Dragon Veggie Tray – Healthy Dragon Party Food
September 22, 2021
Dragon veggie tray and Dragon eyes for Dragon Party

Dragon Veggie Tray – Healthy Dragon Party Food Ideas

A Dragon veggie tray!? Why not? I have actually been imagining this healthy dragon party food option ever since we had our Medieval Knight Dinner Party. Dragons and knights just seem to go together don't they?

As I've thought about it, there are dragons in our favorite Harry Potter books. Check out the pic for this “Chinese Fireball”. But dragons also feature prominently in “How to Train your Dragon”, “Raya and the Last Dragon”, and our favorite little Halloween story “Room on The Broom“. Not to mention being a super awesome food/decoration for Chinese New Year!

So have I convinced you yet to try a dragon veggie tray of your very own?

Dragon veggie platter for dragon party by Salt Lake party stylist
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Simple Dragon Veggie Tray Ingredients

Red orange and yellow ingredients for edible dragon

You ‘ll need your favorite veggies in the appropriate colors. I chose to model my tray after the red dragon in Room on the Broom. But because red veggies are limited, I chose to create more of a charcuterie board and mix in some meat and crackers with my vegetables. If you go with a green dragon your options will be greater!

Red foods:

  • Red bell pepper (for body and ear)
  • Red grape tomatoes (for body) – and yes, I realize these are technically a fruit but for this purpose we are keeping it savory
  • Radishes or beet slices (for body)
  • Beef jerky (for body)
  • Beet chips (for body)
  • Tomato Blue corn chips (for neck spikes)

*For more red food options check out the full list on Red Food Fruit Heart

Orange Veggies:

  • Orange bell pepper (for fire and teeth)
  • Orange cherry tomatoes (for fire)
  • Carrots (for fire)

*There are also red & orange goldfish crackers if some of the veggies aren't super popular.

Yellow Veggies

  • Yellow bell pepper (for fire and eyeball)

Details in Black:

  • Olives (for nostril and pupil)

Optional Green Veggies:

  • Broccoli
  • Snap Peas
  • Celery
  • Green bell pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Edamame
  • Pickled asparagus or okra
  • Pickles

Supplies necessary:

Dragon Veggie Tray Tutorial

To make it easier to follow I've gathered up the photos and created this single image to save and use as a simple guide. For some of you this is all you'll need. If that's the case – print it, save it, pin it, and you're good to go.

But if you feel like you'd like a little more direction I'm happy to walk you through each step.

Dragon veggie tray step by step tutorial by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Create the Dragon Head

Creating a dragon with grape tomatoes on tray

First things first, line your desired serving tray with wax paper to protect it from the cut veggies. I got these trays at IKEA a few years ago and I love them.

Next clean your vegetables with some fruit and veggie spray wash to remove any potential pesticides, wax, and dirt before

Using small pieces of your desired vegetable start creating the shape of the jaws and head. You'll want the mouth to be open if it will be spitting fire and there's a little bump at the end of the nose for the nostrils.

Create the Dragon Ear

Red bell pepper dragon ear

Using a slice of red pepper, cut off a rounded section. Use the curved bottom portion as the end of the ear and trim the top down into a slight curve. Then, with a knife trim small crescent cuts to create the feathered look of fur.

Build Up Veggie Dragon Head

Dragon veggie tray process

After the top of your dragon head is built use your straight edge veggies like peppers to create a line to follow and create the remainder of the head. You don't even need to keep this line, it just a guide for adding the rest of your ingredients. Leave the peppers, or replace with something else.

Fill in and Give it a Mane

Dragon veggie tray process

I chose to replace the bottom section with beef jerky and took out some tomatoes and replaced them with radishes cut in quarters. These radishes are pretty mild but might be too spicy for the average kiddo.

Use your extra cut veggies, meat, and crackers to fill in the holes so your tray doesn't show. The only exception are the tomatoes. They work much better in a single layer. It's almost impossible to keep them from rolling when stacked.

Now build up the eye area so there's a bump on top of the head and use the tortilla chip triangles down the neck as spikes or mane.

Fire Breathing Veggie Dragon

Dragon veggie tray for Dragon Party

Now that your dragon veggie head is complete it's time to add the details. Use a yellow pepper and olive slice for the eye. Another olive half-round for the nostril, and orange pepper triangles for the teeth inside the mouth.

For the fire, add your orange veggies inside the mouth just a little bit. The orange sun gold tomatoes worked perfectly here and transitioned into the carrots which take on a very flame like appearance when staggered like this.

Your finishing touch is a layer of orange pepper spikes around the edge and yellow pepper spikes on the very outside. It may seem like overkill to use both colors in the fire but it makes a big difference in the overall dynamic of the art. {refer to tutorial images above to see the difference}

Serve Dragon Veggie Tray

Dragon veggie tray and Dragon eyes for Dragon Party

Now that your dragon veggie tray is done, take a minute to pat yourself on the back, snap a few photos and get ready to serve it with a side of ranch dressing and some dragon eye deviled eggs! The hard part is over. Now you just need to decide WHICH event you're going to make it for. Harry Potter party? Dragon Movie night? Halloween party? Medieval Dinner? Chinese New Year? Check out out full menu for the Room on the Broom Halloween dinner we did!

Whatever you decide to make it for, I hope you enjoy making your Dragon veggie tray as much you like eating it! If you do try one I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Dragon party food - fearsome veggie tray by Salt Lake party stylist

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