Floral Skull Centerpiece Tutorial
September 13, 2019
Floral Skull Centerpiece by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Floral Skull Centerpiece Tutorial

Halloween Floral Skull Centerpiece Tutorial

A floral skull centerpiece is the perfect touch for a gothic Halloween tablescape. If you love the look I've got good news! It's really easy to create your own with this simple DIY tutorial.

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Floral Skull Centerpiece Supplies

Supplies for Floral Skull Centerpiece

Floral Skull Centerpiece Instructions

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Black charger and bed of moss for halloween centerpiece

Find a great plate, platter or tray to use as a base.

Place skull on bed of moss for centerpiece

Arrange moss to cover bottom and test skull placement. You'll want to go back and add additional moss when the floral skull centerpiece is completed to fill in gaps and give support.

Step 2: Prepare Flowers

Trimming flower stem for Floral Skull Centerpiece

Using the wire cutters snip floral stems to desired length. The indentations on the stem mark areas for cutting. Then SAVE the stem!

Step 3: Arrange Florals in Skull 

Adding black hydrangea to Floral Skull Centerpiece

Create a bouquet first in your hand then press into the foam skull one at a time. The foam skull is light weight and will be off balance as you do this.

If using a ceramic or resin skull, add floral foam to the opening and arrange.

Adding flowers to skull for centerpiece

Keep adding flowers one by one.

Balance the flowers on the skull for Halloween centerpiece

You'll  want to make sure the final arrangement is balanced so you might have to play around with flower placement until the skull can sit on its own.

Several different flowers in Halloween centerpiece

You want a nice color and texture distribution. I kept it simple with 3 hydrangeas in plum and navy and a plum dahlia. I love hydrangeas for their size, multiple blossoms, and range of colors.

Step 4: Floral Skull Finishing Touches


Finished Floral Skull Centerpiece on black charger and bed of moss

You know those stems we set aside earlier? Go back and take some leaves off to use at the base of the flowers. You can stick them into the flowers and secure with a little double sided tape. These help close any gaps, and smooth the transition from flower to skull.

Gothic Halloween tablescape

Now that your flowers are in and looking good, walk around the centerpiece and check it from all sides. The beauty with faux flowers is you can continue to adjust them until they are perfect.

Display Your Floral Skull Proudly

Floral Skull Centerpiece for Gothic Halloween tablescape

After a final inspection I pulled the flowers down a little bit more towards the eyes and it made all the difference. What do you think of this Floral Skull Centerpiece? It's so easy I think you ought to give it a try! And when you do please share. We love to see your work.

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Easy DIY Floral Skull Centerpiece Tutorial

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  1. Beth

    So cool! Your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow! This is definitely a centerpiece I’m going to do for Halloween!

  2. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I love how you just stuck the flowers in the foam head. So much better than to use a plastic head. It’s a very clever decoration.

  3. Carolina

    What an amazing centerpiece. It is beautiful and spooky at the same time. Love it!

  4. Emily

    Love this! I have never thought of using a skull as a vase, but it makes a great Halloween centerpiece!

  5. Susan-Sugarpartiesla

    What. A super fun and easy diy ! The fact the skill is foam makes it so much more easier to add floral. Great share Bri.

  6. Lori Goldman

    That is gorgeous!!!! And your whole Halloween table and other decor is amazing too! I love it all.

  7. Jennifer Digiacomo

    This floral skull centerpiece is so fun and the perfect focal point for any Halloween party!

  8. Jackie

    This is the perfect centerpiece idea to last all season!

  9. Lori

    What a beautiful and spooky centerpiece!! I love the idea!

  10. Holly

    Such a cool centerpiece! I love using faux floral too and definitely great to get the stems on sale!

  11. Jordan Hansen

    Love it Bri! What a great way to add some creepy but elegant style for a Halloween dinner party!


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