Star Wars Birthday Party Feature
May 5, 2018
Table with pool noodles and all the supplies necessary to create a DIY Light Saber for a Star Wars Birthday Party

Pinterest collage for a Star Wars Birthday Party

Feature Friday: Star Wars Birthday Party

May the Fourth be with you!! ….and happy Feature Friday! You know I'm not the biggest fan of character parties. I have several reasons for this but I'm also not going to tell you that your child can't celebrate their all time favorite movie or character in style. Today's feature comes from Brooke of Brooklyn Berry Designs. An interior designer and lifestyle blogger, She was fortunate enough to be a guest at this amazing Star Wars Birthday Party and wanted to share the amazingness with all of us! So Thank YOU Brooke!! This kicks off an entire month of character parties so I hope you enjoy it.

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Star Wars Birthday Party

My friend Chelsea is so incredibly talented and a DIY girl after my own heart. When I saw her son’s Star Wars birthday party I begged her to share the pictures of the party setup. {we are so glad you did!!} A lot of the decorations she made on her own, but I was able to find similar tutorials and free printables online. Filled with fun Star Wars props and characters, creative sweets and awesome balloon creations; this first birthday celebration is a party game changer, that will surely help defeat the Dark Side, once and for all!

Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations

Star Wars Birthday Party Invitationd in the shape of a light saber.

The light saber invitations pull out of the handle to share all the awesome party details. As if the light saber wasn't fun enough, Yoda's verbiage makes it all the more exciting.

Star Wars Birthday Decor & Party Food

Party table with black background, happy birthday banner, and storm trooper balloons for a Star Wars Birthday Party

The food table a simple but so fun. A black table cover backdrop and matching table laid out with white decor. The happy birthday banner was made on an electronic cutting machine and storm trooper balloons made using a storm trooper template and drawn on with a black sharpie.

Star Wars Menu

Bowl of Teddy Grahams with food label "edible Ewoks" for Star Wars Birthday Party

With a little imagination, and fabulous food labels, you can create a themed menu from just about anything! Free printable food labels and more menu ideas are available at Over The Big Moon. She also includes editable labels for your own ideas.

  • Hoth Dogs
  • Millenium Falcorn
  • Vader Taters
  • Edible Ewoks
  • Dark Side Ice cream Cake

Bowl of chips with a label "Vader Taters" for a Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Party Table

Table set with black cover, plates, light sabor napkin rings, and R2D2 cups for a Star Wars Birthday Party

These cute R2D2 cups are inspired by a tutorial on Catch My Party by the talented Mikie M. Instead of ordering plastic cups as shown in the tutorial, the printable wrappers fit perfectly on paper cups as well. The light saber napkins are another easy DIY paper project that brings more FORCE to the table! You can snag the light saber handle printables by Mikie M also on Catch My Party.

Star Wars Party Activities

Table with pool noodles and all the supplies necessary to create a DIY Light Saber for a Star Wars Birthday Party

The kids made their own light sabers with pool noodles and duct tape.  The light sabers were the hit of the party, and they played a few different games with them. Check out this DIY Tutorial from Eleven Gables.

Children standing on elevated plank dueling with DIY light sabers at a Star Wars Birthday Party

The favorite being an elevated light saber dueling match. A wooden beam placed on 3 smaller boards created a plank perfect for the battle between good and evil. Including simple obstacles to any activity increases the difficulty level for tweens and teens…..becoming a lot more fun in the process. Little ones can battle on the ground or walk a tape line for a little extra challenge.

Star Wars Favor Bags

Personalized party bags all lined up for a Star Wars Birthday Party

The drawstring loot bags were sewn by mom. Using a vinyl cutting machine to make stencils, she cut them out of freezer paper. Next, iron the freezer paper to the bags and use puffy fabric paint to fill in around the stencil, fading the paint out at the edges to achieve the look she's done here. Utilizing both the positive and negative spaces on the stencil allows you to get more mileage out of each cut.

Kids party bags with candy light saber and Lego Darth Vader for a Star Wars Birthday Party

Now what to fill it with? Push pops become light sabers with a little black construction paper and a silver sharpie. And top it off with a little Star Wars LEGO figure for the ultimate party loot!

Star Wars Birthday Party Sources

Feature Party Summary

I love when I get to share other people's creativity! It inspires me and gives me new ideas for themes and projects to create. This party was such a great one. Just enough amazing touches that it came across in full FORCE! A Star Wars Birthday Party may not be in the cards for me but there are so many ways to bring it in. With the never ending movie sequels we will be guaranteed fans for generations to come! You can see a mother's love in the hand made bags and carefully constructed details. That's all I can hope from my own parties….for my children to know how loved they really are! Thank you for sharing Brooklyn! May the 4th be with you! With ALL of you!!

Can I feature YOUR next party?

Have a party you’d like to share? Let us know! We’d love to show off all your hard work for any non-character party you host. The trick is getting some great photos. Ask that talented friend to snap pics of the big day so you can attend to hosting. I feature a new party on the first Friday of every month. With YOUR help I might be able to have a feature every Friday! What do you say? Are you ready to join the Parties With A Cause family? I sure hope so.

Until next time my friend,

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  1. Amanda

    The light sabers invitations are awesome! How do you make them?? Or can I buy them somewhere?

    • Brianna Adams

      My friend made these and doesn’t sell them but I found an option on Etsy that I’ve linked to for you!

  2. Carolina

    We are Star Wars fans here and this is so pretty! Love everything about it!!

  3. Misha

    Boys parties can be tough!! These ideas are all super fabulous!! Those party bags are awesome!!

  4. Beth

    This is awesome! I love kids’ parties that have cool activities—the light saber project is terrific! Luckily they had a big space for the kids to joust!

  5. Susan

    This Star Wars party looked so fun ! Love those baggies.

  6. Erlene

    Omgosh what great ideas! I totally would have done this for my sons when they were little. I love the light saber game and also the food names…too fun! Pinned it.

  7. swood97

    I know grown ups who would love this party! Those Storm Trooper balloons are so fun. You didn’t miss any details to make this party fabulous. I can’t believe the cups are DIY!!

  8. rawsonjl

    What a fun party! My boys are huge Star Wars fans. Pinned.

  9. Sew Crafty Crochet

    Great party! I really like the cups, the light saber push up candy, and the light saber invitations!

  10. em0636667

    What a cute idea, I know a lot of moms that would love this!


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