20+ Simple Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations
March 27, 2024
Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation school lobby decorations

Simple Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

Who doesn't love Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Door decorations!? I'm so excited to show off the awesome doors for our teacher appreciation, it's a “Magical Morningside” theme, heavy on Harry Potter wizardry. Check out all 20+ doors/decor for some easy inspiration.

Seeker of Knowledge Teacher appreciation door decoration
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What is Teacher Appreciation Week

Raising children is difficult, which is why we have Mother's Day, and Father's Day {and Grandparent's Day} to honor the people in our lives who make the most impact. Teachers, as a group, have a significant impact on our children, which is also a difficult job. So it's not surprising they've earned their own day…..wait, actually it's a week!

There's a National Teacher Day in May with a corresponding National Teacher Appreciation Week, but local school districts vary on when to honor their educators. Ours is typically in April and we have a GREAT time saying thank you.

Since they still have to work through the week, this event is about teachers being SEEN, honored, and celebrated. There are typically Four parts to the event:

  1. Door Decorating: The school and each door are decorated to match a theme chosen by the PTA Presidency. Parents volunteer to decorate a door of their choosing the Friday before Teacher Appreciation Week begins.
  2. Special Food: Daily Snacks in the break room and a special luncheon mid-week. Extra points for on-theme snacks!
  3. Extra Time: Parent volunteers take over lunch and recess duty for the week to give teachers a chance to catch up, or just take a break.
  4. Thank You Gifts: Our school has parents donate $10 gift cards for the teachers to various locations like Target, Starbucks, and Walmart. Individual students often bring cards and small tokens of their appreciation as well.

So there you go. I love sending little gifts and thank you notes to the teachers. I'm in awe of their hard work and SO grateful. I've got a whole collection of teacher thank you cards in the shop if you need something to gift this year.

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Week Theme

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Welcome Sign

Welcome everyone and introduce the theme on the school lobby bulletin board.

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation school lobby decorations

With super cute details like this Hogwart's Express and Platform 9-3/4 Sign. The brick wall is made using a roll of kraft paper, red paint, and a sponge used as a stamp.

Get the Look:

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation school lobby decorations

Then display some fun decoration items:

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation school hallway decorations

Themed office decor like these fireplace letters make the hallways super fun.

Get the Look:

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

Fireplace letters - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Don't worry about what other people are doing. It's okay if they have a similar theme. We've got another fireplace with letters on the door and it works great! Substitute a photo of your teacher instead of the Dursley family.

Teacher Door Decorations – I Solemnly Swear

I solemnly swear brick wall Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

“I solemnly swear we are learning in here” door. It can be partial – some teachers prefer to still see out of the window.

I solemnly swear Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Or it can be the full door. I love using the footprints with the kids names.

Flying Keys Door Appreciation Decorations

Flying Keys - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

This brown paper door with drawn wood slats is an awesome way to welcome teachers to the faculty lounge. Add a couple black hinges and a lot of flying keys. Use wax paper for sheer wings and cut out pretty gold keys.

Winged Handprint Keys Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Or you can personalize the winged keys by using student hands as the wings and affix real metal keys. Each child wrote why their teacher is the best!

Quidditch Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

Seekers of knowledge - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Quidditch has a whole host of fun names to use. This one creates “Seekers” of knowledge and each student's name is written on a little broomstick with a large 3D broomstick attached under 3 quidditch goal posts and a waiting snitch. This is MY door.

Harry Potter themed teacher gift idea - Thank you for making me a Seeker of Knowledge

I designed it after the Seeker of Knowledge Thank You cards I created with the same phrase.

A real Keeper Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

This door uses the golden snitches for student names and plays up the “Keeper”. But I definitely love the wordplay of “Let's get Sirius”!

Hogwarts Silhouette Door Decorations

House Flags - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Simple castle silhouettes make a beautiful backdrop for magical learning.

Learning here is magical - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

I love the simplicity of this door.

Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

And we've got the same phrase with a different graphic. A stylized Harry Potter door decoration is a fun and easy!

Harry Potter Teacher Door Decorations

Fortune Telling - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Whoo owl - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

“I Solemnly Swear

Special Classroom Door Decorations

The Art Classroom

Daily Prophet - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Art Classroom gets creative with this awesome take on the Daily Prophet with a nod to Sirius Black's ongoing manhunt coverage.

The Technology Classroom

Wizard hat and stars - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation extra door

Even rooms without a dedicated teacher were decorated by our amazing PTA members! This simple but fun wizard hat and wand with all the sparks and stars is definitely magical.

The Library

Open the magic - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation library door

Don't forget the library! I love all the magic pouring from this book!

Special Program Classroom – French Immersion

French class - Harry Potter Teacher Appreciation door

Enter at your own risk – Crossing this door with result in speaking French. And “wand” is translated to “Baguette magique” hence the teacher holding a bread baguette! Super clever and really fun! Hooray for French Immersion.

Magical Education Appreciation

Which of these Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations are your favorite? If you try one yourself, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

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Harry Potter themed teacher appreciation door and decoration ideas

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