Donut Sprinkle Baby Shower Ideas
January 30, 2019
Donut sprinkle baby shower DIY tote bag

Donut sprinkle baby shower ideas and invitationDonut Sprinkle Baby Shower Ideas

A virtual Donut Sprinkle Baby Shower for our dear friend! So when our Tribe found out Susan of Sugar Parties LA was expecting we started thinking of a fun theme to honor her. You've probably guessed we landed on a “Sprinkled with Love” DONUT SPRINKLE!

Sprinkle Hostesses

Let's meet all the lovely hostesses of this Donut Sprinkle:

Donut sprinkle baby shower ideas and invitation

Every mama and baby deserves to be sprinkled with❤️LOVE!

Donut Sprinkle Baby Shower Gifts

Gift package ideas for a Donut sprinkle baby shower

I started off making these adorable donut party favor boxes but then kept coming across such cute donut patterned items that I couldn't help but snag a few more!

  • Tea Towel & Hand sanitizer: Walmart
  • Strawberries & Cream Truffles & Donut Drink lids: Smith's Marketplace
  • Donut pinwheel: Oriental Trading

Sprinkle Backdrop

Sprinkle backdrop for a donut sprinkle baby shower
  • Simple balloons on the wall create a fun sprinkle backdrop like this “Sprinkled with love” celebration from Joy in the Commonplace.

Donut Cake Toppers

for a donut sprinkle baby shower gift
  • How sweet are these “Sprinkled with LOVE” cake toppers from  4 Hearts Paper Craft Co.? Perfect for any party dessert table.

Donut Party Food

Donut Sugar Cookies

for a donut sprinkle baby shower gift
  • Sprinkled with Love donut sugar cookies: Little Rose Cookie Company How amazing are these cookies from Stephanie!? She's got some mad decorating skills, and her cookies are delicious.

Apple Donuts

apple donuts on a tray - a healthy foodie party treat
  • If you're looking for something a little lighter then these healthy apple donuts are great treat! My kids love them and the best part is you can serve these AND the real thing and not feel guilty.

Donut Sprinkle Plates & Napkins

Table set with donuts on donut plates and napkins for a donut sprinkle baby shower
  • I love these donut sprinkle plates and napkins from The Party Darling Shop. I check them out when I'm in need of a whole collection super cute stuff.

Donut Sprinkle Party Favors

Donut Party Favors

for a donut sprinkle baby shower favor
  • Crocheted baby shower favors from Seacliffe Cottage Designs are such a unique favor idea. One that's even perfect for baby to play with when it arrives!

Donut Favor Boxes

Sprinkle items for the perfect donut sprinkle baby shower gift idea

Boy Mom Sprinkle Gift Ideas

Boy mom gift package for a donut sprinkle baby shower

Susan is having her THIRD boy so a #boymom motif also seems appropriate.

We put together the perfect gift package so if you're needing a baby shower gift for that boy mom in your life, here are a few great ideas:

DIY Donut Tote Bag

Life is sweet with boys. Boy mom tote bag for donut sprinkle baby shower gift idea
  • This DIY Donut Tote Bag is a great combination of BOTH worlds. As the mom of two boys I can agree, life IS pretty sweet with boys!

Boy Mom T-Shirt

Boy mom t-shirt for a donut sprinkle baby shower gift

Boy Mom Mug

Boy mom mug for a donut sprinkle baby shower gift
  • Since Susan is going to need LOTS of coffee pretty soon I think this #boymom mug from Hug and Mug is a great pick.

Boss Mom Onesie

Boss Mom baby onesie for a donut sprinkle baby shower gift
  • I love this “My mama is a #bossmom” onesie from The Baby Bumblebee. It seems appropriate since Susan is the ultimate boss mom!

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Donut sprinkle baby shower ideas

Until next time my friend,


  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    What a beautiful job you gals did. I especially love that sprinkle backdrop. So easy and clever. The donut favor box is a thumbs up for me too. And of course, the invite is so fun!

  2. Emily

    This is adorable! I love those sprinkle balloons on the backdrop! What a cool idea!!

  3. Alexa

    This is such a cute idea! I LOVE the crochet donuts, I think I’ll have to do this for my sister in law!!

  4. Mom Life Optimized

    These are all such great ideas!! I don’t think I ever would have thought to have a theme like this for a baby shower, but it works so well!

  5. Jen @Jenron Designs

    Sprinkles have been all the rage for 2nd and 3rd baby showers here I love this theme too!

  6. Elena MostlyWoman

    Great ideas. I am planning to organize my sisters baby shower and I am searching for ideas. I think I found a few. Thank you so much for sharing this post. xo

  7. Fiorella

    Love this idea as it isn’t the common baby shower decoration we can find everywhere. I love new creative ideas and be more original. I will show it to my friend who is pregnant.

  8. Susan

    Oh my gosh I am so Lost for words ! You ladies are soooooo amazing and I’m soooo grateful for you all ! This is the most thoughtful and memorable way to celebrate my baby boy ! Love you girls soooo much !!!

  9. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    This is a cute idea. My daughter will have her second boy this summer. Maybe we can have a donut sprinkle when they come to visit after he’s born.

  10. Jennifer F

    Great job Bri!! I’m going to share ❤️?

  11. Sarina Kinnunen

    All these ideas are so fun Bri! Thanks for sharing my sprinkles backdrop. I’m gonna pin these on Pinterest right now!


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