Room on the Broom Book Party Ideas
September 15, 2021
Room on the Broom book display for Halloween

A Room on the Broom book is a MUST HAVE for Halloween. It's a favorite of ours STILL, even though my kids are getting older. It comes in a book and a cute little film. This combo makes it perfect to use as a theme for a Halloween dinner party. Keep reading for decor examples, menu suggestions, and even a Room on the Broom craft idea.

Room on the Broom Halloween party by Salt Lake party stylist
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13 Days of Halloween

It is Day 2 of the annual “13 Days of Halloween ideas” with Jordan at Jordan's Easy Entertaining. I’ll be posting new Halloween ideas Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays all month long. This year the theme is MAGICAL BOOKS and I'll share tips for a Room on the Broom Halloween party as well as Harry Potter inspired Halloween ideas.

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Room on the Broom Book

Room on the Broom book display for Halloween

Room on the Broom is a sweet little story of an inclusive witch and some great teamwork from a group of new friends against a menacing dragon. Each new friend helps he find something she lost and then they work together to create a potion spell to solve a problem. I love it when the underdog wins and this has a great outcome.

If you don't have a copy of your own yet, you can snag it here: Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom Characters

Room on the Broom book display for Halloween

In the story the witch loses several of her items in the wind while she and the cat fly on her broom. Each time she stops to retrieve it, she finds a new friend who'd like to join she and the cat. Our new friends include a dog, bird, frog, and then a fearsome red dragon.

To keep the book characters alive, represent each of them on the table with something significant.

  • Witch: her broom, hat, hair bow, and star wand
  • Cat: A black glitter cat also coordinates with the Black Cat Table for our dinner, the book shows a tabby cat but the loose interpretation allows a continuous design from display to table. Any cat themed item would work.
  • Dog: A bowl holds Dog bone biscuits.
  • Bird: A black bird in a cage stands in for her green feathered friend
  • Frog: A little ceramic frog statue
  • Dragon: He will show up in the menu a little further down….

Room on the Broom Book Details

Cauldron cupcake, frog, broom, and wand on Halloween table

You can see the ceramic frog I picked up at Dollar Tree. He was originally for a Little Blue Truck themed luncheon and has come in handy a few times.

A black ceramic cauldron with a potion cupcake represents the magical teamwork at the end. Although that potion looks a little bit different!

And of course purple striped straws and paper star make easy witch wands. I cut the stars using my Cricut Explore Air 2 but you can also hand cut stars to tape on straws.

Chocolate candy brooms

For some edible chocolate witch brooms, these purple Godiva Chocolate Domes are perfect! With the beautiful wrapping all it takes is an added toothpick for a nice little tasty broom. Plus they really do taste good!

*PSA* Do NOT purchase these from Amazon unless necessary. They are ridiculously expensive. Check your local grocery store or Walgreens first. But I've linked to them so you can see the packaging.

Room on the Broom Spell and Potion

Dog bone cookies for Halloween table

The dog bone biscuits are Scooby Snacks made for kids. They are yummy and perfect for any dog theme. I used them as a treat for our Puppy Themed Birthday Party a few years ago too.

Just remember to turn them over and hide the “Scooby” words when you display them! These bones can represent the dog himself but also the item the dog added to the cauldron.

“Find something everyone, throw something in.

Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, ZOOM!”

Witch, Room on the Broom

All the items in the potion include:

  • Witch adds toadstools {make your own edible mushrooms here}
  • Frog adds a lily
  • Cat found a cone
  • Bird adds a twig
  • Dog adds a bone
Witch banner for a Halloween party display table

The paper witch banner and ceramic cauldron held by witch hands aren't necessary but add a little extra interest to the Room on the Broom Book themed table. This cauldron is one of my favorites purchased years ago from Grandin Road, unfortunately they no longer carry it but have a similar cauldron.

Room on the Broom Book Menu

Witch and fries for Halloween dinner party

Our menu is fairly simple but to include our characters we needed a wide variety of items:

For Dinner:

For Dessert:

For Drinks:

  • Tea
  • Dragon Juice
  • Sparkling Purple Grape Juice

Edible Room on the Broom Decor

Halloween treat tower for dinner party

The treats ended up being one of my favorite things! And I love it when the food can double a decor. The pineapple star Fruit wands were a hit and so fun for the kids to cast a few spells over the dinner table.

Strawberry Mushrooms are the cutest and a super fun way to tie in the witch's potion for your menu.

Finally the “Mud Monster” dark chocolate pudding cups tied it all together. Whip up your favorite pudding, ours is Godiva Dark Chocolate, then top with some Oreo crumbles and a few Halloween sprinkles for good measure.

Room on the Broom book inspired desserts

A photo of my actual treat plate the night of our dinner party. The only other addition are the “witch finger” grapes you can find in specialty grocery stores around Halloween. They are very sweet and so yummy. I highly recommend spending the extra money on cool grapes! You can read a little more about this special grape variety here.

And have you ever tried a “Cotton Candy” grape!? SUPER sweet.

Room on the Broom Craft

Room on the Broom book display for Halloween

Keep the party going by making a Room on the Broom themed project. Create your own potion by cutting out pictures of each potion ingredient {mushrooms, lily flower, twigs, pinecones, and bones} and gluing them onto a paper cauldron. You could even add real twigs and mini pinecones for a fun 3D effect.

A Successful Dinner Party

Witch and fries for Halloween dinner party

We had a ton of fun with this little Book themed dinner party. Room on the Broom is such a sweet story and I highly recommend both the book AND the movie. It's short enough you can watch it AFTER trick or treating and still get the kiddos in bed at a reasonable hour.

If you host a Room on the Broom Book themed Halloween party, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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13 Days of Halloween

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