Harry Potter Character Costumes in Supporting Roles
October 12, 2022
Family dressed in Harry Potter character costumes for Halloween

Harry Potter Character Costumes for Halloween

Harry Potter Character costumes for Halloween or birthday parties are varied and oh so fun for you Harry Potter fans out there. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco are obvious choices. But if you're a true Potter-head you're likely to turn your nose up at the oh-so-obvious character costumes and gravitate towards other less popular characters, perhaps even some most obscure. Let's go through some options and see which list you'll choose from:

Our Favorite Harry Potter Characters in Supporting Roles

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!!

If you haven't read the books be careful because there are some spoilers in the character descriptions.

Family dressed in Harry Potter character costumes for Halloween
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Ginny from Harry Potter Costume DIY

We meet Ginny Weasley briefly in Book 1 – The Sorcerer's Stone, but she joins them at Hogwarts in Harry's 2nd year as a fellow Gryffindor and has a major role in all things Chamber of Secrets, Book 2. We know early on that she's got a crush on Harry, it just takes a while for Harry to catch up.

Having a redhead, a Weasley child was an obvious choice for my daughter. Maybe a little too obvious, but Ginny is such a strong and courageous character, she deserves to have her own costume slot!

Get the look:

Dobby the House Elf Halloween Costume DIY

Dobby the house elf stole the hearts of millions as he bumbled his way through “saving” Harry Potter as he first appears in Book 2 – The Chamber of Secrets. This endearing character makes an amazing Halloween costume and is oh so easy too!

Little boy dressed as Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter by Salt Lake City Party Stylist

Look at that face! This is the “please trust that I'm just trying to help you Harry Potter” face.

Children: Use a pillowcase. Cut your pillowcase at the top for the head and on the sides for arms. If it's too tight just cut the arms all the way to the top and tie it up in a knot. If you need to get your pillowcase “dirty” just let your child wear it for a few days and that'll take care of itself.

Adults: Use a twin sheet and loosely wrap it around you and tie at your shoulder. Trim the length and you're good to go.

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart Costume Ideas

Gilderoy Lockhart Harry Potter Character

Gilderoy Lockhart is a clinical narcissist that everyone seems to love. Well, all the females at least. He is well dressed and handsome with wavy hair and a perfect pearly smile. As he'll tell you, he's the 5 time winner of Witch Weekly's “Most Charming Smile Award”. And as it turns out in Book 2 – Chamber of Secrets…..a total fraud.

Teenager dressed up as Gilderoy Lockhart a Harry Potter character for Halloween

But these annoying characters seem to be some of the most fun to recreate! Check out this amazing Lockhart costume by best friend's son is sporting. It's the best.

Professor Trelawney Harry Potter Character Costumes

Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter films

Professor Cybil Trelawney lulls us into an incense induced trance in Book 3 – Prisoner of Azkaban. Known for her abilities with “second sight” and predicting the future, not to mention prophecies, she's a handy witch to have around if you want to know you're in constant mortal danger! A kooky character she's another eccentrically dressed favorite to choose for Halloween.

Lady dressed up as Professor Trelawney a Harry Potter character

I didn't get my hair frizzed but it was really fun dressing up as Trewlaney!

Mad Eye Moody Harry Potter Costume Ideas

Mad Eye Moody Harry Potter Character

Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody is a retired Auror left with lots of scars, a magical eye, and bad limp after fighting countless dark wizards during his professional career. Influenced by Mad Eye {of a sort} Harry decides he'd like to become an Auror when he's done with school in Book 4 – The Goblet of Fire.

Man dressed in Mad Eye Moody costume a Harry Potter character

My hubby was the perfect Mad Eye. Limping around and growling at everyone. Mad Eye doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, but if a dark wizard is after you, he's a great guy to have around!

Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Character Costumes

Luna Lovegood is a quirky Ravenclaw most find extremely odd but she proves to be an excellent friend to Harry in the 5th Book – Order of the Phoenix, in which Luna is in her 4th year.

Because of Luna's eccentric style she's become a favorite among the costume set. You can go with her muggle attire in the pink jacket and leggings or more of a hybrid look with a colorful outfit under her Ravenclaw school robes.

Girl in a Luna Lovegood costume reading a Quibbler magazine upsidedown

We chose the hybrid route for my daughter who adores Luna and was so excited to recreate her look. I outline all of the details and give you a radish earring tutorial in this Luna Lovegood Costume DIY post HERE.

Harry Potter Character Costumes in Supporting Roles

Did I catch your favorite Harry Potter character in a supporting role? There are so MANY of them and I'd love to add to the list if you share your family photos with me!

If you try out one of these costumes I want to know! Please tell me all about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

For MORE Harry Potter Costume Ideas for Lesser Known Characters check out our PART 3 – Creative Harry Potter Costumes for true Potter Fans

Then join me, your Healthy Hostess for fun Halloween Ideas all season long!


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