Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea
May 6, 2019
for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

Cherry On Top Thank you Tag for an inexpensive teacher appreciation giftInexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

A great teacher is the Cherry on Top! If you're looking for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift idea you've come to the right place. I LOVE our teachers. My kids have had amazing teachers that do so much more than I could ever do with them at home. For you home schooling mamas…..I salute you! Teaching is dang hard. So let's give them all a well deserved thank you!


To support education. To give thanks. To serve those that serve our little ones.

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What is a Good Gift For a Teacher?

Strawberry themed treats on strawberry printed paper for berry sweet summer teacher gift

Our Berry Sweet gift for a teacher that didn't eat candy last year

When you start, it's nice to have an idea of what your teacher likes or needs. Our school collects a list from each teacher of their favorite drink, food, restaurant, color, treat, place to shop, hobby, etc. It really helps narrow it down. If your school doesn't provide that information you can just ask your teacher for it. I'm sure they'd be happy to share. And then pass the idea along to your PTA Presidency. Anything that makes Teacher Appreciation Week easier is better for them!

What does Teacher Appreciation Week do?

So what's Teacher Appreciation Day or week all about anyway!? It's an organized week where students take a minute to honor their teachers. Here's what it looks like at our school:

  • Room Parents Decorate the classroom doors on Friday after teachers go home
  • Monday: wear your teacher's favorite color
  • Tuesday: bring a needed supply for the classroom
  • Wednesday: take your teacher's favorite treat
  • Thursday: We're crazy about our teachers….crazy hair day
  • Friday: Mustang pride! Wear the school colors

Where to Get Teacher Appreciation Gift?

If you are on the hunt for inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas start at your local dollar spot, dollar store, and craft store sales. A thoughtful gift your teacher will love can still be affordable. The only challenge with these places is that item stock is small and seasonal so if you see it – BUY IT! Otherwise you'll be spending triple for just the right thing.

Pretty Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gift Supplies

Pedicure kit supplies for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

You're a pretty sweet teacher….with a cherry on top!  This sweet little ice cream gift “sundae” is made up of items to pamper your favorite teacher.


Step 1: Add Filler to the Ice Cream Sundae Cup

for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

If you're using crinkle paper scoop it into your cup to line the bottom. If your cup is glass you'll want to line the sides and perhaps use an iridescent mix since it'll be seen.

Step 2: Arrange Your Spa Goodies

for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

Pampering your teacher is the best way to go and these simple spa pedicure goodies are just the ticket. {Not shown: nail polish…..whoops!} Place each item down inside the cup, making sure to line the edges with crinkle paper or tissue paper if using a clear container.

Step 3: Place Bath Puff on Top

for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

Once all the goodies are tucked inside, place the bath puff on top and tuck in the edges to keep it from falling off. I really liked these multicolored options from Dollar Tree because the center white spot looks like whipped cream. But if you can't find these {they are seasonal} you can always glue dot a white mini puff on top.

Step 4: Add the Cherry & Straw

for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

You can't have an ice cream sundae without a cherry on top! Then add a cute straw to finish it off. Can I just say how in love I am with these cherries!? They look pretty real, real enough that my three year old snagged the bag and tried to eat them! Luckily he stopped before swallowing.

Step 5: Print and Cut Thank You Tags

Affordable Spa Sundae Teacher Gift Ideas

SHOP: Cherry on Top Gift Tags

Print out and cut the cherry on top thank you tags. Punch a small hole in the corner and tie it on, or attach to the side of the sundae.

Gift your Teacher Appreciation Sundae

for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift

And just like that it's ready to go. All smiles AND a cherry on top! What could be better than that!? Let's spoil our teachers this year. Whether you're looking for a Christmas, Thanksgiving, or end of the year teacher thank you gift, this inexpensive teacher appreciation gift has you covered! Make sure you let you teacher know that they are pretty sweet…..with a cherry on top!

If you make a spa sundae teacher gift basket for the end of year, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

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Cherry On Top Thank you Tag for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift
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