Blood Bags for Halloween Dinner Party
September 26, 2020
Blood bags for Halloween spaghetti dinner by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Blood Bags for Halloween Dinner Party

Blood bags for Halloween dinner is a spooky thought! Halloween spaghetti is a meal that everyone loves and only takes a few extra minutes to prepare than usual.

So add this to your list if you're looking to make your Halloween dinner extra special spooky this year!

Halloween spaghetti dinner with blood bags by Salt Lake Party Stylist

13 Days of Halloween Inspiration

Welcome to the the 13 Days of Halloween Inspiration! Jordan from Jordan's Easy Entertaining and I are bringing you great ideas everyday! Today is Day 11 and all about HALLOWEEN DINNER IDEAS! Join us each day for more Halloween decor, food, and tablescape ideas.

Spaghetti Blood Bags Supplies

Spaghetti sauce, food pouch, and mini funnel on table

These blood bags are created from reusable food pouches I already had on hand for my kids school lunches. They are great for serving applesauce, yogurt, smoothies……and BLOOD! Here's what you need:

Blend the Blood

Filling Halloween Blood bag with spaghetti sauce with funnel

This is like a reverse centrifuge! 🤣 That's so gross, I'm sorry.🤢

But most spaghetti sauce has little chunks of tomato and that doesn't work in these spouts. So your first task is to blend your sauce until nice and smooth. Then use a tiny funnel or large syringe to add sauce to the pouch.

Pull out the bottom and try to get a little air inside to break the vacuum and help the sauce slide down.

Fill the Blood Bags

Spaghetti sauce in pouches for Halloween blood bags

If using the funnel I recommend a bamboo skewers to help get the sauce through. It's much faster than relying on gravity alone. I tap, tap the bottom on the counter, then plunge, plunge with the skewer.

I filled about 3 funnels worth and it takes a couple minutes PER pouch so do this at least a day before your dinner.

It doesn't look like they are very full but remember these are single serving sauces for a single meal. You'll waste a lot of sauce if you fill them up all the way.

Print a Blood Bag Label

Printable blood bag labels for Halloween

These blood bag labels were so fun to make and are SO versatile. I'm using them for spooky spaghetti of course but I keep thinking of other great ways to serve them for other Halloween themed dinner ideas like:

Affix Blood Bag Labels

Blood bags for Halloween spaghetti dinner by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Before you add your labels you need to decide how you want to serve these. The sauce should be warmed in a hot water bath. Paper labels will be ruined so there are a couple options:

  • Warm the bags, dry them quickly THEN add the label just prior to serving
  • OR Print the labels on the optional Waterproof Label Paper and heat the whole thing

Either way print and cut the blood bag labels and have them ready to go way in advance of your dinner. Anything you can do to reduce last minute scrambling.

Pasta Alfredo Option

Pouch of Alfredo sauce with a Plasma sticker for Halloween dinner

Not everyone loves tomato based sauces or you might want to try something different. So I also created this equally creepy Plasma Bag label.

You can really serve anything for dinner as long as you give it a Halloween themed name!

Spooky Spaghetti Halloween Dinner

Halloween spaghetti dinner with blood bags by Salt Lake Party Stylist

To serve up your Halloween spaghetti, cook noodles as usual. {unless you'd like to dye them black or purple for a little extra fun!} Then serve them up on a plate with 2 meatballs with olive slices and bits of cheese for the eyeballs!

Add some bone breadsticks and french cut green beans near the “mouth”. Yuck! With a little imagination any meal can turn into a spooky Halloween dinner! You can even eat it with kitchen utensils for an added level of fun like our annual Crazy Spaghetti dinners!

If you do serve up a little marinara in blood bags for Halloween, I'd love to see it. And if you share, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work!

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Blood bags for Halloween spaghetti dinner by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Day 11 Halloween Dinner Ideas

I hope you love our spooky spaghetti dinner! Now check out these Monster sandwiches from Jordan's Easy Entertaining!

More Great Halloween Food Ideas:

Day 12: Join us again tomorrow for Halloween Party Table Ideas

Blood bags for Halloween spaghetti dinner by Salt Lake Party Stylist


  1. Natalie Mayhew

    The printables are a super cute addition

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you so much. They made it feel all too real!


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