Titanic Themed Birthday Party Decorations
April 13, 2022
Titanic themed Birthday Party food table

Titanic Themed Birthday Party Decorations

A Titanic themed birthday party isn't super common. So when my best friend called in a panic to say her daughter, a Titanic history buff, had chosen the doomed vessel as her birthday party theme, I knew this was going to be fun!

There's SO much written about the Titanic, original documents that survived and lots of great inspiration from parties of the past. In an effort to create our own take on the theme, we decided on a blue, blue, blue color scheme. A favorite of the birthday girl.

Custom Titanic Cookies for kids birthday party

Titanic Themed Birthday Party Invitation

As you know, ANY good party theme starts with the invitation! I took a more modern approach while keeping some elements of the past. All of the text is editable except for “TITANIC” so you can personalize it to whatever wording you wish.

Titanic Themed Birthday Girl

Heart of the Ocean necklace for the birthday girl Titanic Birthday Party

When an eleven year old girl chooses a Titanic themed birthday party she's got to have her own Heart of the Ocean pendant!

The Perfect Titanic Party Venue

Titanic themed Party for kids by Salt Lake City Party Stylist

If you don't have the room to host a Titanic Themed Birthday party at your house, a hotel ballroom is a great option. Bonus points if they have velvety red curtains to make it feel like the inside of a ship's dining room.

Welcome Titanic Party Guests

Give your guests a welcome to let them know they're in the right place with a Directional Sign. Signs available with arrows pointing left and right. Sized as an 8×10 this sign can also be purchased in larger sizes upon request.

Titanic POOL Party!

Booking out a local hotel pool is an option in some areas. That'll give you the dining room ambiance AND the water activity. But lots of community pools also have party areas you can rent.

Pool Party for Titanic Birthday celebration

A Titanic Party at a pool is a no brainer and perfect for the kiddos. Just make sure to snag an Inflatable Titanic Water Toy before you go!

Titanic Theme Birthday Menu

Use the parts of a ship and some historical {and film} influences to make up fun names for your food table. Then grab some editable food labels to record your creativity. As always it's a great idea to follow the Healthy Hostess menu guidelines: {read more about lower sugar parties here}

  • Keep the sweets to a minimum
  • Offer fresh fruits and veggies
  • Give them protein to balance the sugar
  • Don't serve a lot of food – they're usually too busy to eat it
  • Offer lots of cool water
Fruit Salad life boats for Titanic themed party menu

Great Kid Friendly Titanic Menu

  • Banana “Life Boats” – or Fruit Salad Life Boats
  • “Heart of the Ocean” – Heart Shaped sandwiches
  • “Smokestack” – Meat, Cheese, and Cracker tray – Round cheese slices, crackers, and deli meats are great for kids – encourage the making of a “Lunchable” type ship's chimney stack.
  • “Bow Noodle Salad” – bow tie pasta of course! Isn't the English language great!?
  • Orange Slice “Rudders”
  • Strawberry “Rose”s
  • “Cabin biscuits” – Scones, Soda rolls, rice crispy treats, etc.

Titanic Themed Treats

  • “King of the World” cakes
  • “Portholes” – Healthy Apple donuts, or anything round really
  • “Icebergs” – White chocolate dipped strawberries served stem side down, Marshmallow, or Banana Slices
  • “American Ice Cream” – Served on the actual Titanic. Choose any flavor but extra points if it has blue or red
  • “Anchor Apple Tarts” – Also from the Titanic. Or try Apple Hand Pies which are easier to serve and eat
  • “Bridge Mix” – Mixture of chocolate covered nuts
Marshmallows on skewers as icebergs for Titanic Party
Rice Crispy treats become Cabin Biscuits for Titanic Themed Birthday Party
American Ice Cream for Titanic Themed Party Menu

Historically Accurate Titanic Dinner Menus

For those of you interested in the history, which if you're hosting a Titanic Themed party, I'm guessing you enjoy. There are menus that survived the fateful crash and we can enjoy some of the same foods today.

Titanic Party Brunch for grown ups

First Class meals aboard the Titanic were multi-course and lavish. If you're ready to recreate the last dinner they ate on the Titanic it's very French and very fancy. There were a total of 11 courses but I have only found 10 of them recorded so far. I'll keep doing my research and if I find the last one I'll update this menu.

  • Starters: Oyster and Canapé starters
  • Soup: Clear Veal
  • Third: Poached Salmon
  • Fourth: Filet mignons Lili or Chicken Lyonnaise
  • Main: Lamb, duckling, and beef with roast potatoes, minted peas, carrots, and rice
  • Sixth: rum-infused palate cleanser of punch romaine
  • Seventh: roasted pigeon with wilted cress
  • Salad: asparagus salad with Champagne saffron vinaigrette and
  • Final: pâté de foie gras with celery
  • Dessert options: Waldorf pudding, peaches in Chartreuse jelly, chocolate and vanilla éclairs, French ice cream, assorted fresh fruit and cheeses

Second Class Meals were still very nice but not as varied as the First Class dining and stayed mostly with an English Menu:

  • Pea Soup
  • Baked Haddox
  • Curried Chicken and Rice
  • Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
  • Tapioca Pudding
  • Apple Tart

Third Class Meals were more simple and included:

  • Bread
  • Cheese and meat trays
  • Fresh fruit
  • Tea

Whichever meal you decide to serve will depend entirely on your guest list, budget, and time frame.

Titanic Drink Options

Keep it simple but make it fun.

Titanic Birthday party water bottle labels by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Water is the most important beverage, especially in warm months with active kids. Wrap up your water bottles or cups with a little Titanic History.

The water was 28° F the night the Titanic crashed into an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. At that temperature anyone in the water would have gone into hypothermia in about 15 minutes.

If that's a little too morbid for you {which I understand!}…..the labels are fully editable to create any phrase you'd like.

Ocean Water Punch

Iceberg punch aka Hawaiian Punch for Titanic Party

Whether it's a simple drink of blue Hawaiian Punch or the homemade Sonic “Ocean Water” knock off recipe, a blue hued ocean themed beverage is another great option.

Titanic Themed Birthday Party Decor

Titanic themed Birthday Party food table

Titanic themed party decor can go a few ways. Go with the traveling theme using vintage luggage, trunks, passports, and hat boxes.

Then augment with nautical decor. Anchors, ropes, knots, and all things ship. The White Star Line that operated the Titanic used a white star on a red flag. So stars are historically accurate and a lot of fun to decorate with as well.

You can also dress up your party room with a fun backdrop poster {shown at 30″x20″}.

Printable Titanic themed birthday party pennant banners

Then add your printable Titanic themed pennant banners. I love that you can print as many as you need. So go crazy and drape everything with a banner or keep it simple behind the food table or Photo Booth.

Titanic Themed Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are a soft spot of mine. They aren't at all necessary but sure make leaving the party fun for all your guests.

Cute paper luggage boxes on table for Titanic Party favors

These darling luggage favor boxes are a hit with adults and children alike.

Titanic Party Favors - fun icey treats inside by Salt Lake City Party Stylist

Then fill them with a few fun Titanic themed birthday party reminders like:

  • Iceberg Slime in blue
  • ICEE Slime in red
  • LifeSaver Mints
  • And a fun party blower for “emergencies”
Printable Titanic themed birthday party cupcake toppers
SHOP: Titanic Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers {or table scatter}

My friend used the cupcake toppers {above} as table scatter, since we didn't serve cupcakes, with a large red star on a large white doily. This makes for a VERY affordable centerpiece that's still festive and looks great.

A Titanic Themed Thank You

Then don't forget the thank you tags and thank you notes to send guests with their favors or mail after you've opened your presents.

Luggage Favor box with tag for Titanic Birthday Party
Printable Titanic themed birthday party Thank You Postcard
SHOP: Titanic Birthday Party Thank You Cards 5.5″x4″ – postcard style

Titanic Themed Birthday Ideas

I hope you love this Titanic Themed Birthday Party as much as we do! There are so many fun things you can do. And thank you so much to my dear friends for letting me share their special day!

If you host a Titanic Themed Birthday party, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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