Valentine Food Ideas for Party – Queen of Hearts Royal Inspiration
January 24, 2022

Valentine Food Ideas for Party – Inspired by Queen of Hearts

Valentine foods idea for party success start with simple things. They need to be EASY to eat. Fingerfoods are best for an informal gathering. Valentine party food ideas for adults can include plated meals and a sit down dinner. Alternatively you can provide a buffet with mix of both.

Keep reading for my favorite Valentine's Day Party food ideas and recommended menus.

Valentine food ideas for party by Salt Lake City party stylist

Valentine Party Food Ideas for a Queen

Queen of Hearts theme party buffet

When hosting a party fit for a Queen, a lovely appetizer and dessert buffet is a necessity! Marie Antoinette and French Royalty was the inspiration for this event theme. Little touches like the fleur de lis topped glass bottles and French macaron tower bring a little French culture.

I also love how the Custom Satin Floral backdrop makes it feel like a paneled palace wall! {Did you know it's also available in our Spoonflower shop, just order 2 yards for the full image}

The crowing achievement however are the Amalfi Decor cupcake and tiered stands. Without them the table would have literally fallen flat. Could these stands be any MORE romantic!? I'll help you out. No. They could not!

Queen of Hearts Party Menu

Valentines food ideas for Queen of Hearts party

Serve plated salad and sandwiches to guests at a seated meal, then provide a buffet with additional treats to enjoy throughout the party.

  • APPETIZER: Cranberry brie bites
  • BRUNCH Entree: Quiche or Savory Crepes
  • LUNCH Entree: Chicken salad croissant sandwiches
  • DINNER Entree: Bruschetta Chicken with fingerling potatoes and steamed green beans
  • SALAD: Spinach salad with sugared almonds, sliced strawberries, small pieces of honeycomb, feta cheese crumbles, and poppyseed dressing

Dessert Buffet

  • Blueberry scones and lemon curd
  • Fresh raspberries and cream
  • Macarons – DIY your own with this Macaron tower tutorial
  • Strawberry Cream Cupcakes

Royal Satin Backdrop

Queen of Hearts sign for Valentine Food table

The custom made royal satin backdrop is a perfect detail, makes it feel like you're dining in an actual palace! Now that it's designed you can have it too! Just order 2 yards of satin fabric from Spoonflower for the exact same backdrop I used here. The edges will not be hemmed but it still looks great.

Fleur de lis glass bottles for a royal Valentine food table

I always like to have an inspiration when designing an event. I channeled my inner Marie Antoinette and used some French inspired details like these fleur de lis topped glass bottles. They aren't necessary but add a little extra something. Plus they are so pretty they can be used as home decor or filled with bath salts for your bathroom.

Finger Foods

Valentine food ideas for party

Finger foods are really nice to have when mingling at a party. Makes it so much easier to eat and chat without trying to use utensils to eat your food. My fork always seems to end up on the floor in these situations!

So make your treats and appetizers easy to serve and eat by focusing on mini or tart sized pastries, like these Cranberry Brie bites and mini scones.

Healthy Valentine Food Ideas for Party

Raspberries and cream on Valentine table

You don't need ALL your treats to be healthy, but it's nice to offer a few fresh options for guests with food allergies, or dietary restrictions. Raspberries with out without the cream are a delicious and refreshing dessert treat. You can even offer a non-dairy creamer instead if you know guests are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

Sweet Valentine Food Treats

Macaron tower is great Valentine food for party

Macarons are a delectable french cookie that also happens to be gluten-free. So if you've been stressing about how to feed your cousin with Celiac disease, these gorgeous cookies will do the trick. Create a stunning display with a foam cone, toothpicks, and some patience.

I'll walk you through how to make a Macaron Tower step by step here.

Let Them Eat {cup}Cake!

Strawberry cupcakes on fancy stand

The classic phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette is perfect for a party! Offer up a few flavors of cupcakes. Even grocery store bakery cupcakes, like these strawberry cream and French vanilla, will look fabulous in coordinating cupcake wrappers and a few heart toppers.

They serve them up on this beautiful cupcake stand fit for a queen! If you like fancy, you'll use this stand all the time! I've also used it on my mantel to display flowers.

Vanilla bean cupcake Valentine food for party with printable wrapper and topper

Printable Cupcake wrappers are part of the Royal Valentine Party Set. Using a heart paper punch and toothpicks you can easily recreate these pretty heart toppers with the printable designs.

Queen of Hearts Party Beverages

Valentine drink ideas for party

Look for fun and different drink options with beautiful packaging. The lemon rose water was tasty with a splash of Sprite. Offer up other flavors so people can mix and match.

Bar Cart with Drink Mixers

A Mimosa or non-alcoholic Mockmosa bar is perfect for this type of occasion. Find out how to set up the perfect Mimosa Bar here. {coming soon with pic}

Valentine Food Ideas at a Party fit for a Queen

Which Valentine food ideas for party royals did you like best? If you like the romantic French theme you can really run with it. Or you can play up the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts angle for a more whimsical and fun event.

If you host a Queen of Hearts themed Valentine's party, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Queen of Hearts themed party table

You can get more info on the dinner party table decorations for this Queen of Hearts themed party here.

And the coordinating Queen of Hearts Photo Booth for Valentine's Day is a MUST HAVE for a perfectly cohesive event activity.

Royal Celebration Queen of Hearts by Salt Lake City party stylist

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Valentine food ideas for party by Salt Lake City party stylist
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