Hehe ! Great post Bri.


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