Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
April 26, 2019
Smoothie pupsicles - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Bone Appetit! Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party IdeasPuppy Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Need puppy birthday party ideas for your kids? Or maybe gathering some details to celebrate a milestone with your dog? My daughter's 9th birthday party is all things puppy! An avid dog lover, she jumped at the chance to have a puppy party in conjunction with Humane Society donations, making this our first official “Party With A Cause” on the blog!

How do you throw a puppy birthday party?

In lieu of gifts charity donation - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Would you like to “lend a paw” and try a donation party too? It's pretty easy to do starting with the invitation.  {Read more about how to host a donation party coming soon}

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for being here so we can continue providing awesome party ideas that do better!

Puppy Birthday Party Invitation

Calling all Pawty Animals Invitation - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

On the invitation let people know what you'd like them to do. If you're requesting donations add it to the details.

This puppy invitation with the stylish “pawty animals” is perfect for the slightly older crowd. Set the stage for the party fun with a fun digital design that's cost effective and easy to edit. If you're not hosting a donation party, just delete that line! You can find this invitation* in the SHOP.

            * 20% of all the proceeds will also benefit the Utah Humane Society 

You've got the invite, now you need a plan…..and I've got you covered.

Puppy Party Entrance

Welcome Door wreath - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

It's so nice to have something at the entrance of a party to let guests know there are in the right place. You can greet them with something as simple as this bone & tennis ball wreath. Or check out the party package welcome sign in the SHOP.

Decide your Color Scheme

Corgi plate - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

For a girl's puppy birthday party the purple, teal, and blue worked well. Then start shopping for your supplies. This corgi plate has a cleaner feel and even though it's not dressed up, we decided she needed to come to the party!

What should I do for my dog party?

Choose Your Puppy Birthday Party Activities

Activities that keep children engaged are the best. Quick craft projects, something active, or an educational lesson are great places to start. Here are a couple perennial favorites:

Adopt a Puppy Activity

Adopt a puppy station - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Adopting a puppy is the perfect activity for a dog themed party and makes the ideal take home favor.

Dog House Photo Booth Activity

Puppy backdrop photo booth - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

A puppy photo booth is another great way to get guests involved in this dog party! Dressing up and acting like a pup helps burn energy and foster imagination. Especially with fun puppy ears and dog themed photo props.

Need more puppy activity ideas?

You can find details on all FIVE of our puppy activities here: Puppy Party Activities For Kids. And if you still haven't found what you're looking for there's a whole slew of  20+ Dog themed puppy party activity ideas! So many ways to get kids involved and having fun.

Decide on Your Menu

Puppy pizzas with cheese fire hydrant - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

But right now you might be most concerned with which snacks to serve at a puppy birthday party. At Parties With A Cause we like to keep our menus lower in sugar, with added protein so you can enjoy the day without a bunch of kids bouncing off the walls!

Our main event was a build-your-own puppy pizza bar. With fire hydrant cheese slices of course! You can find our whole puppy party food menu here.

Next up: Determine Focal Points

Puppy Party Focal Point #1: Food Table

Full buffet table - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Now choose your main area of focus and design it! The food table is usually the main event. And there are several ways to make it special:

  • Backdrop: Use a backdrop graphic like this darling pug
  • Balloons: Add balloons in your party theme colors with some puppy paws or confetti balloons thrown in. They can be a complex balloon garland or as simple as these tied helium balloons.
  • Banner: Using a banner for the table is a fun way to add personality your event. Banner* is available in the SHOP.
  • Food Labels: Having clever food names customizes your party menu and makes regular foods WAY more fun! Food tents* available in the SHOP.

          *20% of all the proceeds will also benefit the Utah Humane Society 

Puppy Party Focal Point #2: Dining Table

Full puppy party table design - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

The next area of focus is usually the dining table. Now that you've got your colors selected it comes down down to the details. Items you want included in a tablescape:

  • Table cover: Plastic covers are shown in the photo, which makes clean up a breeze, but not necessary if you have a pretty table or are trying to reduce your party garbage.
  • Table runner: We used two runners here – a strip of paw print gift wrap, and a grass table runner you may recognize from my Big Game Football Party and our Garden Party Inspired Easter table.
  • Place settings: Start with your patterned plate {or plates depending on what you serve}, then add color coordinated cutlery, napkins, cups, and straws {optional}. Napkins are another opportunity to add color and pattern.
  • Then finish it up with as many details as you desire to make your vision a reality.

Puppy Party Table Details

Puppy party table details - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Centerpieces are a big deal for a tablescape so it's a little surprising at the simplicity of these: Potted faux plants and a couple of French Bulldog Salt and Pepper shakers atop gold candlesticks.


I told you that was easy! Just goes to show it doesn't have to be complicated.

Puppy place setting - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

For a little more fun we added a dog bowl and dog house to each place. The dog houses held edible doggy biscuits and were quite the topic of conversation! Then, we actually served cake and ice cream in the dog bowls!

We chose not to create seating assignments, but these darling little houses are the perfect opportunity to customize with guests names.

Puppy details - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Finally, round out your table with accessories like a paw print straw topper and sweet French Bulldog to show you were paying attention!

But you can have attention to detail without paying a ton of money!

  • Straw toppers are created using a couple of paper punches and scrap card stock
  • I've seen Bulldog figurines in higher end shops but keep an eye out at dollar stores and thrift shops for big savings. I snagged these cuties at Dollar Tree.

Wrapping up the Puppy Birthday Party

Donation for Humane Society - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

I arranged the donations on my hutch to get the guests excited about the magnitude of their impact. We spent a few minutes talking about the mission of the Humane society. Why the animals end up there and how important it is to understand the responsibility of owning a pet. Most dogs end up there because the family changes their mind.

Are we ready to get a dog?

Keep a pet out of the shelter by doing a little homework. What are some ways to know you're ready to have a dog!?

  • Are you big enough to take it out? Feed it? Clean up after it?
  • Do you have a backyard?
  • If not, can you take your dog for a walk EVERY DAY?
  • Maybe pet sit for a friend or neighbor to try it out before you make your final decision.

Donation for Humane Society - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

When the party is all done, gather up your donations and drop them off to the shelter. Hug your birthday child and let them know what a difference they made to the dogs. You should all feel really proud of yourselves. Once they feel how great it is to serve while having fun, they might just want to do it again. And again. Creating a habit of service that will last a lifetime.

The power of one is amazing, but the power of the YOUNG one is exponential! – Bri Adams, Parties With A Cause

Join the movement and commit to hosting a party with a cause this year! Little things can make a big difference to elevate your next event!

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  1. Bekki Herzon

    Where did you get the corgi plates?

    • Brianna Adams

      You can get them on Amazon but it looks like they’re only available in a bundle now. But you can find them here:

      Best of luck! Dog parties are so much fun!

  2. Debra

    Where do you get the collars for the stuff dogs up for adoption?

    • Brianna Adams

      Sadly they’re no longer available but they were just cute bracelet favors. This is a similar option that is even cuter in my opinion. Or these black and white rubber bracelets could probably work on the plush dogs too.

  3. Shani Lehrer

    Hi where can I find the mini dog houses? Bowls? Leashes? Thanks

  4. Nadia


    Where can I purchase the pug backdrop? Absolutely amazing.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’ve added the link to the post – thank you for letting me know it was missing. But here it is again to make it easy. It’s SUCH a cute one. I agree. I fell in love when I found it. Have fun!


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