Mummy Frozen Bananas Healthy Halloween Treat
September 21, 2019
ghost frozen banana for healthy halloween treat

ghost and mummy frozen banana healthy halloween treat

Mummy Frozen Bananas Healthy Halloween Treat

Coming up with great low sugar treat alternatives for my kids is a passion of mine. I firmly believe party food can be healthy and still be fun! Frozen bananas are a summertime staple in our house but we haven't done any holiday options til now. Check out how easy these mummy frozen bananas are to make for a healthy halloween treat and I'll bet you'll be a fan too!

Mummy Frozen Bananas Healthy Ingredients

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three ingredient healthy halloween treat

The beauty of this treat is that it takes only 1 ingredient and you can change up the toppings.

For this project we used:

Helpful tools:

Prepare Bananas

frozen bananas for healthy halloween treat

Once you gather your supplies this comes together pretty quickly.

Carefully peel the bananas and discard peels. A bright yellow banana with a little green is best to use for this project as they are more firm and less likely to break apart.

Cut bananas in HALF and insert candy apple sticks in the bottom. These bananas {above} are whole with bamboo skewers that we used for toppings. I'll share those with you another time.

Add Chocolate Chip Eyes

ghost frozen banana for healthy halloween treat

After the sticks are in, add two chocolate chips for the eyes. If desired you can add some larger chips, like Ghirardellis for a mouth on the ghost bananas. As for the chips, any baking chip will work but I am so in love with Lily's dark chocolate chips. They are expensive, I'll be upfront about that. That's why I typically reserve these as mommy's chocolate. But they are Stevia sweetened, have ZERO sugar, and are really good.

Freeze Bananas

Once your eyes are inserted, lay each banana pop down on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and place in the freezer. You need a good 90 minutes in the freezer but I like to prepare mine the night before.

Prepare White Chocolate

white chocolate frozen bananas

Now that your banana ghosts are frozen, let's turn some {or all} of them into mummy's.

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring in between. Once smooth pour into a quart size freezer bag using your handy dandy bag holder! {I can't live without this thing!} The trick is to fold over the zipper top so you don't get it messy.

Drizzle Chocolate Mummy 

white chocolate drizzle on frozen banana

Snip a small hole in the corner of the bag and drizzle each frozen banana treat with the melted white chocolate. I like to start at the top and work my way down. I only do the top side on these, but you could drizzle both sides if you wanted with some freezer time in between.

mummy frozen banana healthy halloween treat

After your mummy is drizzled go back and add another line or two of chocolate close to the chocolate chip eyes. This helps them look more mummy like. Now you're done!

Serve Ghost & Mummy Frozen Bananas Immediately

ghost and mummy frozen bananas

The chocolate will harden quickly on the frozen banana and you'll be able to carefully serve them almost immediately. If you aren't ready to serve, just pop the tray back into the freezer until just before your Halloween party begins. Frozen bananas are delicious, but thawed once-frozen bananas aren't very pretty!

I know bananas have a lot of natural sugar but our bodies know what to do with that sugar and I'd much rather eat a frozen banana than a cupcake. {I'm a little weird like that!} Most kids wouldn't make that choice but I've never gotten a single complaint when serving these healthy frozen banana treats and no cupcakes in sight. It's all about the presentation. Make them fun, and I promise they'll get eaten!

Pin it for Later

ghost and mummy frozen banana healthy halloween treat

If you make these cute ghost and mummy frozen bananas as a healthy Halloween party treat I want to see! Follow us and tag @partieswithacause on Facebook and Instagram.

I can't wait to see what you do! And if you have other friends who are looking for low sugar party food alternatives, I'd love it if you let them know about us too!

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Until tomorrow my friend,


  1. Beth

    This is one of my favorite, non-candy treats for Halloween! My kids will love this!

  2. Susan-SugarPartiesLA

    I LOVE this idea so much ! I am probably going to make them with the kids because I have all the ingredients! Wohoo ! Thanks for sharing

  3. Holly Hulke

    Chocolate covered bananas are a favorite of mine! I always get the Trader Joe’s bites! These are a fantastic Halloween treat.

  4. Lori

    This is such a darling and delicious idea!!!

  5. Jennifer Digiacomo

    I love frozen bananas so I’m all over this idea! It’s so cute but not too creepy where I’d be totally happy to eat it 🙂

  6. Jordan Hansen

    This idea is so cute!!! My kiddos would love these.


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