Fruit Wand: Room on the Broom Wand
September 17, 2021
Star shaped Fruit Wands on a plate

Fruit Wand: Room on the Broom Wand Healthy How To

Every witch needs a wand and this fruit wand is no exception! The perfect accessory for a witch, wizard, fairy, or princess. It's also a delicious and healthy Halloween treat for kids. We added these pineapple fruit wands to our book themed “Room on the Broom” menu since they look just like the Room on the Broom wand. Keep reading to see how easy they are make!

Pineapple star wand fruit magic
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13 Days of Halloween

Its Day 3 of the annual “13 Days of Halloween ideas” with Jordan at Jordan's Easy Entertaining. I’ll be posting new Halloween ideas Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays all month long. This year the theme is MAGICAL BOOKS and I'll share tips for a Room on the Broom Halloween party as well as Harry Potter inspired Halloween ideas.

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Simple Fruit Wand Ingredients

Pineapple for fruit witch wand

This is seriously the easiest fruit wand you'll ever make! You'll need:

Slice Pineapple

Slices of pineapple on cutting board

Don't worry about the pineapple skin – this will be trimmed as you cut your stars. But you may want to salvage the leftovers for a smoothie or homemade pineapple popsicle. You want your slices roughly 3/4-1″ thick. They need to be thick enough for the skewer to hold firm and not break the fruit.

Cut your Stars

Star cookie cutter on pineapple slice

Now that the slices are cut, use the Cookie Cutter to cut a pineapple star from the center of each slice. If the cutter doesn't go all the way through or cut as clean as you'd like, use a knife to trim the edges around the star.

*Note: You will retain the pineapple core in the star. Just let your little people know to bite all around the center circle. Pineapple cores are usually too tough and woody for eating.

Prepare Your Skewers

Straws and skewers for fruit wands

If you purchase the 6″ skewers you will not need to take this step. If you head to the drawer with the BBQ stuff and grab the 12″ skewers….you definitely need to trim them about the length of the straw!

Insert Skewers for Fruit Wand

Star shaped pineapple on skewer

After your stars are cut and skewers ready, poke one skewer into each star until it's firmly embedded into the core.

*Note: Hold the bottom edge with your fingers to give support and prevent cracking when threading the skewer.

Add Straws and Enjoy Your Fruit Wand!

Pineapple star fruit wands for Halloween

After your skewer is in place simply slide the straw up and press firmly into the pineapple. The straws should stay in place, mine did. But if you are concerned with young children dropping their pineapple fruit wand you can add a little glue inside of the straw before threading it.

Witch wand of star shaped pineapple

Now try a spell with your fruit wand! See if you can create a fancy new broom, conjure potion, or cast a spell!

Room on the Broom Wand

Halloween treat tower for dinner party

If you DO decide to read the book and make Room on the Broom part of your Halloween celebration this year, these fruit wands make the perfect addition to the menu! Also check out how easy these darling strawberry mushrooms are to make!

If you make a Room on the Broom Wand, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Pineapple Star Fruit Wand Room on the Broom Party

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