Versatile Baby Milestone Blanket
January 30, 2018

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, oval of flowers and succulents for newborn photography. Halfpint DesignVirtual Baby Shower: Baby Milestone Blanket

I’m so excited to showcase a new Baby Milestone Blanket from the shop. Created for a very special friend, Laura of Make Life Lovely, who is expecting her first child, a sweet baby girl! We’re so excited for her that today several of us are hosting a Virtual Baby Shower from all across the Western Hemisphere in her honor.

Virtual Baby Shower Host List, Baby Milestone Blanket Gift

So welcome Laura! If you are joining me from Giggle Hearts, isn’t Brenda’s darling “Oh Deer” Confetti Globe just the best!? If you didn’t get a chance to see it yet, you can always go back. We’ve got so many fun things in store for this baby shower today!

Newborn Photoshoot Backdrop

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, oval of flowers and succulents for newborn photography. Due date & gender announcement. Halfpint Design

I love this Baby Milestone Blanket because it can be used in so many different ways. The favorite of course is the newborn photoshoot. Those little balls of mush are just so sweet!Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, flowers and succulents for newborn photography. Birth Announcement. Halfpint Design

You can use the tags to announce the baby’s arrival with all the relevant stats. With the blanket and tags, you just need to add baby.

Gender Reveal Announcement

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, oval of flowers and succulents for newborn photography. Due date announcement. Halfpint Design

But it can even be used PRE-baby as the best baby shower gift ever for a gender reveal announcing the due date of your future bundle.

Monthly Milestone Photos

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, oval of flowers and succulents for newborn photography. Monthly milestones. Halfpint Design

The next great way to use the baby milestone blanket is for those monthly photos to document how much your baby will grow every 30 days. Stringing up the set of 12 monthly photos for the first birthday party is such a great way to celebrate this amazing progress.

Baby’s Firsts Photos

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, Baby girl celebrating her new skill, tag with 1st "Reaching for Mom". Halfpint Design

This is one I haven’t seen yet. Wouldn’t it be fun to snap a photo to remember the day your baby first smiled? The day you discover her first tooth? We had a sweet little 5 month old model come try out our baby milestone blanket and she has been reaching out for Mom lately for the first time. It’s a wonderful time when baby actually starts to reciprocate, and now you can record those big steps each month with these simple editable tags.

Download Baby Tags Here

Baby Milestone Blanket photo backdrop, Baby girl celebrating her 5 month mark. Halfpint Design

5 months old in January.

Your little lovely will start to wiggle and kick as she grows making photos on a nice smooth blanket a little tricky. Just go slow, straighten it out between shots, and in the end, you can probably photoshop out the wrinkles!

Your Baby Milestone Blanket

Laura, I hope that you enjoy this blanket and tag set. I’m excited to see all the photos you take of your sweet little lovely over her first 12 months! It goes by so quickly {even though it feels like an eternity in the moment!} and it’ll be so fun to look back and see her progress. We love you and hope that you’ve enjoyed your virtual baby shower so far! Next up is Nathalie of Press Print Party with a fun shower game just for you!

For those of you joining us as guests, we are so happy you could make it! Please enjoy the entire virtual baby shower! See all of the fun with our hashtag #BabyLovelyIsComing

Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams

To visit all of the amazing hosts and their projects for our virtual baby shower, visit each one by clicking the links below:


  1. Beth

    So cute! This may become my new “go-to” baby shower gift!

  2. Carolina

    This is absolutely beautiful and I love you can use it all year long!! Very creative and love the design!!

  3. Lori Hanrehan

    Oh my gosh Bri, this is fabulous!! What a sweet way to make precious keepsakes!!

  4. Laura @ Make Life Lovely

    Bri, your blanket is absolutely AMAZING!! I love it so much! The printable tags are gorgeous too. Thanks so much for the amazing surprise! You guys know how to make a girl feel special. <3

  5. Jen T

    This is such a cute idea, Bri! 🙂

  6. fawnparties

    Oh my gooodness! This is beyond precious! Love it so much!!

  7. susan Ashouri

    Bri you did an amazing job friend ! I know Laura is just loving this.

  8. Esther

    This is just adorable! Love the succulents. So pretty!

  9. Nathalie @ Press Print Party!

    That blanket makes such a wonderful baby shower gift! So thoughtful! I wish I had had one of those when my kids were born!

  10. NotJustAMommyBlog

    Bri, this is absolutely amazing! And such a fabulous model, she is really selling this blanket. And I love the in-between moments too! Thank you for being part of our special day.

  11. Brenda

    I love this blanket idea Bri – what a fun way to capture the monthly pictures and those in-between special moments.


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