Gnome Tree Topper Easy How To
December 13, 2021
Finished gnome tree topper on white table by Salt Lake party stylist

Gnome Tree Topper Easy How To

A gnome tree topper is easier than you think! And so dang cute. Using a papier-mâché , plastic, or foam cone you can make a Woodland Gnome tree topper in about 15 minutes. So gather up your supplies and let's make some Christmas craft magic!

Gnome tree topper tutorial by Salt Lake party stylist
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Gnome Tree Topper Supplies

Craft supplies for Christmas Gnome tree

You don't need much, and with craft supplies being harder to find you can be flexible too.

NEW Gnome Pattern and Instructions

Many of you have expressed interest to have ALL of the gnome patterns in one place. I've compiled them all and will continue to add any new patterns and you'll be able to download new copies in the future.

You've also asked for measurements and written instructions. This has taken a bit of work but I've got it all completed and added to the shop. And it's now available for purchase immediately. 👏🏽

What you'll get with the No Sew Sock Gnome Pattern Collection:

  • Standard Gnome Beard and Mustache Patterns
  • Standard Gnome Hat Pattern – also use for Wizard Hat and Sweater Hat
  • Skinny Gnome Tree Topper Pattern
  • Witch Hat Pattern
  • Sweater Body Pattern
  • Female Hair Pattern
  • Instructions and Supply List for Group Crafting in case you aren't able to reference the blog post tutorial

Felt Gnome Tree Topper Body

Trimming felt for gnome cone body

Since all the cones will be different there's not a specific pattern for the body, but it's quite easy to create your own.

  • Starting at the straight edge of your felt draw a line on the top and bottom of the cone
  • Continue drawing top and bottom lines as you roll the cone away from the edge – it'll roll in a slight arc
  • **If you're worried about the lines being accurate, cut them out larger than you need, then trim the cone after you glue on the felt.**
Hot gluing felt to cone

Once your felt piece is cut, start gluing at one edge and continue around until you overlap at the other end.

The bottom edge is most important as it will be visible.

Trimming body for gnome tree topper

But it's very easy to trim the cone once your felt is secure.

Add Gnome Topper Beard

Adding white beard to gnome tree topper body

Your gnome tree topper is not complete without a beard so I used the pattern for my sock gnomes for this mini tree topper size. But since the cone sizes will vary you'll want to cut out a triangle of fur. Wide enough to wrap around 2/3 of the cone at the top and long enough that the fabric backing is nearly to the bottom. The fur will continue down past the edge.

You can see I chose to attach the beard over the seam. This helps create a nice clean back as the seam will be completely covered by beard and hat.

Fur Cutting Tips

  • Line the point of your triangle up with the hair going down – or your gnome beard will grow sideways or upside-down!
  • Use a craft or utility knife – NEVER try to cut with scissors
  • Draw your pattern on the back and gently slice with blade until fabric backing is cut

Affix Gnome Tree Topper Nose

Adding nose to Christmas gnome cone

When your beard is glued on tight split the top of the beard to create a little mustache and clear the way for your wooden bead nose. Add a dot of hot glue and press the nose firmly.

**NOTE: You want to make sure the nose bead is down in the beard, NOT up on the body.

Christmas gnome cone without hat

When your gnome nose is complete it should look like this. {photo above} Fluff the mustache on both sides and cover any visible glue.

Gnome Topper Hat

Hot gluing felt to make gnome hat

To create the hat, you'll need your second piece of felt. I used the gnome hat pattern as a guide but needed it to be skinnier and the hat overlapped more. You'll likely need to trim the bottom to create a nice circle.

Fold over the edge and carefully glue along the edge. Start at the top since the point is the trickiest part, and work your way down in sections.

Gluing hat to gnome tree topper

If you're worried about the hat getting crushed you can add a little fluff to the inside. I didn't use any and mine has stayed straight and tall just fine, but larger hats will struggle to stay up without a little more support.

Add a bead of hot glue to the inside of the hat brim and place it on your gnome tree topper. Make sure the seam is at the back and the hat fits down snug over the bead and overlaps the top of the nose just a bit.

Your Finished Gnome

DIY Gnome tree topper on table by Salt Lake party stylist

When your hat is on, your cute little gnome will look like this! You can see that the hat isn't perfect and that's part of the gnome magic. They are each unique and magical in their own right. Embrace any imperfections.

Gnome Tree Topper

Gnome Christmas tree topper for bedroom tree

When you're gnome is done he's ready for the big job……topping that darling tree you've decorated.

I added a snowflake sticker from the Dollar Tree to the hat just for fun and ceremoniously placed him on the 4 foot tree in our guest room. I'm quite sure my parents will be delighted when they visit!

If you make a Mini gnome tree topper {or ten!}, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Christmas decor gnome tree topper by Salt Lake party stylist
Finished gnome tree topper on white table by Salt Lake party stylist


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