Make Valentine’s Day Special
January 20, 2021
Make Valentine's Day special gift

Valentine's Day Special – Happy Valentines Day Family!

Want to make Valentine's Day Special? Try these fun traditions to say “Happy Valentine's Day Family!” Whether you have kids or not, these ideas will make and keep the holiday fun and memorable for years to come!

Create fun memories with Valentine's Day special traditions

Valentine's Day Special Activity Traditions

1: Valentine's Advent Calendar

Valentine's Day special advent countdown

Create your very own advent calendar for Valentine’s Day, and get a sweet surprise each day. Find instructions on how to create this one at Our Kind of Crazy.

2: Family Valentine Game

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share family traditions such as treats, movies, games, and more on this special holiday. The Ottowa Mommy Club plays a “What I Love About You Game” at Valentine's dinner. Go around the table and say what you love about each person. Warning – it might just end in hugs!

3: Make and Give Valentine Cards

Printable cactus valentine's day card

This is an obvious one but one of the oldest traditions of Valentine's Day! Let your kids make simple valentine's or find and print some cute options like this “You're on point” cactus or these “You're a Wheelie good friend” tire tracks for the kids to sign and give away to friends at school or just around the neighborhood.

4: Invite a Special “Guest”

The mom from Healthy Happy Impactful joins the family Valentine's dinner as “Mr. Mustache” wearing a pink mustache and pretends to be a “very important person”. It's fun to get silly sometimes and laugh with your family.

5: Heart Attack Friends and Neighbors

Valentine's hearts on front door for Valentine's Day

Cut hearts and write nice things or draw fun pictures and put them up on the front door of someone special. I like how Natalie of Doodlecraft laminates her hearts so they last even in bad weather!

Pro Tip: Use an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut Maker or the cute little Cricut Joy if you plan to do lots of hearts!

6: “Open When” Letters

Open When....letters as a special Valentine's day gift from the heart

Homemade gifts are the best gifts, that’s why we do it very year. Try this “open when” letter gift. Give advice and encouragement all through the year, not just today. Fun envelopes available from Our Kind of Crazy.

7: Bake & Decorate Valentine Cookies

Homemade sour cream Valentine's Day sugar cookies

Make and decorate these cute Valentine's Day sour cream sugar cookies!! They're a perfect Valentine's Day activity to do with your loved ones. Then package them up and share the love with friends and neighbors! Recipe from Saving Talents

8: Love Note a Day

Personalized Conversation hearts for Valentine's Day

What about a Heart attack that comes on S..L..O..W? Write fun notes on hearts and add a new one to your child's door each day. By Valentine's Day they'll have 14 reasons why they're special.

But feeling special isn't just a family Valentines day idea, this is a great activity for co-workers, spouses, or your best friend!

9: Love Coupons

Printable Love coupons for the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Make Valentine's Day special with these love coupons! Give your partner or kids these coupons every year, and enjoy a tradition that focuses on quality time and togetherness. You can snag these free printable coupons from Healthy Happy Impactful.

10: Valentine's Helium Balloons

Valentine's balloons tied to the back of each chair

Get Valentine's Day balloons from the dollar store and tie one on the back of each chair at the table. It's totally tacky and oh so festive! My kids love it. Some Valentine traditions are worth keeping.

11: Decorate The House

Playing card Queen of Hearts artwork as Valentine's Day mantel decor

This romantic Valentine's day decor is perfect for anywhere in your home but especially fun on the mantel. You can make this Playing card art as a family activity or gift for that “Queen of Hearts” in your life.

Valentine's Day Special Breakfast Ideas

12: Hugs and Kisses Pancake Breakfast

Valentine breakfast with X's and O's

Include these XO Pancakes for your Valentine's Day breakfast traditions to make some wonderful, love-filled memories! From Lovely Indeed.

13: Make a Yummy Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe for Valentine's Day

A yummy and healthy way to get your color is with a strawberry banana smoothie and heart shaped strawberries! Bump up the nutrition even more by adding spinach and a little unsweetened protein powder!

Special Family Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

14: Crazy Spaghetti Dinner

Using pasta spoon to eat Crazy spaghetti dinner - Salt Lake Party Stylist
Last year I got the pasta spoon!

Try my personal family Valentines day dinner tradition of “Crazy Spaghetti”. Where we eat spaghetti with large kitchen utensils! This hilarious dinner is delicious and a guaranteed good time! Although it is definitely messy.

15: Special Lobster Tail Dinner

Lobster tail dinner for Valentine's Day special meal

When it's a special occasion, why not go all out and make a lobster tail dinner? It's sure to be a dinner to remember. If you've never tried cooking lobster there's a great recipe from What a Girl Eats that walks you through each step.

Valentine's Day Special Food

16: Heart Shaped Everything

Heart Shaped Pizza for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day pizza is another fabulous family tradition, often for lunch or the Friday night before Valentine's Day. I mean, what's not to love about a heart shaped pizza?

But it's not just pizza. Use cookie cutters and cut EVERYTHING into hearts. My favorite things to cut: cheese slices, cucumbers, watermelon, sandwiches, and pancakes.

17: Eat Everything Red

red food fruit heart for Valentine's Day by Salt Lake Party stylist

Having your food color coordinated is a great way to make regular food feel really special! Try an easy heart shaped fruit tray for a fabulously healthy Valentine's Day dessert that doesn't mess with your waistline! Check out all the red food ideas here.

18: Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert

Molten chocolate lava cake for Valentine's Day special dessert

Chocolate lava cakes are a Valentine dessert tradition in my own house and this Gluten free version from Living Healthy With Chocolate is my go-to recipe! Shhhh…don't tell my family that's it's healthier cause they haven't noticed.

19: Cakes for Cupid

Lavender pound cake for cupid

Instead of going crazy on lots of holiday candy, serve up one of your family’s favorite cakes instead. Like this Lavender Poundcake from Giggle Living.

Make Valentine's Day Special

Make Valentine's Day special gift

I hope you found some great ways to make Valentine's Day special this year for you and your family!

If you try one or have any Valentine's Day Traditions to add to the list, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Eat well and have fun with Valentine's day special food ideas

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  1. Natalie Mayhew

    I started the heart compliments on doors one this year!

    • Brianna Adams

      Yes! It’s the best. My kids love it. I reuse some of the same hearts each year so save the ones you make. And add a few new ones each year. It saves time and stress!


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