Under the Sea Craft Ideas for Kids
July 10, 2020
Green turtles and red crabs made from shells

Under the Sea Craft Ideas for Kids

Looking for Under the Sea Craft Ideas for kids? I've gathered up some of our favorites for you today so we can take a deep dive into the creative ocean! Let's see which ones are your favorites!

Under the Sea Crafts for Kids - Salt Lake Party Stylist

27+ Under the Sea Craft Ideas

  1. Sand Slime
  2. Ocean Sensory Bin
  3. Ocean Slime
  4. Ocean Sensory Bottle
  5. Sea Pollution
  6. Paper Ocean Scene
  7. 3D Paper Fish
  8. Paper Plate Rainbow Fish
  9. Shark Craft Activity
  10. Crab Paper Plate
  11. Paper Plate Puffer Fish
  12. Jelly Fish Craft
  13. Submarine Plate Craft
  14. Sponge Anemones Water Bombs
  15. Toilet Roll Crab
  16. Paper Fan Fish
  17. Shark Headbands
  18. Bottle Cap Crab
  19. Turtle Book Mark
  20. Cupcake Liner Jellyfish
  21. Craft Stick Octopus
  22. Turtle & Crab Shell Magnets
  23. Shell Shadow Box Art
  24. Shell Wind Chimes
  25. Ocean Bingo
  26. Under the Sea Activity Printables
  27. Sea Life Spinner
  28. Ocean Themed Movie Day

Ocean Themed Sensory Activities

Sand Slime

Sand slime on water patterned paper

Slime is always a good idea and this beach theme sand slime from Mom Wife Busy Life is a great activity.

Ocean Sensory Bin

Sensory Ocean Bin on table

As simple as putting toys, sand, and water in a bin, this ocean sensory bin from Living Life and Learning is such to entertain.

Ocean Slime

Ocean themed sensory slime

If one slime is good, then two slimes are better! This sensory ocean slime from Crayons and Cravings is super fun to play with.

Under the Sea Sensory Bottle

Ocean sensory Under the sea activity

Another option for fun sensory play that's a little drier is this under the sea sensory bottle from Conservamome.

Sea Pollution Activity

Pollution under the sea craft idea

Teach young ones about the negative effects of pollution in the ocean and on the beach with a few fun exercises by Science Sparks

Under The Sea Animal Craft Ideas

Paper Ocean Scene

Paper crafted ocean life scene

Looking for paper art? Try this sweet and simple ocean scene by Messy Little Monster.

3D Paper Fish

3D Paper Fish Under the sea Craft Ideas

Or hang these 3D fish from Red Ted Art around the house for an under the sea feeling!

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish

Rainbow paper plate fish craft

Read the book Rainbow Fish, then create your own with this fun cupcake liner paper plate fish by Hunny I'm Home DIY.

Shark Craft Activity

Shark cutout decor with sea backdrop

Create a shark habitat with this fun activity by Messy Little Monster.

Crab Paper Plate

Paper plate crab craft

Paper plate crafts are inexpensive and SO easy. Try this crab from Mom Wife Busy Life.

Paper Plate Puffer Fish

Paper Plate puffer fish

Or how about this darling puffer fish from The Simple Parent?

Jellyfish Craft

Jelly fish under the sea craft ideas

Printable templates from Simple Everyday Mom make it super easy for you to create this darling jellyfish!

Rocking Submarine Plate Craft

Rocking paper plate submarine

Another paper plate craft but this time it ROCKS! Try out the submarine design from Red Ted Art!

Sponge Anemone Water Bombs

Sponge bombs as sea anemones for summer water play. Salt Lake party stylist

Our own fun activity for imaginative water play. Looking a lot like sea anemones these sponge water bombs are easy to make and SO fun to play with!

Toilet Paper Crabs

Toilet paper roll crab on table

Toilet roll crafts are another great way to upcycle while having fun. These crab rolls from Hunny I'm Home DIY are so cute!

Toilet roll crab under the sea craft ideas

As are these, a slightly different version of a toilet tube crab from Only Passionately Curious.

Paper Fan Fish

Paper fan fish craft

More easy fish crafts this time using paper fans. Find out how at Red Ted Art.

Shark Headbands

Shark headbands for kids

More darling template projects from Simple Everyday Mom with these shark headbands!

Bottle Cap Crab

Bottle Cap Crab Under the Sea Craft Ideas

Have extra bottle caps around? Turn them into art with these sweet little crabs from Conservamome.

Turtle Bookmark Corner

Paper Turtle book corner

Part origami, part art these turtle bookmark corners from Red Ted Art are a great project for older kids or adults.

Cupcake Liner Jellyfish

Jellyfish cupcake liner craft

SO simple but super cute! These cupcake liner jelly fish by Making of a Mom are the perfect inexpensive kids craft.

Craft Stick Octopus

Octopus made with craft sticks - Under the Sea craft ideas

Um, darling! How cute are these craft stick octopus from Making of a Mom!?

Sea Shell Craft Ideas

Shell Craft Fridge Magnets

Green turtles and red crabs made from shells

Aren't these just the cutest little magnets? I'm loving the painted shells from Red Ted Art.

Shadow Box Shell Art

Sea shell shadow box art

Then head to Francine's Place and capture your summer memories by using your shells to create a beautiful piece of Ocean themed art.

Shell Wind Chime

Shells and bead wind chime - under the sea craft ideas

Or use the rocks and shells to create this beautiful wind chime from Red Ted Art.

Under The Sea Printable Activities

Ocean Themed Bingo Cards

Printable Ocean Bingo cards

BINGO is a family favorite and these Ocean themed Bingo cards from The Artisan Life are perfect!

Under the Sea Activity Printables

Printable under the sea craft ideas

This printable Under the Sea activity pack from Easy Activities for Kids will definitely keep them busy for a while! AND they just might learn something in the process. Perfect to keep preschoolers entertained.

Sea Life Spinner

Sea Life Ocean Spinner - under the sea craft ideas

Spinners are a great craft and activity. Use them for color, animal, or shape recognition. Snag this fun free printable from Conservamome.

Beach Themed Movie Party

Ocean movie party table. Under the sea craft ideas

You know I'm down with an Ocean themed movie party! Loving this fun indoor setup by Mom Wife Busy Life.

Use these Under the Sea craft ideas to create up a storm then display as decor at an end of the week {or end of summer} celebration. The perfect way to end a perfect summer camp series! Thank you SO much for joining us.

I'd love it if you tried an ocean themed craft and if you do, please share and tag us @partieswithacause on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

Summer Camp Activities: Week 6

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Dive Under the Sea during our at-home summer camp and keep your kids busy most of the summer! We’ve got 6 weeks worth of crafts, activities, snack ideas, exercise recommendations, books suggestions, and even themed tv show and movie ideas.

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Under the Sea Craft Ideas for Kids Salt Lake party stylist
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  1. Natalie Mayhew

    I want to do them all! Come here kids! So fun!

    • Brianna Adams

      There are so many ideas. I’m going to try to work my way down as we go. I hope there’s something your kids would love.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m glad you like the list. There are tons of ideas and I’m excited to work my way through them.


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