Healthy Baked Sweet Potato Rounds
September 16, 2019
Baked sweet potato rounds served as Halloween appetizer

Baked sweet potato rounds served as healthy Halloween appetizer

Halloween Party Appetizer: Healthy Baked Sweet Potato Rounds

I'm always on the lookout for ways to make healthy food more fun and these Baked Sweet Potato Rounds make the perfect Halloween appetizer. It's amazing how easily cookie cutters transform plain food into exciting party food.

This is a very simple recipe with only 4 ingredients. Yep, you read that right. FOUR ingredients. And with just a little prep time you'll be serving up a fabulous plate of Halloween appetizers your guests will love.

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Ingredients Baked Sweet Potato Rounds

Sweet potatoes and cookies cutters for Baked sweet potato rounds

Simple Ingredients

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Heart healthy avocado oil or EVOO
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Cinnamon or Pumpkin pie spice

Recommended Tools 

Peel the Potatoes

Peeling sweet potato for baking

When you pick up your sweet potatoes choose the largest, widest ones for maximum cookie cutter flexibility. Then wash and peel the skins if you desire.

You'll be cutting the edges off with the cookie cutters so this is totally optional but I chopped up the left over scraps for soup and peeling it whole is WAY easier than trimming each slice.

Slice Potatoes

Slicing potatoes for Baked sweet potato rounds

After peeling, you'll want to use a GOOD knife {I have a Cutco set I adore} or a mandoline set at 1/4″ – 1/3″. The thinner slices roast faster and are easier to shape with the cookie cutters.

Choose Your Shapes

sweet potato rounds cut with pumpkin cookie cutters

At this point you could just move on and start roasting these rounds but where's the fun in that!? I rummaged through our sizable cookie cutter collection and found a couple the perfect size.

Word to the wise, only use the metal cutters. The plastic ones did not work so well!

Baked sweet potato rounds arranged on pan

The small pumpkin made for darling Jack-o-lanterns, though it's a bit tedious cutting the details by hand, so do yourself a favor and just do a few faces to display on top! The flowers aren't Halloweeny but they look a little like leaves on the pan.

I use a silicon silpat liner whenever I bake anything. It reduces the oil required on the pan. My food never sticks and makes clean up super easy.

Brush Sweet Potato Rounds With Oil 

Brushing sweet potato rounds with oil

I like using a basting brush to add the oil instead of tossing them in a bowl of oil. I use WAY less oil that way and only get it where I need it. Make sure to brush both sides.

I prefer avocado oil to extra virgin olive oil but they are both great heart healthy options.

Sprinkle With Spices

Sprinkling salt on sliced sweet potatoes

This is where you can personalize the recipe. Start with salt, or Mrs. Dash if you're cutting back on sodium. I love this Himalayan pink salt but there are tons of salt options out there beyond the blue canister. So experiment and find the ones you love.

Sprinkling sweet potato rounds with cinnamon

We like our sweet potatoes sweet, but not marshmallow sweet. Just roasted to bring out the natural sugars and enhanced with some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. If you're looking for a more savory option you can try:

  • Rosemary and garlic
  • Cumin and cayenne
  • Ginger and Coconut drizzle
  • Or use the rounds as a base for Gluten-Free Bruschetta

Serve Baked Sweet Potato Rounds

Bake them up at 425 degrees for 20 minutes, longer if your slices are thicker.

Then serve them on their own or with a side of curry ketchup. It's delicious! You can save this recipe for later. Although it's so easy you almost don't even need one! But that's how I roll in the kitchen. Quick, easy, and delicious is the only way to go. If you make these I'd LOVE to see them.

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Baked sweet potato rounds a healthy Halloween appetizer

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Until next time my friend,


  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    That’s so creative! I’m not sure I’d have the patience to carve them all but I love the idea.

  2. Holly Hulke

    Thank you for this healthy and festive idea! I recently am cutting back on a lot of sugar, etc., so this is fantastic!

  3. Susan-Sugarpartiesla

    I love this easy and healthy Halloween treat idea for the kiddos.

  4. Jennifer Digiacomo

    I love sweet potatoes so I will definitely be trying to make these! Their color is perfect for Halloween!

  5. Jordan Hansen

    These look so yummy! Sweet potatoes are my favorite!

  6. Sprinkles & Confetti

    The sweet potatoes are perfect for this – the right color and they keep the shape! Might try this one to entertain the kids!

  7. Lori

    We love sweet potatoes! What a darling & healthy snack!


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