Why Host a Low Sugar Party?
April 3, 2017
Halfpint Design - Kids these days already consume way too much sugar. Let's give them all the fun without the crash. A watermelon cake is a great alternative to a birthday cake.

Why Host a Low Sugar Party? 

A low sugar party? What's the deal? First, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you trying to lose weight?
  • Or trying to maintain your weight?
  • Are you concerned with the health of your children?

Chances are if you live in North America you ARE.

Few of us are able to live independent of the highly processed, over-sugared world around us. And even when we're doing well, we eventually eat outside our own kitchen! Luckily there's more opportunity in the marketplace for healthy food. We're voting with our dollars and companies are listening, BUT we still have a huge social hurdle to climb.

  • Friends and family may be sympathetic to your low sugar “lifestyle” but let's be honest; they don't know what to do with you.
  • Or YOU aren't ready to give up sugar and have no idea how to deal with THEM! It's a two-way street for sure. And hard for all of us.

Americans At War With Sugar

Sorry for the image but this helps remind me WHY I'm at war with refined sugar.  I don't like that it makes me tired. And it's WAY easier to not eat it than spending gym time to burn it off! That aside, a growing number are restricting their diets because of serious health concerns like diabetes and heart disease; making access to sugar free desserts and low carb party recipes increasingly important. Especially for children.

Why I Say NO to Dessert Buffets | Halfpint Design - Kids these days already consume way too much sugar. Let's give them all the fun without the crash.

This is only 8 teaspoons of sugar!

Some of the stats totally freaked me out. Did you know the average American child consumes 49 pounds of sugar EACH YEAR? They are literally eating their body weight in sweets. According to a small study, Oreos are even MORE addictive than cocaine! At least in rats …and probably my husband!

Traditional Party Foods

While you'd never let your child eat only Oreos for lunch, we don't blink at filling a table with candy for a birthday. Traditional party foods are easy to eat, delicious, and not very good for us! Candy, cookies, and cake pops are the easiest tool in conveying a theme. Endless colors in molded fondant or royal icing and you're transported to a dream land like this one….

Can I get a Beautiful hot air balloon party like this one from Macy Lima Decor as a low sugar party?

Let's be honest – who wouldn't want an incredible table like this one from my friend Macy at Macy Lima Decor? It's fabulous! Every dessert is customized in color and theme. It's absolutely dreamy!

Dreamy until the 5 year olds are bouncing off the walls!

I've had so many moms say to me:

I'm not bringing a birthday party home! The kids are crazy and they destroy my house!

While I can totally empathize {I have two boys} it doesn't have to be that way! We're totally setting them up for failure! I love having parties at home but I HAVE A SYSTEM.

Too many kids + unstructured time + sugar overload = disaster

How Can I Have a Healthy Buffet 

Part of my plan is offering lower sugar, higher protein food options. But I know what you're thinking….

Yah right, they're not going to eat that!

Kid food is a fairly recent invention and a total marketing gimmick! We've been sold a bill of goods that kids only eat certain foods, so we buy those foods, and then they only eat those foods. Let's break the cycle and you'd be surprised at how many kids will actually venture past the chicken nuggets and reach for the carrot sticks.

Low sugar party menus can still be fun! Like this prehistoric dinosaur plate

My secret weapon?

Fun Names on Food Labels

Dress up yummy food in a fun way! By creating fun food labels and menus for each theme kids get excited to try “Dino Claws” and “Pterodactyl eggs” at a dinosaur party.

Let 'em choose veggies from the herbivore tray or beef jerky from the carnivore plate. We even experimented with dino gummies made with fruit juice and maple syrup that the kids LOVED.

ALL of which were on theme. AND color coordinated. BOOM. Plus, I should probably tell you that everything gets eaten, but it kind of feels like bragging!

Don't underestimate the power of ranch dressing and a plate of veggies! The name of the game is color coordinating your healthy foods and coming up with funny names.

Here's another post for LOTS MORE great ideas to make Healthy Party Foods fun for Kids.

Join the Movement and Lower Your Party Sugar

So, am I saying you can’t have cupcake at the party? Absolutely not. That would be monstrous!

I’m simply suggesting we become more mindful of the food we do serve and balance the sugar with some veggies and a little protein! With every event I design I share my menus and fun display ideas. I also have food labels available in the HalfpintPartyDesign Shop to help you.

I share all my tricks with my fellow “Party Change Makers” if you'd like to JOIN THE MOVEMENT below. And read more about how you can elevate your events while having an awesome time.

Cutting down on party sweets is not popular, but there's a growing need to make some changes. I’d love to see which creative sugar alternatives you are able to come up with for your low sugar party. Please share them with all of us on Instagram. Tag me @partieswithacause and use the hashtag #lowsugarparty.

More Low Sugar Party Resources

Until next time my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal

References: If you're a numbers person, here are a few articles to completely freak you out!

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