Simple Donut Favor Box Tutorial
February 1, 2019
Careful gluing your donut favor box

Donut party favor box with candy

Simple {Cricut Made} Donut Favor Box Tutorial 

You may recognize this donut favor box from our “Sprinkled With Love” Donut themed baby shower. If not, then welcome to all things DONUT! It's such a simple and fun project, especially using your electronic cutter.

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Gift package ideas for a Donut sprinkle baby shower

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Donut Favor Box Supplies

Donut party favor box suppliesYou need several colors for the sprinkles but only a very small amount so this is a great time to sift through your scrap pile. {See honey, I told you they would come in handy!}

Okay, I got a little excited and cut everything out before I snapped a pic. But that's the first step. Gather materials. Cut your pieces, and let's get to work.

Step 2 Fold all Tabs

All tabs folded for a Donut party favor box

This is where the scoring pen {or wheel if you have a Maker} comes in handy. It scores each fold so you end up with nice crisp edges. Then line up the top and bottom pieces to create your box.

Step 3 Start Gluing Tabs

Glue tabs for a Donut party favor box

Now it's time to start gluing your tabs. I found it easiest to add glue to 3 flaps at a time.

Gluing the Donut party favor box

Press down each interior tab with a finger on the inside so it doesn't pull away as you continue working. It's best to move a little slowly on this one and allow the glue to dry a little before moving on to avoid movement.

Careful gluing your donut favor box

Movement like this. I got all the way around and realized this tab had slid and was now dry.

Last Tab Tip

Glue the last tabs of a Donut party favor box

When you get around to the last 2 tabs, remember that ONE of them needs to stay open for filling. The tab with the top flap seems the best choice. So when gluing that last tab you only want to glue the left side and top tabs, leaving the right tab dry so the access flap can move freely.

Step 4 Glue On Holes


Glue stick for Donut party favor box

Once your box is glued you can add the white “holes” to cover the actual holes. With small pieces I like to slide them in the glue at the end of the stick instead of gluing them flat on a surface. Tends to be less messy for me.

Step 5 Glue Sprinkles

Add sprinkles to the frosting for a Donut party favor box

The first box I did I glued the frosting to the box, then added each sprinkle. Then I realized how much easier it would be to glue the sprinkles onto the frosting FIRST and THEN add it to the box. So that's what I am going to recommend.

Step 6 Glue Frosting 

Glue frosting to a Donut party favor box

Now that your sprinkles are on {let's just pretend} glue the frosting layer in place using the white “hole” as a guide.

Finished Donut Favor Box 

Finished Donut party favor box ready for treats

Now you're done! How easy was that? And how cute are these little guys!? I'm kind of in love with them.

Step 7 Fill & Enjoy!

Finished Donut party favor box with chocolates

They are easy to fill with small items. These chocolate covered hazelnuts are a decadent treat for a baby shower. For a kids donut birthday party favor I'd use wrapped candies instead.

Donut party favor box with candy

The chocolate covered nuts are delicious but my daughter decided we needed to add some Cookies and Cream Hershey kisses for the boy baby shower. And I agree, it makes for a fun presentation.

Step 8 Seal & Add a Label

Donut party favor box and other sweet treats for a sprinkle

I taped up the open flap using a piece of sparkly washi tape. You want the box to hold the goodies in tight but for people to be able to open it without destroying it. The washi tape holds well and comes off clean.

Since the donut has so many colors I used the kraft paper to print these simple thank you labels. Then used a 2″ circle paper punch to cut the tags.

Use a mini hole punch, thread with baker's twine and viola! The perfect donut party favor! I can see these being used as wedding favors, baby shower favors, and birthday party favors. I think this little donut favor box just found a new friend!

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Donut party favor box for a sweet treat

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Until next time my friend,


  1. Samaria

    Hi, do you know where I can find the donut box file. It’s apparently no longer in the Cricut design space. My daughter is having a donut birthday party and these would be great. I can’t find this anywhere. I found several sites that say the file is in design space but no luck finding it!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Jackie

    I really need to learn how to master my Cricut! Look at all the cool things you do!

  3. Beth

    I had no idea that this was handmade! Bravo! So cute! Love Lindt–did you know their US headquarters is a few minutes from my office? Sometimes if the wind blows in the right direction, I can smell chocolate being made!

  4. Holly

    Oh my gosh! I love that you made these adorable favor boxes yourself! So so darling! I need to try something more complex like this with my Cricut.

  5. Susan

    Those favor boxes are soooo cute !!! I actually surprisingly haven’t gotten the scoring pan for my new Cricut Maker ! I need one. Definitely want to to try these out!

  6. Lori

    I love these!!! They would have been perfect for a little party I just did!! I’m giddy for them!!


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