Easter Sweets Your Family Will Love
March 21, 2018
Bunny cupcake topper on mini berry shortcakes in front of spring faux flowers in galvanized bucket

Rustic hutch decorated with easter and spring decor. Bunny banner and easter treats.

Simple Easter Sweets Your Family Will Love

If you've been around Halfpint Design for any length of time you will know that I LOVE holidays! I love making them fun and tasty for my kids which is why I'm excited to share three Easter Sweets your family will love! Now really it's only two different treats since I have a couple versions of the same bird nest dessert but we liked them both so I thought I might as well share them!

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Easter Sweets Table

Rustic hutch decorated with easter and spring decor. Bunny banner and easter treats.

We will only be needing this buffet for food on Easter so I created a festive little garden to brighten up our dining area all month! Using another strip of artificial turf to match our Garden Party Inspired Easter Table, I piled on the galvanized metal, florals, and greenery. Where the table has a woodland vibe, this hutch feels more English garden and they work together perfectly!

Fully decoration table for Easter dinner. Grass runner with rustic wood board, moss, bunnies, butterflies, and tulips.

It's ok to change up the feeling just a little but keep it all connected by using a consistent color palette and a few repeating elements.

Decorative Easter Details

Banner with cut rabbits and cotton tails and darling Easter bunny graphic

It all starts out with this darling little bunny banner. My kids insisted we use cotton balls for their tails and had a great time gluing them on. I feel like they are a bit oversized but this was one concession I was willing to make! The center of the banner is anchored by the sweetest little bunny print created by the talented Kelli Murray. I added the Happy Easter text to the bottom in Photoshop but the plain graphic is perfect all by itself.

Easter decor on grass mat, galvanized buckets with flowers, and Bunny art.

I absolutely fell in LOVE with this bunny print at Michaels and she was my inspiration for the whole garden theme. I was over the moon when I came across these pretty spring flowers at Dollar Tree! They look so good I still can't believe it! I was able to fill these flower buckets which I ALSO got at Dollar Tree for less than $10 for the whole shebang. I'm a sucker for a great deal and love when I can create beautiful things on a shoestring budget! The small green plants are from IKEA.

  • Bunny Artwork: Michaels
  • Faux Spring Flowers: Dollar Tree {Alt. check stores late February}
  • Flower & Garden Buckets: Dollar Tree {Alt. check stores late February}
  • Green plants: IKEA
  • Small metal buckets: IKEA
  • Bird nest: Amazon
  • Artificial Turf: Home Depot {get an 18″ strip in the flooring section}
Ceramic bird and wooden egg on grass mat with galvanized bucket full of spring flowers

I scattered little birds and nests around for the final details. I'm a bit of a bird fanatic so I have quite the collection of feathered friends. This little gal was in my daughter's bird themed nursery many years ago. She looks quite comfortable keeping watch over the wooden egg. I bought them intending to stain or paint or otherwise embellish but ended up loving the simple elegance of plain wood.

Simple Easter Sweets

Bunny topped berry shortcakes and chocolate bird nests in a 2 tiered galvanized tray.

I like to TRY and keep things healthy for parties and holidays so I'm always looking for ways to increase the nutrition profile of our desserts. An easy way to do that is by making fruit the main event which satisfies your sweet tooth but gives your body a little something more. Another tactic is substituting whole grains whenever possible. You'll see in our Easter Sweets recipes below how I accomplished my goal!

Bunny Topped Berry Shortcakes

Bunny cupcake topper on mini berry shortcakes in front of spring faux flowers in galvanized buckets

I picked up store bought shortcakes and filled the center with a pudding/whipped cream mixture, then added lots of berries and topped it off with a dollop of whipped coconut cream. Nestling the bunny cupcake toppers in a patch of coconut grass was the perfect finishing touch! Filling up the tray with berries not only makes it look pretty but people loved eating all the extras!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterscotch Bird Nests

Chocolate bird nests in a bed of green coconut grass on a galvanized tray.

Phew! That's a mouthful, a delicious mouthful at that! We see chow mein noodle nests all over Pinterest but I'm not a big fan of the crunchy fried noodles. Instead I bought All-Bran cereal for a more natural twiggy looking nest and slightly better nutrition. Just melt, stir, and press these babies into a muffin tin. You can't get much easier than that! These little nests are very tasty but also very sweet. Find the Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterscotch Bird Nest recipe here.

Marshmallow Bran Cereal Bird Nests

Marshmallow cereal bird nests with Cadbury mini-eggs on white tiered cupcake stand

Because the others were pretty sweet, really messy, and didn't look as natural as I'd like, I decided to try them again using the tried and true rice crispy method. It's so easy it doesn't really need a recipe but just in case, you can find the Marshmallow Bran Cereal Bird Nest Recipe here. I really like the texture of these and they are just sweet enough to feel like a treat. Just make sure to serve them up in style. Everything tastes better on a pretty tray!

Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Bunny cupcake topper with purple jelly bean tail atop mini berry shortcakes

It's so fun dressing up Easter sweets with a few little extras. These darling bunnies are the same design as the banner but have two layers. I liked the tiny bit of purple peeking out to tie in with the color palette and the purple jelly bean tails are the perfect touch. If you like this bunny themed Easter table you can also pick up a printable Easter Menu in our Free Printables Library.

Download Menu Here

I hope these Simple Easter Sweets really are something your whole family will love. They are all easy enough that children can help make them and everyone can enjoy them! If you make them and love them give the recipe a rating and leave us a comment below.

Additional Easter Reading:

Until next time my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Beth

    Ooooh! Bunny topped berry shortcakes! LOVE! Can’t wait to serve this at my Easter brunch! Thank you!

  2. The American Patriette

    Did you really get those flowers at the DOLLAR STORE?! They are BEAUTIFUL! They look real!

  3. pressprintparty

    I love how you shopped at all kinds of places to find your treasures. I just went to IKEA myself and came back with way too much…. That table is really beautiful, you have a great eye!

  4. Susan

    What a beautiful set up and decor for spring and Easter ! So inspirational.

  5. Corrine

    Gorgeous Bri! I love the bunny’s little jellybean tails, that is seriously adorable. Everything looks fantastic!

  6. Sarina

    I love these treat ideas! I really appreciate your posts and I feel inspired for my next party 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Carolina

    What a gorgeous Easter celebration! You did an amazing job my friend!!

  8. Kimberly C. Starr

    This all looks absolutely amazing. Gonna have to share this with my sister-in-law, because then she’ll make the treats for us! 🙂

  9. Lori

    You seriously amaze me!! I love everything Bri!! And those shortcakes are sooo adorable!! Xoxo


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