Romantic Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor
February 7, 2018
Playing card Queen of Hearts artwork as Valentine's Day mantel decor

 Full February mantel design. Heart and playing card garlands. Queen of hearts artwork. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

I'm on a wildly regal floral and crown kick this year for the month of love. Take a peek at this Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor for your February fireplace inspiration. AND learn how to design a mantel for any season in the process.

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Break it Down:

If you have trouble deciding which Valentine mantel decorations to choose, just shop your house. What do you have in red, pink, and white? Do you already have something that has hearts, or says “love”? USE THIS. Shopping my house is the absolute best way to get the most out of what you already have, plus it helps you see your possessions in a different way. When I purchase anything I make sure it has the potential to be used for several occassions.

Step 1 – Choose a focal point 

Marquee letters spell LOVE. Queen of hearts artwork. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

Your focal point is typically the tallest, often largest item you will use. I made this Queen of Hearts Playing Card Art years ago for my daughter's Alice in Wonderland birthday party. It's been a fabulous piece of Valentine's Day decor that I also just used for a photobooth backdrop. It's 20″x30″ size makes it the perfect centerpiece and mantel focal point. I'm able to anchor it by layering the rusty LOVE marquee letters in front.

Step 2 – Balance either side

Red Damask flocked paper with pink sequin wooden letters HAPPY and Queen of Hearts Terrarium. Romantic Valentine's Day mantel decor on Halfpint Design.

You want to work from the center out and I love designing my mantels on the shape of a triangle. Use your medium sized pieces on either side of your focal point. Additional framed pieces came in handy here. The 11″x14″ red damask on the left is a simple piece of gorgeous flocked scrapbook paper. You know the paper that you buy because you just can't walk away from it even though you don't scrapbook and aren't sure you will ever ACTUALLY use it for something!? {Or is that just me?}

Gorgeous white cupcake stand holding flowers and dripping with crystals. Quote "Anything is possible with LOVE". Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

To the right is my favorite new piece of decor! An amazingly romantic cupcake stand from Amalfi Decor. Instead of cupcakes it's holding flowers and a sweet little crown. How gorgeous are all those crystals!? I'm seriously in love. I've got an awesome coupon code for you to pick up a gorgeous cupcake stand just like this one: Get 15% off at Amalfi Decor with ENJOIUS15

Next to the cupcake stand is another medium sized 8″x10″ frame. I've had this “Anything is possible with LOVE” graphic for ages. Ironically, I purchased it from Target for my original Fourth of July Summer Mantel a few years ago. {SEE…multiple uses! That's what I'm talking about.} Please note that this frame is much smaller than the damask frame so I raised it up using a few white ramekins. {you gotta use what you have!}

Step 3 – Small: Fill in with details

Pink sequin letters spell HAPPY with a cherry blossom spray. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

I've got cut wood letters on both sides which as fun but to make sure they aren't redundant I made sure they were different shapes and finishes. The sequined “HAPPY” from Target's Dollar Spot, on the left is such a great word all the time but I love the bright pink it brings to the overly red mantel decor. Top it with a light pink cherry blossom branch and it's a soft and romantic gesture. The Queen of Hearts terrarium {on the furthest left} I also created for the Alice in Wonderland Party as a table centerpiece. I've now used her every year for Valentine's since and love the whimsical feel.

XOXO wooden letters with wire jewelry bust with rose for Romantic Valentine's Day mantel decor. On Halfpint Design.

I finished off the left side with this XOXO wood cutout I found just this week at WALGREENS of all places! Keep an eye out for great stuff wherever you are. I've found they usually have pretty great sales at Walgreens on their holiday decor and every once in a while have some pretty cool stuff! The stripes add a great texture and the gold glitter complements the sequins but makes it's own statement.

The wire bust will someday be a jewelry holder for my daughter's bedroom but was such a fabulous detail for my Queen of Hearts Valentine Party that I couldn't resist. I gave her a rose corsage to balance the pink and called it a day.

Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

Full February mantel design. Heart and playing card garlands. Queen of hearts artwork. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

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The smallest details are added at the very end. A few extra blooms set here and there to add texture and color and perhaps hide an awkward stand. {Cough….ramekins} A red glass bottle, a glass beaded heart shaped candle, and jeweled crown tie it all together for a cohesive look.

Marquee letters spell LOVE with a jeweled crown. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.I have the tendency to OVER decorate but this mantel strikes just the right balance. The feather in my mantel cap are the fun garlands to balance the vertical weight.

Valentine Garlands

Kid cut hearts for fireplace garland. Playing card garland. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

Garlands can be made from anything you can put on a string! I love using garlands to extend the decor and break up our large stone fireplace facade. I created the playing card garland very simply.

Playing Card Garland DIY



  1. Punch 2 holes on either side with a mini hole punch
  2. String jute or baker's twine through the holes from the back
  3. Alternate using the faces and backs of cards, spreading out the suits, colors, and numbers for a nice balanced feel
  4. Hang it up and enjoy

Kid cut hearts for fireplace garland. Playing card garland. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

The heart garland makes me smile every time I see it. It was my then 6 year old daughter's idea. I drew the hearts on different colors of red cardstock and she cut them out. Her 4 year old brother even got in on the action for a few of them. The perfectionist in me cringed a bit at the lopsided hearts but when she punched holes in each one and strung each one with baker's twine it quickly became my prized Valentine decor! I did lay all the hearts out to achieve a nice random look but she did everything else on her own. I love doing things that my kids can take part of. That means it won't be perfect, and I'm ok with that. When the Valentine's Day Mantel Decor is for my family, having them involved makes it all the more special.

Pin it for later! 

Full February mantel design. Heart and playing card garlands. Queen of hearts artwork. Romantic Valentine's Day Mantel Decor on Halfpint Design.

I hope you enjoyed a walk through my Valentine's Day Mantel Decor and that it takes some of the mystery out of how to style one for yourself.

Valentine's Day Mantel Decor Resources:

  • Framed artwork: Target 
  • LOVE marquee: Amazon
  • Faux flowers: Michaels {on a great after season sale of course}
  • Queen of Hearts Playing Card: Etsy {Part of larger party package}
  • Cupcake stand: Amalfi Decor
  • Sequin HAPPY: Target Dollar Spot {or Bullseyes Playground!}
  • Queen of Hearts Figurine – Alice in Wonderland: Amazon
  • Glass Apothecary vase: Amazon
  • Metal Jewelry Bust {Alternate}: Amazon

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Until Next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Susan

    Such a beautiful mantel ! Love the way you decorated it and all the pretty details! That stand is adorable and love how you used the cards along with the hearts as a garland going across.


    Absolutely LOVE the cupcake stand. It looks like a vintage chandelier.

  3. Maybe I'll Shower Today

    This is truly stunning. You have a tremendous talent!

  4. Claire Pillarboxblue

    Your mantle looks gorgeous, I especially love the queen of hearts art work.

  5. Lori

    Such a darling mantle Bri!! I love the card garland!!

  6. Janine Huldie

    This is gorgeous. I don’t have a mantel, but I do have a book case with similar size shelf that this could work for. So thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Carolina

    Love this mantel!! The addition of the cards is so pretty and fun!!


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