Dinosaur Fossil DIY Table Runner



Dinosaur Fossil DIY Table Runner

Print as many copies of this 11×17 file as you need.

SEVEN prints creates a thin runner 17″ wide. Perfect for dining tables.
(7) 11×17 file = 77”x17” runner

FOURTEEN prints creates a wide runner 34″ wide. Trim to 30″. This is perfect to cover a full table top.
(14) 11×17 file = 77”x34” table cover

TWELVE prints in a 4 column x 3 row grid creates a square table cover 44″ x 51″ that replicates what I used on the food table in my photos.
(12) 11×17 file = 44″x51″ square table cover



Print these files out on 11×17 sheets of bond paper. Make sure to “FIT TO PAGE” – this will make them slightly smaller but if you don’t it’ll cut off the edges of the design and none of your pages will fit together properly. I’ve included this larger image so you can see how they lay out. Each file NAME is labeled but the print itself is NOT labeled. The sheets will have a thin white border around all 4 edges. You can decide if you want to keep the white border for the outside edges or not. It’s easier on you to have the white border.

But you want to keep SOME WHITE edges to give you an overlap for taping.

Step 1: print all pages

Step 2: layout on large flat surface (a clean kitchen table works well for this!) Please refer to the photo above to properly match up the images.

Step 3: For white border on 14 sheet LARGE tabletop runner

  • Trim right and bottom edges of all pages on the TOP row – but ONLY trim the BOTTOM edge of your last sheet on the right. 
  • Trim ONLY right edges of all pages on the bottom row. LEAVING your last sheet on the right intact.

Step 4: Overlap pages using remaining white edges as your guides. Using tape (on underside) or glue stick on white edges attach rows together, then line up and attach your two long rows if using 14 sheets. 



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