Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower
August 4, 2017
Halfpint Design

A Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower is perfect for Mommy-to-be and baby Georgia! Come see the rest of the details to this sweet shower. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

Feature Friday: Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower

I'm excited to bring you a Sweet little peach baby shower for this month's Feature Friday! I told you everyone I knew was pregnant! This one was planned and executed by Denise Knowles {my favorite photographer} and her sister Diane, with help from daughter Jenna. I'll let Denise take it away…

Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower Theme

"Sweet as a Peach" image. Darling nursery graphics were used as shower decor throughout. It's so nice when items can play double duty and you can enjoy the party long after it has ended. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

The guest of honor of this sweet little peach baby shower is Sydney, a good friend of my daughter Lauren's. Syd lived with us for several months and we became close friends. During that time she met my nephew Jamie, on a visit from Oregon. Love was in the air, and now they are married and expecting little Georgia Lyn! 

With a name like Georgia, our theme had to be “Sweet Little Georgia Peach”!  {Which also became her nursery theme} We got busy gathering ideas and here’s what we came up with. For some really fun invitation ideas check out the orchard section of Bloom on Paper. They can customize any wedding design to become a baby shower invite. So stinking cute!! 

Sweet Peach Decor


I love when baby shower items can be used again. Having Mommy-to-be's childhood favorite "I Will Love You Forever" as the sign in book ensures she and Georgia will see guests love notes over and over again. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

In the entry, we set up a darling antique dresser for the sign in table. We ordered a copy of Syd’s childhood favorite, “I Will Love you Forever”, for our sign in book. We also helped her out by asking guests to self-address thank you card envelopes. As a finishing touch, we strung a handmade doily garland. 


Choose your focal points. This mantel is a prominent feature and styling it with additional nursery decor was a great idea. A "G" for Georgia, another piece of sweet nursery art "Something tells me I'm going to love her forever", and a lovely floral wreath made my mommy-to-be. The doilie garlands are so cute and very easy to make. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

We dressed the mantel with some of the nursery decorations, including: the letter G, the “Something tells me I'm going to love her forever” print and the floral wreath.  I used a mirror, bird, and little flowers that I already had, and borrowed the white pitchers. We saved a lot of money by borrowing from friends/family. It’s a fun idea to make or buy a few decorations to give as a gift to the mom-to-be that can do double duty in baby’s nursery after the shower is long past. To make sure she would love them, I asked her to choose the frames. I’m glad she did, because, to my surprise, she picked very frilly and fancy frames! 

Food Table

Gorgeous handmade rosette backdrop. Good thing she's got a talented mother-in-law! The rosettes created a lovely backdrop for the food table. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

"Dream Big Little One" image. Darling nursery graphics were used as shower decor throughout. It's so nice when items can play double duty and you can enjoy the party long after it has ended. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

The beautiful backdrop for the food table was done by Syd’s mother in law, Diane. She handmade all of these awesome rosettes to create a grand background. I borrowed all of the galvanized serving dishes; the rest I already own. The cute colored vases were made by painting the outside of mason jars, lightly distressing them with sandpaper when dry, and finished off with a spray sealer. Tie with jute and add flowers. Viola! Easy and so cute! Two more cute framed nursery prints also adorned the table. 


Gorgeous handmade rosette backdrop. Good thing she's got a talented mother-in-law! The rosettes created a lovely backdrop for the food table. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

{Bri here: Something I just have to point out is that they used a candle warmer under the pewter bowl of chocolate to keep it soft for dipping strawberries. I think that's a pretty genius idea!}

Beautiful Drink dispensers with water and peach lemonade {of course!} A nice drink dispenser is a must have event items that you should probably invest in. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

On to the food! The menu was a hit:

  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  • Greek Pasta Salad
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries with chocolate for dipping {don't miss the candle warmer tip to keep the chocolate soft!}
  • Veggie tray 
  • Cupcakes
  • Peach sugar cookie tarts
  • Peach punch

The favorites? Hands down…the Greek pasta and peach sugar cookie tarts. {Recipe for the tarts coming soon} 


Baby Shower Jeopardy is a funny shower game that everyone enjoyed. Made using a Cricut Explore Air. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

Baby Shower Jeopardy was hilarious!

Guests enjoying Baby Shower Jeopardy. Lots of laughs! It's a great Baby Shower game that isn't lame. - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

{I even got to attend. Can you find me? Hint….I'm the one who could swallow a bird!}

My daughter, Jenna, found a fun “baby” letter scramble and created a darling “Baby Shower Jeopardy” game. Jeopardy was a big hit! There was lots of laughter and we all had a great time. Jenna also put together cute prizes for the games. {No big deal, but I won a prize!}

Don't Forget Daddy-to-be

Don't forget about Daddy. A basket filled with fun stuff: "Luke, I am you Father" t-shirt, Baby Care Guide Book for Dads, candy, energy drink, and of course an "I love my daddy" onesie! - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

We decided dad-to-be should be in on the celebration, so he joined the party during gift opening and even received his very own “dad basket”!  Included are a Star Wars “I am your father” t-shirt, an “I love daddy” outfit for baby, his favorite candy, energy drinks and a funny book with instructions for new dads.

Lessons learned

Baby shower centerpieces son't have to be expensive. For affordable centerpieces use painted Mason jars filled with fresh flowers. Costco and other grocery floral departments have surprisingly great selection at even better prices. My absolute flower fave??? Trader Joes! - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

My suggestion for doing a shower—get lots of support so you can enjoy the party too! Most people are happy to help. And plan way ahead so you have time to find/buy/make all the fun things you’ll need. Don't be afraid of simple solutions. The doilies and jute bunting is the easiest thing ever but makes a big impact. The painted Mason jars with flowers?  Inexpensive and really beautiful. If you give yourself some time, you can do a lot on a budget. 

Guest of Honor

Mommy-to-be enjoying Baby Shower Jeopardy with her guests - Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower | Halfpint Design

How did the guest of honor feel about her baby shower? “I absolutely loved my shower! I feel like it was the epitome of class and summer fun! I was able to mingle with all my guests, the games were really fun and the food was delicious. I couldn’t believe how cute the décor was—so peachy for my sweet baby girl!”


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Feature Summary

It's Bri again. Lucky enough to be in attendance, I can attest, this sweet little peach baby shower was lovely! The food was SOOO good, especially the peach tarts. Seriously! I'm not huge cookie person but I will be bringing you the recipe for these cause they were Just. That. Good! The games were fun. I enjoyed the baby shower Jeopardy. and even though I'm pretty good at baby animal names, the “Animal Mommies” category was tough!

Double duty

I'm a huge fan of using nursery decor for the baby shower and this was no exception. Absolutely loving all the darling nursery art. “Something tells me I'm going to love her forever” – are you kidding me? That chokes me up every time I look at it! And the floral wreath Syd, mom-to-be, made for the nursery is just beautiful. This little lady is going to be well loved! So excited for Sydney and Jamie to be welcoming their sweet little peach in the VERY near future! 

Can I feature your next party?

Have a party you'd like to share? Let us know! We'd love to show off all your hard work. I feature a new party on the first Friday of every month. With YOUR help I might be able to have a feature every Friday! What do you say? Are you ready to joint the Halfpint family? I sure hope so.

Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Ali

    Hi! I know this post was from a while ago but I am using it for inspo for a baby shower that I’m throwing for my sister. Everything is so cute and well done!
    My question is – where can I find the sign that was used for the I’ll Love You Forever book signing table? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m sorry to say that this one was created by the mommy-to-be herself and isn’t available for download. I’m happy to try and recreate something if there’s still time to do it.

  2. Paola

    Where can I get the sign in image?

    • Brianna Adams

      I’ve added a couple sign links to the bottom of the page! I didn’t realize they were missing. Thanks so much for alerting me.

  3. Victoria with One Sharp mama

    I absolutely adore the theme of the shower. It fits the Georgia name so well. The pictures are gorgeous and I am sure that baby and her parents were both spoiled with lots of love.

  4. like Sara...but with a d

    This is such a cute theme 🙂 Everything looks gorgeous!

  5. Jennifer Ostroski

    Oh my gosh, I am such a sucker for a themed party. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of them, but this one is new to me and I loooove it! No more babies for me but my friends are always asking for ideas. Definitely keeping this one tucked away!


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