4th of July Decoration Ideas
June 22, 2019
Banner 4th of July Decoration Ideas

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table 4th of July Decoration Ideas for a Festive Table

4th of July Decoration Ideas. I'm a patriotic soul who loves her country deeply. I love it for the melting pot it is. We are definitely NOT perfect nation. Though we are a nation of imperfect people, many of us live pretty amazing lives on the foundations of freedom and equality desired by our Founding Fathers. Though BOTH took many more years before coming to fruition and we're still working to perfect it.

But growing older has increased my appreciation for the beauty of simplicity, and letting the unattainable goal of perfection go. {well, I'm trying}

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Simple 4th of July Decoration Ideas

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

A simple design is often the best with just a few key pieces:

  • Table cover
  • Runner
  • Centerpiece
  • Place setting: plate, cup, napkin, utensils

To Cover or Not to Cover?

If your table is beautiful and works in the setting a natural table is great. If you're looking for a more formal setting, a cloth table cover is best. BUT if you'll have lots of kids in a more casual event, a plastic table cover is a great way to go!

Speaking of plastic, I personally prefer the thicker table covers from my local party store {Zurchers} over the thinner dollar store versions which have a tendency to tear.

Table Runner 4th of July Decoration

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

When starting a table design you'll want to select a runner of some sort. It can be a roll of gift wrap, a piece of barn wood , or even a strip of artificial turf!

A runner grounds the design and is my table decor of choice. I love this particular burlap runner to add a touch of Americana.

Fourth of July Table Centerpieces

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

Flag patterned paper lanterns topped with a curly gift bow are the EASIEST 4th of July decorations ever! If you've ever stressed about simple {and affordable} centerpiece ideas, this is a gem.

Centerpiece 4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

Then offset the lanterns with clusters of decorative fireworks. I seriously considered DIY'ing these guys but in the end were easier to purchase. I have the best of intentions, but often run out of time. I'm sure that only happens to me though.

July 4th Decorative Place Settings

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

Place settings are another great way to add themed details. Printed paper goods, colored cutlery, and layered textures add interest to the table. Adding something unexpected like the star shaped plate and bagged utensils create a playful atmosphere.

4th of July Free Printable Decorations 

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

Finishing off the settings with a printable design is the firework on top! The whole thing was inspired by my friend Carolina at Mint Event Design who did decorated cutlery bags last year. These darling printables are meant to be straw flags and beverage labels but I love how creative she got and had to do the same.

Patriotic Edible Decorations

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

The decor doesn't have to end with the table either. What you serve and HOW you serve it make a big difference. Color coordinated foods are my jam. Simple, often healthy foods, that can be displayed in a fun way or given a great label are the best kinds of party foods!

Fourth of July Fireworks Bar

4th of July Decoration Ideas

Another party trick is displaying your favors as decor. This fireworks bar was a hit with the children. After dinner they were able to come scoop pop-its, collect sparklers, and add string poppers to their very own bag.

4th of July Decoration Ideas for a festive table

Anything displayed in an apothecary jar automatically feels fancy. And as you can see it doesn't even need to be full. Although this photo is AFTER the jar had already been raided! Add some stars and fans to dress it up and call it a day!

I LOVE this set of fans and use them all the time. When you purchase holiday decor, think about how it can do double duty for a birthday theme, like Superhero, or nautical.

4th of July Mantel Decoration Ideas

Rustic mantel 4th of July Decoration Ideas

The last place I like to bring in 4th of July Decorations is my mantel. I use a few core pieces every year but change it up slightly. You can see my patriotic mantel decor from last year here. My newest acquisition is “The Old Man Wept”. A moving image of Benjamin Franklin wiping a tear as he signs the constitution.

I also created a vintage Declaration of Independence banner using a tutorial from another friend, Holly at the Legally Crafty Blog. When I saw it, I recognized the perfect way to display my a copy of the Declaration I'd had for ages. Thank heavens for friends with great 4th of July decoration ideas!

Birth of my Son AND a Nation! 

Rustic 4th of July Decoration Ideas

I've always enjoyed patriotic decor but having my youngest join us on the birthday of our nation and made the occasion even sweeter. You may notice the number balloons floating around our patriotic decor!

We get to celebrate both birthday's with fireworks and a BBQ but I also host a themed party with friends in June! His Play-Doh Party and Panda Party are highlights of his young life.

Young Scrappy and Hungry?

Rustic Mantel 4th of July Decoration Ideas

Anyone else obsessed with Hamilton the musical? I am it seemed only fitting to add the lyric to my favorite letter board.

4th of July Americana Banner

Banner 4th of July Decoration Ideas

And to tie it all up with a nice little bow, you can't help but love the vintage graphics used in this Retro Americana banner. I love those sweet little faces and fun vintage style artwork. You can find out how to make your own version here.

Decorate an Americana Vignette

Rustic 4th of July Decoration Ideas

Now that your main focal points are covered you really don't need anything else. But if you happen to have an extra basket and flag you can make any area of the house feel very patriotic indeed!

4th of July Activities for Good

I hope you've enjoyed some 4th of July decoration ideas I've used in my own home. Want to add a little bit of GOOD to your holiday? Why not try out a few of these activities for any of our Patriotic celebrations: Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day (P.S. Did you know May is Military Appreciation Month?)

  1. Write letters or make thank you cards for “Operation Gratitude” that create care packages for active duty military.
  2. Donate to the “Wounded Warrior Project” in honor of a loved one, make it a monthly gift, or write letters to injured service members.
  3. Share stories about a family member who served in the military. Research your ancestors and find out where, when, and how they served.

But however you celebrate I wish you a wonderfully patriotic celebration of your own!

Rustic 4th of July Decoration Ideas

More Patriotic Decoration Ideas:

Until next time my friend,


  1. Jackie

    I’m always so impressed with everyone’s dollar store finds – great decor the way you pull it together.

  2. nathalie - Press Print Party!

    So festive. I love the idea of putting the poppers in apothecary jars. You can do so many things with those. Great job!

  3. Sarina Kinnunen

    Cute Ideas Bri!! My favorite is the fireworks bar.. how cool!

  4. Holly

    I’m so glad you used it! It turned out fabulous!

  5. Beth Salzman

    What a great July 4th party! Wow, I’m always amazed by how you can repurpose something — like the paper lantern into a centerpiece! Very fun!

  6. SugarPartiesLA

    This is so inspiring! I love the firework bar … such a cute idea !

  7. Lori

    Love all the festive ideas!! Displaying the favors as decorations is so brilliant! And I love the fruit flag, so great to have a healthy option!!


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