Halloween Costume for Couples – Frankenstein and Bride with Little Monsters
October 12, 2023
Monster family costumes for Halloween

Halloween Costume for Couples – Frankenstein and Bride with Little Monsters

A Halloween Costume for couples makes parties and trick or treating so much more fun. And matching family costumes brings it up to a whole ‘nother level! This Frankenstein and Bride couples costume is perfect and pretty easy to add in a few little monsters for an easy full family costume theme!

It's Day 10 of our 13 Days of Halloween. Every year I try to come up with fun ideas that surround a general theme. This year we're doing Frankenstein and sharing all things bubbly Mad Science and green. If you missed the last post it's here: Day 9 – Brain Cake Tutorial for an Easy Spooky Halloween Cake

Frankenstein costume couples for Halloween
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Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Woman with stitches for Bride of Frankenstein Halloween costume

Ladies first. Our Bride of Frankenstein costume starts with the stitches. You can't see them well in the couples costume photo so I did a close up of how cool these stitches temporary tattoos look applied. They last for a few days so prepare to wear these with pride to work or the grocery store and have people stare! 😂

Apply the tattoos to clean and dry skin then add any additional makeup afterwards.

Frankenstein costume couples for Halloween

The wig is a little tricky, I stuffed some plastic bags into the end to keep it upright, otherwise it starts to sag. The necklace I picked up at a thrift shop but there's fun options like this metal chain one online.

The makeup always takes longer than you think it will! Start with the white and then darken under the eyes and add black lipstick. Then spray your face with makeup setting spray! This is important, otherwise it's all going to rub or sweat off and look blotchy. And the bonus is you can use it for all future events where you'd like your regular makeup to last.

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume Supplies:

Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Frankenstein costume with Frankenstein decoration for Halloween

Frank is a lot harder to make look seamless with the half wig. But it's better than a full mask. Just use double stick tape to adhere the edges better to the skin. My hubs used this costume FOUR times so some makeup applications were better than others.

If you really want to blend the wig into the face, use some white face paint to mix with the green to the color is a little more gradual. But overall it works fine on its own, so don't stress about the makeup being perfect. Darken the eyes and use eyeliner top and bottom to reduce the white ring appearance around eyelashes.

Frankenstein Halloween Costume Supplies:

Monster Family Group Halloween Costume

Monster family costumes for Halloween

A group costume for a Monster family has lots of options.

  • Frankenstein & Bride couples costume
  • Mad scientist – Dr. Frankenstein
  • Elizabeth Lavenza – Dr. Frankenstein's actual bride {refer to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein}
  • Mummy
  • Other options – Vampire, Warewolf, etc.

Mad Scientist Halloween Costume

Boy with a Mad Scientist costume for Halloween

For a Frankenstein family costume you MUST have Dr. Frankenstein! The creature we think of as “Frankenstein” is actually Dr. Frankenstein's monster. He probably didn't look like Einstein but I love the wild white wig and he evokes a bit of Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Another lovable mad scientist! So any way you look at it – this science gig is pretty fun for Halloween.

Mad Scientist Halloween Costume Supplies:

Dr. Frankenstein's Bride Halloween Costume

Teenage girl Halloween Costume Elizabeth Levanza Dr. Frankenstein's actual bride

Getting a teenager to play along with a family costume can be tricky so my gothic princess decided she was Elizabeth Lavenza, the actual bride of Dr. Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's classic novel. Too bad she gets murdered on her wedding night.

As long as she got a crown and a pretty dress, my daughter didn't mind!

Teenage girl Halloween Costume Elizabeth Levanza Dr. Frankenstein's actual bride

The long sleeves on the dress make it tricky for daily tasks but she fared okay at school on Halloween. The black cape is simply black fur fabric cut in a half circle with neck hole and black ribbon I sewed on the corners. It's pretty rough, but it helped temper the cold weather and allowed her to stay warm AND in character.

Gothic Bride Halloween Costume Supplies:

Mummy Halloween Costume

a mummy costume for Halloween monster family

This mummy costume is my FAVORITE! It was SO easy and simply zips up the back and wears like pajamas. You seriously don't need anything else but we added the black eye makeup and some gauze strips wrapped around his head and across his face for the parties.

a mummy costume for Halloween monster family

At school he wore the jumpsuit all by itself, and it was perfect. I would have preferred white shoes but sometimes mama can't be too picky when the family is already playing along!

Mummy Halloween Costume Supplies:

Do you like themed Family Halloween Costumes? Or are you more interested in a good Halloween costume for couples? Or is it every man for himself?

Either way, we've got you covered with this Monster Family. I highly recommend it for ease and fun factor. If you try any of these costumes I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

If you love Halloween like I do – check out my Master List of Halloween Party Ideas here:

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Easy costumes for a Monster Family this Halloween - Salt Lake City Party Stylist

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