Chocolate Raspberry Spooky Halloween Dessert Shooters
September 14, 2019

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

Chocolate Raspberry Spooky Halloween Dessert Shooters

I have to admit, I channeled my inner Indiana Jones the WHOLE time I was making these. If these Halloween Dessert Shooters don't immediately make you think of monkey brains, you've got to go re-watch Temple of Doom right NOW! Totally making my kids watch it this Halloween.

Just in case, I found the clip. You're welcome!

These desserts are not for the faint of heart. I do not recommend them for little kids, though my children are so used to my Halloween brain foods that they don't even bat an eye! {check out my brain cake! It's awesome!!} I'm not into scary Halloween but I do love gothic skeletons and the occasional brain. Keeping it classy with a little bit of creepy!

13 Days of Halloween – Halloween Sweet Treats

I'm excited to share a few sweet treats with you today. If you're coming over from Jordan's Easy Entertaining, welcome! Aren't those Pumpkin Pie Jack-O-Lantern Pops amazing? If you haven't seen them yet, don't worry, you can check them out now. I'll wait.

Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin pie pops

I love the idea of a portable pumpkin pie and they'd make the cutest party favors!

Spooky Halloween Dessert Shooters

Ok, I'll get on with my dessert.

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter supplies

Jello Brain Suggestions 

You'll want to prep your Jello brains first. It all starts with a fun mini brain mold I picked up at Michaels last year. This year they have a silicone option which is probably easier for extraction.

  1. Make Jello according to the Jiggler Instructions. OR add a packet of plain gelatin to your regular Jello for a firm set that's not too sweet.
  2. If you want a darker color add a couple drops of food coloring
    • blue for a purple hue
    • or a drop of green for a more grey/brown look.
  3. Optional: Add sour cream for an opaque brain
  4. Or stir in crushed raspberries for extra flavor  

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

Aren't they just the coolest!? I went with a deep purple.

PRO TIP: If you have a hard time getting the Jello to release, dip the bottom of the mold in a shallow pan of warm water for a few seconds until they slide out. If you try to remove them with force they WILL be destroyed!

Chocolate Cake or Brownie Shooter Base

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

I LOVE this chocolate cake mix. The fact that it's allergen free is a total plus. I tried using this mix for baked donuts and it was a total FAIL. So in an effort to salvage my chocolate cake, I got creative and came up with these awesome Halloween dessert shooters.

The problem with this cake is that it's very soft and fudgy. Which is only a problem if you need it to hold a shape. A regular brownie mix would also work here but I'd leave them a little underdone.

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

Fudgy chocolate scoops into the skull cups quite nicely. And is rather delicious in my opinion.

Add Raspberry Layer

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

Add a layer of raspberry if desired to marry the Jello with the chocolate. Chocolate and Jello is not a natural combination but Jello and fruit desserts abound so I thought we'd give it a try and it's quite good. Next time I'll put berries in the Jello for an even better flavor marriage.

Top it With a Brain

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

The raspberry sauce acts as the glue that keeps the Jello from sliding off. Plus a little bit of crimson ooze just adds to the overall effect. I'm not one for gory Halloween but just a little touch of red can be fun.

If your brain isn't quite the right size to cover your opening you can fill it in with the raspberries or pipe a little fudge around the edges.

Serve Up Your Halloween Dessert Shooters

Chocolate raspberry Halloween dessert shooter

The best part about these guys is they double as party decor on your table. Doesn't it look fun all nestled in this Gothic Tablescape?

Are these chocolate raspberry halloween dessert shooters are something you'd like to serve? If so….let me know. I'd love to see it when you do.

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Next Stop on the Halloween Hop

Bat-tacular Halloween White Chocolate Bark

Next up, you've got to check out this Bat-Tacular Halloween Chocolate Bark from Sarina at Joy in the Commonplace. It's such a fun and easy party treat the kids will love!

Then join us again tomorrow for some fun Halloween cupcake ideas.

If you’re just joining us on the 13 Days of Halloween Inspiration here’s what you missed:

Until tomorrow my friend,



  1. Beth

    This is absolutely one of my favorite recipes for a dessert shooter! Very gross (and yummy) but that’s the way it should be on Halloween!

  2. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    It’s really a genius idea. How cool. It’s would be not only delicious but striking on a Halloween table.

  3. Susan-Sugarpartiesla

    Love your spooky treat ! I would love to eat some brains anyday hehe 🙂

  4. Jackie

    This is awesome! Perfect treats to impress your halloween guests!

  5. Lori

    Looks super creepy but sounds so delicious! So fun for a Halloween party!

  6. Sarina Kinnunen

    These are so spooky! I loved everything about it! Totally reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie..

  7. Jordan Hansen

    I immediately thought of Indiana Jones when you mentioned you were doing this! What a perfect Halloween sweet treat! Can’t wait to see what you have for tomorrow 🙂

  8. Holly

    This is definitely a spooktackular treat!! So much you can do with jello!


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