Ornaments for Halloween Tree – Mini Witch Broom
September 17, 2020
Fun ornaments on a Halloween tree

Mini Witch Broom Ornaments for Halloween Tree

Mini witch broom ornaments are a MUST have for any Halloween Tree! Wait, what? You DON'T have a Halloween tree!? Well, it's time to fix that and get you all set up for this year's festivities.

Halloween tree decorations don't have to be expensive or time consuming. If you've ever wondered how to make mini witch brooms…..I've got you covered!

Halloween tree mini witch broom ornaments by Salt Lake Party Stylist

13 Days of Halloween Inspiration

It’s DAY 5 of our 13 Days of Halloween inspiration and today we’ve got DIY HALLOWEEN DECOR. Jordan from Jordan's Easy Entertaining and I are bringing you great ideas everyday! These mini witch broom ornaments make the perfect decorations for a Halloween tree! And don't forget to join us each day for more fun Halloween menu, craft, decor, and tablescape ideas.

A tree is such a fun piece of holiday decor whether it's a woodland Christmas, dreamy Valentine's, or hoppy Easter. Why not get in the spirit of tree decorating early with these fun Ornaments for Halloween tree!

Mini Witch Broom Supplies

Halloween tree decorations don't have to be complicated and you can't get much easier than these mini witch broom ornaments! You can use some real twigs from a tree in your backyard, or snip the stems off a few artificial flowers for long lasting handles that won't shed.

For the bristles you can use natural colored raffia or twine and some neutral cording to tie it all on.

Now that you've gathered all your materials, trim your broomstick to length. {I like 5-6″ sticks} Make sure you leave at least 1-1/2″ at the end for attaching the bristles.

Then, cut 18-20 pieces of 4″ pieces of jute twine PER mini witch broom.

Glue Bristles to Witch Broom Stick

Once all your jute twine is cut, add hot glue lines all around the stem as you add the bristles. *HOWEVER, if you add all the glue at one time like this photo it will cool and harden before you can get the twine attached! *

Press twine into the glue until set and continue adding twine evenly so the broomstick is no longer visible.

Finish Wrapping With Cord

Mini witch broom ornament

With all the bristles glued on tight, now's the time to tie broom off with a nice tight wrapping of thin flax cord. It will help tame the fly away bristles and give it a nice finished look.

Measure approximately 6″ of cord. Place the end of cord in a dot of hot glue near the top and wrap 16-18 times around down toward the bristles. Pushing each wrap tight into the previous one, then finish it off by tucking the final end of cord into another dot of glue at the bottom.

Your Finished DIY Mini Witch Broom

Now that your first mini witch broom is done you can test it out! I love using stiff twine cause it helps the brooms stand up on their own and takes me back to the magic marching brooms of Fantasia!

Halloween Tree Decorations

Fun ornaments on a Halloween tree

With several mini witch broom ornaments completed you can now add them to your Halloween tree decorations. I simply used a little more flax cord to tie them onto the tree.

How to Make a Halloween Tree

Pencil tree dressed up in cute ornaments for Halloween

If you're wondering how to make a Halloween tree it's quite easy!

  1. First, find a great tree. I love these little spiral tinsel trees that fold completely flat for storage!
  2. Then, pick up some ribbon to wrap loosely around, this was 2 rolls of ribbon {Dollar Tree}
  3. Next, add your larger ornament like the black mansions {Dollar Tree} and DIY mini witch brooms
  4. Then, fill in the gaps with glitter balls, mini pumpkins, and creepy spiders in your chosen color scheme. {I picked them ALL up at Dollar Tree}
    • Stay traditional or branch out with your colors. Just keep it consistent by using no more than THREE colors.
  5. Finally, top your tree with a pointy witch hat!

Display Your Halloween Tree Proudly!

Halloween tree mini witch broom ornaments by Salt Lake Party Stylist

If you do try making a few mini witch hat ornaments for your Halloween tree I'd love to see them. And if you share, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

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Witch broom Halloween tree ornament by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Day 5 Halloween Decor

Now take a look at these super cute Halloween Pot Holders Made with A Cricut Joy from Jordan's Easy Entertaining.

Dollar Tree Pot Holder Crafts with Cricut Joy

More Fun Halloween Decor:

Bleeding candles in candelabra for Halloween
Easy Bleeding Candle Halloween Tutorial from Jordan's Easy Entertaining

Day 6: Join us again tomorrow for great Halloween Treat Ideas


  1. Natalie Mayhew

    These seriously make squeal! So freaking adorable! And the tree is fabulous!

    • Brianna Adams

      They’re the easiest thing ever too! Thank you so much! I hope you try some out.


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