Simple Valentines Tablescape for an Easy Holiday
February 2, 2022
Valentines Table decor with easy tulip centerpiece

Simple Valentines Tablescape for an Easy Holiday

A simple Valentines tablescape that's also beautiful might seem like a stretch but there are a few tricks to making a table look fabulous without a lot of work. Gather up your Valentine's decor and let's go style a table!

Tulip centerpiece for Valentine's Day tablescape
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Find Your Valentines Inspiration

Place setting for a Valentine's Day dinner party

It's really nice to have a place to start your simple valentines tablescape design. I fell in love with these plates at JoAnn's Fabrics. They aren't even Valentine's Day specific but the “Be Good, Eat Good” message of the napkins spoke to me and our whole platform here at Parties With A Cause.

So whatever you decide to do…..just stick with a common color scheme and I promise you'll be able to make it work.

Layer and Stack Valentines Plates

Place setting for a Valentine's Day dinner party

For the place settings you want to start with a placemat or charger of some kind. I picked these grey ones up at Home Goods a few years ago and love them. Placemats don't take up a lot of space so collect a few different kinds to add to your Hostess stash and you'll be able to pull together a lovely table in no time!

Pulling the grey from the pattern on the plates is a great way to ground them.

Another wonderful way to add pattern and texture to the table is by using different kinds of plates. I love printed paper plates for that reason but there are other more eco-friendly options just as wonderful like these heart shaped pressed palm plates or these fully compostable scalloped bamboo plates. Read on here for more eco-friendly party ideas.

You can even layer a printed paper plate on top of regular dishes. I have a set of white dishes that can mix and match with everything.

It's really nice if you're eating in courses to have options for:

  • Salad or Appetizer plate
  • Dinner plate
  • Dessert plate

Simple Valentines Tablescape Runner

Simple Valentines tablescape by Salt Lake City party stylist

A table runner is a must have for a beautifully designed tablescape. It can come on different shapes, sizes, and textures but the important thing is to ground the center of the table. To draw your eye to the centerpiece and make the table feel full.

This simple doily decor is made of Dollar Tree paper doilies in different sizes layered on top of each other to create a full runner. You can see that the runner isn't perfectly straight, the round sides and different sizes lend to an organic shape.

You can then enhance the runner with a paper garland like this XO banner and a few springs of eucalyptus leaves and heart shaped ornaments.

Get this look:

Simple Valentines Centerpiece

Tulip centerpiece for Valentine's Day tablescape

A clear vase and a bunch of pink tulips are all you need for a stunning centerpiece. This is actually two bunches of tulips from Trader Joe's. Cut them down shorter than you think because tulips are a magical flower that keeps growing even when cut! Your arrangement will change over time. It's pretty cool to watch.

Curl the bottom leaves in and tuck the points so you have a nice looped base. Then add some curly willow sticks or even branches from the yard to give it additional texture.

**Placing the vase inside another larger vase filled with conversation hearts would be super cute too!

Tulip centerpiece for Valentine's Day tablescape

There's just something about fresh flowers that makes everything happier, don't you think? Go ahead and add a fun bottled drink to the table as well in your perfect color scheme. I love Izze sodas as they actually have juice, not just sugar.

A Few Simple Valentines Extras

Wooden hutch decorated for Valentine's Day dinner party

If you have another counter in the dining room like a buffet or hutch like mine, why not add a little Valentine's bling? A LOVE marquee is a great way to go and I use them all the time. Or you can simply use a Love script balloon for the same impact with less to store!

Drape a few twinkle lights over the furniture piece, add some signs, flower, or balloons and you've got a darling little corner in which to serve your food.

Get the Look:

Valentines Christmas Tree?

White tree decorated for Valentine's Day

I picked up this collapsable tree to decorate for Halloween actually and it's been such a fun piece to have around. Decorate a little pencil tree like this one for Valentine's with ribbon, tulle fabric, and heart ornaments.

Get the look:

Simple Valentines Tablescape Overview

Simple Valentines tablescape by Salt Lake City party stylist

I always love overhead shots of decorated tables and I hope you enjoy this one too. It's so fun to see all the little pieces come together. There's one thing conspicuously missing from these place settings though?

Can you see what's missing?

Family Valentine's Traditions

Spaghetti plate for Valentine's dinner party

It's the utensils! We have a few Valentine's Day traditions to make the holiday special in our family and one of them is a Crazy Spaghetti dinner! Where we eat spaghetti with large kitchen utensils instead of regular forks.

The kids always choose tongs as they are the easiest large utensil to work with! I got stuck with a slotted spoon this year however, and let me tell you…'s NOT easy to eat spaghetti with a large spoon! ūü§£

Dining tablescape for a Valentines Day dinner party

Another fun tradition is adding the helium balloons. I have been tying a Valentine balloon to the back of their chairs for years now! Dollar Tree has great options and Zurchers {if you're in the Mountain West} has an awesome heart balloon sale every year at Valentine's too. You can read about the other fun Valentine's Traditions our family does to make the holiday more special here.

Simple Valentines Tablescape Ideas

Tulip centerpiece for simple Valentines tablescape

I hope you enjoyed these simple Valentines tablescape ideas and found a few easy items you can use for your own family this year.

If you do try a tablescape I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Simple Valentine Tablescape ideas by Salt Lake City party stylist
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Simple Valentines tablescape by Salt Lake City party stylist


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