Have a Ball Party Reveal
July 12, 2017
Ball Party Favor DIY

Have a Ball Party Reveal | Halfpint Design - A 2nd birthday party designed for a boy who loves anything that rolls. halfpintpartydesign.comHave a Ball Party Reveal

My baby boy just turned two. Tear. It’s such an exciting time but I find myself so conflicted. I’ll never have a baby again, but it’s amazing watching him grow and assert his independence! {hello two's!} To celebrate this milestone I planned a Have a Ball party for the boy obsessed with everything round! I prefer simple open-ended themes to licensed character themes. This allows for awesome child interaction and increased creativity for me!


Have a Ball party invitation and thank you card. HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy. Digital Party printables. Ball Party. Boy party theme. 2nd birthday.

It all starts with the invitation. My son loves watching basketball with his Daddy and now every round object from an avocado pit to a rock is a “bee-ball-ee”. While the sports theme is fun, we’re not a huge sports family so I settled on the ball pit balls in primary colors. The invitation was designed by a great friend and graphic designer who is helping me set up my party printable shop!  Have a Ball Invitation and Thank you card now available at HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy


The venue was my home, because I LOVE having parties at my house. I know what to expect and which focal points I want to design. I kept it simple but fun for my little guy since this was more family dinner, than birthday party.

Buffet Table

Have a Ball Party Reveal | Halfpint Design - Let's have a ball party buffet table and ball backdrop, 2nd birthday. halfpintpartydesign.com

A simple backdrop using a white tablecloth, plastic plates, and black tape. Banners available in the Have a Ball Party Pack.

The food table is the highlight of the party, ALWAYS. I designed a simple backdrop to mimic the design of his party invitation, and created a fun ball centerpiece with a birthday crown and painted ping pong ball spacers. For all the ball related foods check out our Have a Ball Party Menu.

Printable Decor

Have a Ball party invitation and thank you card. HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy. Digital Party printables. Ball Party. Boy party theme. 2nd birthday.

The Have a Ball Party Printables available here. See how we used it throughout the party photos.

Favor Table

Have a Ball Party Reveal | Halfpint Design - simple favors and a fun ball centerpiece make for a fun focal point. halfpintpartydesign.com

This sign echoes the invitation, is customizable, and included in the Have a Ball Party Package

The second focal point is a hutch where I love to display the favors. I also display photos, graphics, or signs that play up the theme. For me, favors are a super fun part of the party planning and I usually spend too much money but when the guest list is small I think it’s nice to have a take-away for each child. You can check out the Have a Ball Party Favor DIY for everything you need, including FREE printable “I hope you had a ball” thank you tags.

Ball Activities

Have a Ball Party Reveal | Halfpint Design - Baby ballpit, ball pit balls, 2nd birthday. halfpintpartydesign.com

Quick snap a photo BEFORE your child plays because the decorative paper WILL get destroyed!

My favorite part of the day was the “baby ball pit”! While the older kids were playing a modified version of skee ball and shooting hoops, the little guy rolled and jumped and bounced til his hearts content! I decorated the pack-n-play with polka dot wrapping paper {cause, come on….it’s gotta match the theme!} then added a sign and another mini pendant banner.

I dumped in the ball pit balls and while it didn’t cover the bottom completely, it was enough. More would have made it tough to roll around. Throw in a #2 mylar balloon and the perfect birthday photo op is born. He played, I snapped, and everyone was happy, until he started getting tired. Which I don’t blame him cause he expended a lot of energy!

Have a Ball Party Reveal | Halfpint Design - 2nd birthday, baby ball pit fun! halfpintpartydesign.com

Loving every minute of it!

Happy Birthday Boy!

In the end we had a fabulous time. Great company, delicious food, and the cutest little guest of honor.

I loved the simplicity of the Have a Ball Party theme for a 2nd birthday. We were able to tie in fun colors and simple shapes. My favorite thing is probably the menu.

Do you have any ideas for throwing a ball party? Do you have any photos to share? We'd love to see it and show off your hard work. Contact us here and see what you need for submissions here.

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Hope you've had a ball!!

Until next time,

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  1. Nat

    The buffet table looks awesome, and your boy is soooo cute! 2 is such a wonderful age!

  2. Kelly siech

    Wow. You rock! The decor, food and photography looks amazballs!

  3. livewellplaytogether

    So fun! It looks like the birthday boy loved it, too! I really like this simple, but festive idea for a party! So many great ways to do it well!


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