10+ Unicorn Birthday Party Game Ideas
May 31, 2019
DIY Horn Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Unicorn party game ideas 10+ Unicorn Birthday Party Game Ideas

This list of Unicorn birthday party game ideas will keep guests busy and hopefully out of trouble! If you're wondering about things to do at a unicorn party, this list is just a start of all the fun options of a unicorn theme.

A big thanks to Kadie for allowing us to share so many great activities from her daughter's 7th Unicorn themed birthday party!

What to Do at a Unicorn Party

  • Find your Unicorn Name {Ages 5-12}
  • Unicorn Coloring Pages {Ages 2-12}
  • Magical Rainbow Unicorn Necklace Making {Ages 6-12}
  • Embellish a Favor Bag {Ages 3+}
  • Craft a Unicorn Horn {Ages 3+}
  • Make Unicorn slime {Ages 6+}
  • Unicorn Ring Toss {Ages 5-12}
  • Unicorn heads and tails {Ages 4+}
  • Pin the Horn on the Unicorn {Ages 3+}
  • Unicorn photo booth {All Ages}
  • Decorate an Edible Unicorn Horn {Ages 3+}
  • Eat Unicorn Food! {All Ages}

What's Your Unicorn Name? 

Unicorn names Unicorn birthday party game ideas

A great welcome activity – Create a “unicorn” name tag with this darling printable. Suitable for independent readers {Ages 5-12} or a younger crowd with assistance.

Creative Unicorn Birthday Party Games

Coloring pages Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Provide coloring pages with crayons, stickers, and {washable} markers.  {Ages 2-12}

Or set up a necklace making station where guests can mix fancy unicorn worthy beads in with their rainbow colored pony beads. {Ages 6-12}

How to Make Unicorn Party BagsFavor boxes Unicorn birthday party game ideas

You can DIY them for little ones or even better – have guests decorate their own favor bag with unicorn stickers!  {Ages 3-12} Unicorn stickers available here.

How to Make Unicorn Party Hats

DIY Horn Unicorn birthday party game ideas

This super simple party hat version from Val Event Gal is a DIY anyone can do! For {Ages 3-9} You'll want to prep the horns first, then let guests decorate. {Ages 10+} Should be able to create the horns themselves then move on to embellishing without too much supervision.

Make Unicorn slime

DIY Horn Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Slime making is the most popular party activity of our day! And the BEST slime recipe ever is over at Press Print Party. To make unicorn slime just twist together several strings of slime in different colors. And don't forget the glitter! Use glitter glue in place of the clear school glue to avoid glitter clean up. Best deal on glitter glue I found!

Active Unicorn Games for Birthday Party

Go to the classics when planning Unicorn games for your party!

Ring toss Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Or how about Unicorn ring toss? {Ages 5-12}

Ring toss Unicorn birthday party game ideas

This one is especially great because someone actually wears it!

Unicorn Heads and Tails

If you have some space to move this variation on a human chain is a fun one. Give the leader a unicorn headband then have everyone grab waists and make a long chain. Add a tail to the last person and have everyone hold on as the Unicorn “head” tried to catch it's “tail”.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Pin the Horn Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is another great option if you don't have any brave takers to wear the ring toss! {Ages 3-12} Cut horns or tails, use blind folds, spin them around, and let kids stick 'em on. I don't spin the little ones.

Unicorn Activity Photo Booth 

Photo Backdrop Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Themed photo booths are a great party activity for ALL AGES! Grab a couple props, strike a pose and snap a pic! Printed backdrops are available or you can create your own.

Edible Unicorn Activity Ideas

Sugar Cone Horns

Unicorn horn decorating Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Use inverted sugar cones as unicorn horns! {ages 3-90}

Unicorn decorating Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Have each guest coat the horn with frosting. This one is so easy a 3 year old can do it!

Unicorn horns Unicorn birthday party game ideas

Then, after a good coating of frosting decorate liberally with sprinkles of all kinds! Nibbling is optional!

What Food is Served at a Unicorn Party

Unicorn treats Unicorn themed birthday party ideas

Eat Unicorn Food! I saved the best for last! It's not REALLY a game but who doesn't enjoy eating yummy food? The colorful fruit rainbow is my favorite! Low sugar, beautiful, AND delicious! You can find more Unicorn Themed Food Ideas here.

How to Decorate a Unicorn Party

From rainbows to glitter to sprinkles, anything magical is welcome. The photo backdrop and welcome signs are a great way to add color and make your unicorn birthday party magical! More decor ideas coming soon!

Additional Unicorn and Rainbow Party Ideas:

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  1. CatPartyPlanner

    Thank you for these awesome ideas! I will be sure to use them for a birthday party!

    • Brianna Adams

      You are so welcome! I hope they help you have an amazing party!

  2. Jackie Walter

    Great ideas to keep everyone at the party entertained!

  3. SugarPartiesLA

    So many cute activity ideas for a unicorn party ! You always share the best ideas.


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