The BEST Deals on Amazon Prime Day for the Party Hostess
July 16, 2018
Amazon Prime Day for the Party Hostess graphic

Amazon Prime Day for the Party Hostess graphic

The BEST Deals on Amazon Prime Day for the Party Hostess

UPDATE: I hope your Prime Day was a success!! It's over now until next year. If you missed any great deals put them on your wishlist for Black Friday. Happy summer everyone! The links to all the great stuff in this post still work – they're just no longer on sale. 

Amazon Prime Day is HERE and I'm having a tough time containing my excitement! This post will be full of affiliate links to Amazon, this means if you click a link and purchase something I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps offset the cost of running the blog so I can continue bringing you fabulous party ideas and inspiration. See my full disclosure page for more details. I'm a HUGE fan of Amazon Prime and am only sharing things that I already have and love, or items that have been on my wish list for a very long time. I hope you can find some things that you love today too! {but seriously no pressure, it's just too good not to share!}

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If this is the first you've heard about Amazon Prime Day, its basically Black Friday for Amazon. The perfect Christmas in July event and their highest sales day for the last few years. This event is ONLY open to Amazon Prime members. If you're already a member you're good to go. If not, they have a free Amazon Prime 30 day trial and the best part is that signing up today gives you access to all the great deals RIGHT NOW! Plus if you're not already a member….you really should check it out. The ability to get packages delivered in as quick as 2 days {I'm seriously ruined for regular shipping times now!} has been a lifesaver SO MANY TIMES! As a creative person I'm apt to change my mind and the 2 day shipping allows me to add things to my parties up to the very last minute. Phew!

Reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime:

  • Free 2 DAY shipping {for reals!} or you can choose Free No-Rush shipping and earn digital $ rewards

Mic drop. That right there is enough for most people, but if you're on the fence there's more….

  • Free movies at Prime Video {Between Amazon and Netflix you can find just about everything!}
  • Discounts at Whole Foods {which I love but can get pricey, so the discount is nice}
  • Amazon Prime Day access to the best deals of the year

UPDATE: The deals are on throughout the entire event and turn on and off at different times. Please check back periodically. 

Top Party Hosting Deals


Arts & Crafts Supplies


Kitchen Items:


Arts & Crafts Supplies


Kitchen Items:

Ok without further ado….here are the party items that I've been keeping an eye on that make my life easier every time I plan an event hoping for a great deal:

1. Serving Trays:

Wooden hutch filled with farmer's market produce for a Harvest Party Luncheon

My favorite rustic options are galvanized tiered trays in rectangle and round. 

Dessert table set for a Queen of Hearts Luncheon

But for fancy occasions I love these Amalfi Decor cake and cupcake stands.

2. Cricut Electronic Cutter

Hot Air balloon thank you and Up up and Away Letter board sign for an Adventure themed baby shower

I cut this hot air balloon from a ready made file from Cricut's Design Space Library!

If you aren't familiar with these tools or feel nervous about it the Cricut is SUPER easy to set up and use. There are a few extra features that you'll need to Google but they have awesome training videos that walk you through each step and will have you up and running in no time. So there are two major camps here: Cricut and Silhouette. As the owner of BOTH brands I can tell you that I use my Cricut way more and love all it's features. I picked up my Cricut Explore Air 2 during last year's Amazon Prime Day sale for a song! I use it to create party signs, tags, favor boxes, cupcake toppers, banners, footprints, stickers, feathers, flowers, and so much more.

This year I've got my eye on:

  • Cricut Easy Press for the iron on vinyl to make custom napkins, placements, banner letters, party t-shirts, etc.
  • Cricut Maker {it can do EVERYTHING ?}

3. Great Party Photography 

Suitcase on blue sequin tablecloth with gold stars and framed images for a Wonder Woman birthday party

Wonder Woman Party photo taken indoors

Photography Backdrop Stands: I feel the backdrop for my parties/events is always the toughest thing to determine and often the most costly since it's usually the focal point for my event. I love the different stands and fabric or vinyl graphic options available. The sequin backdrops are my personal favorite!

Cowboy Studio Background Lights: Sunlight is the best light to take photos hands down but if you've got an indoor party and dark house like I do, you could use a little help. This Cowboy Studio light set has been fabulous and allows me to take great photos indoors.

Top “Keep Mom's Sanity” Deals

1. Instant Pot

Instant Pot: Ok, I have to admit that I haven't really been into the craze until I actually understood how FAST it cooks your food. Duh. Why have I waited so long!? This is definitely on my list. You can also make yogurt, cook eggs, steam broccoli….done and done. Create a quick and easy party menus for a crowd.

2. Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba Vacuum and Mop: um, hello need I say more? VACUUM AND MOP! I keep hoping one morning to wake and find helper monkeys have cleaned my house as I slept. This little guy can make my dream a reality, and doesn't even need any bananas! This makes party prep AND clean up a breeze.

3. Hello Alexa! 

I'm seriously crushing on the idea of an electronic personal assistant! Alexa through the miracle of modern technology can dim my programmable light bulbs for a dinner party, make sure the party tunes play list never ends on a set of Echo Speakers, and even start the Alexa compatible robot vacuum after the party is over. Heart eyes on this one!

Amazon Every Day – with a few extra special deals only found TODAY

Amazon also has some pretty amazing programs that are available every day:

1. Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry another free 30 day Trial, $10 off your first $40 purchase when you schedule recurring orders of the things you use all the time. You can set deliveries for as little as once a month, or set it for once a quarter, depending on how often you need it. There are some great rotating deals going on today to help you fill your pantry here: Amazon Prime Pantry Deals!

2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh: Anyone else HATE grocery shopping? I've tried Walmart Pickup and it's pretty good but they don't always have what I need and Amazon fresh is delivered straight to your door!

3. Audible: Audio Books

Audible: If you've got kids chances are you don't have time to just sit and read a book these days. I love Audible to listen to my latest business training or historical fiction novel while driving or just while I'm doing the dishes or folding laundry. It helps make that “down time” more productive. Grab your phone, some ear buds, and let's get listening!

4. Kindle: eBook Service

Kindle: Prime Day special of $.99 for 3 Month Subscription of Kindle Unlimited! Another great item for on the go. When you can take your eyes off the road as a passenger, sitting at swimming lessons, waiting at school pick up – you can be learning and growing. Let's use our time wisely mommas! You can also try it free for 30 days today and get Two Free Audio Books.

5. Gift Registries

Did you know that Amazon also has registries? With Amazon's Universal button you can even add things to your list that AREN'T carried on Amazon for the ultimate ONE stop shopping. If you don't need a registry, chances are you know someone who does. Share the love!

  • Baby Registry: put together the list of everything you need for baby and give easy access to all your friends and family.
  • Wedding Registry: build your new home together with the best list.

Don't Wait!

Amazon Prime Day ends July 17th! Supplies are limited on some of the deals so check them out before they go away. Amazon also offers new things periodically throughout the day so if there's something specific you're looking for, check in a few times in the next 36 hours. Happy shopping everyone! Enjoy your Christmas in July.

Until next time my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


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