Christmas Party Theme – Gnome for the Holidays
December 6, 2021
Gnome sweet gnome Christmas party table

My favorite Christmas Party Theme? Gnome for the Holidays of course! My no sew sock gnomes have been the most popular tutorial for the last few years. I've had a great time building our little gnome army, so it seemed the perfect theme for Christmas this year.

BUT gnomes makes a great birthday party as well. With all the garden and woodland details you can have lots of fun with this theme!

Christmas party theme - Gnome for the holidays by Salt Lake party stylist
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How to Get the Gnome Party Look

Small business party products for gnome party

I partnered with some of my favorite small business and creative shops to create this party and I'm so excited to introduce them to you.

If you're staying Gnome for the Holidays, first SHOP YOUR HOUSE and gather any and all woodland themed items you might already have. These make the perfect backdrop for any gnome themed soiree.

The rest of this awesome stuff I already pretty much had. I'm even planning to use them again for a woodland party this spring. Always think of your party purchases with reuse in mind! And look around at the things you already own for even more decor uses in the future!

Party supplies I use often:

  • Milk Bottle Glasses – these are AMAZING and I use them all the time!
  • Red and white striped cupcake liner – having fun liners on hand is really handy and these were perfect.
  • Snowflake sprinkles – you can sprinkles to everything to make them a little fancier. I've quite the collection now.
  • Red and White Cake Plate – Seasonal Target purchase in the Dollar Spot
  • Wood Slice Round Charger – I've got a set of 12 of these for a rustic dinner party. I got them off Facebook Marketplace from a wedding and I love them.

Items I purchased just for this. See how great it is to be a party hoarder? You're party ready in a matter of minutes.

  • Pine Flexible Garland Ties – I use these often for Christmas to tie gifts, make mini wreaths, and attach items to the tree or garlands to the stair railings.
  • Mini Mushroom accent picks – these are so dang cute it's hard not to buy them! I might have tons of uses for them but your extras could come in handy for Christmas ornaments, gift embellishments, earrings, napkin rings, etc.
  • Blue Winter Woodland Scene Backdrop – having a backdrop transforms any space into something magical. If you have the wall space, I highly recommend it! This one comes in different sizes too.

Christmas Party Theme Plates – Mushrooms?

Mushroom plates with gnome theme confetti

Are mushrooms really an appropriate Christmas party theme!? If you're working with Woodland gnomes, the answer is YES!!

Sadly these darling toadstool paper plates have been discontinued but Meri Meri has an updated pinkish version that I think might even be cuter!

Paper plates add so much color, pattern, and texture to your party design. If you need something more sturdy to actually eat from, simply layer your paper goods over the top and save these pretties for dessert.

Also featured here is the Gnome Confetti from Festive Fetti. She adds the cutest cutouts to each of her themed mixes.

More Christmas Mushrooms

Mushroom felt garland for Gnome Christmas party theme

The Mushroom Felt Garland is such a great piece to use as a runner down the center of the table and tie in the woodland look.

Then add a few additional ceramic toadstools for the garden. I found these at Dollar Tree in the seasonal gardening section. But if you're off-season you can find some cute garden mushrooms here.

Christmas Gnome Place Setting

Christmas party theme - Gnome for the holidays table

Once you've got all your supplies ready to go and your table runner created with the garland and confetti, set your table with the mushroom plates, a cute glass cup, and cutlery.

  • The wooden spoon is eco friendly and biodegradable so I love using them anytime I can avoid plastic. Add a strip of shiny silver washi tape to the spoon handle for an even cuter look.
  • The add a ribbon, wired pine ties and mini mushroom pick. All of a sudden those little glass bottles are SO MUCH FANCIER! And it really doesn't take much more work. Although I don't recommend little details like this for a large gathering unless you have help! This party hosted 6 kids.
  • After shopping my house I found a large ceramic gnome holding a lantern from our front porch. I found him in the gardening aisle of my local Smith's Marketplace gardening section. Much of the woodland themed items are readily available in summer if you need to plan ahead for next year.

Christmas Party Theme – Gnome Placemats

Christmas gnome activity printable placemat

The last piece we used underneath the place setting were these custom woodland gnome themed activity placemats. They were such a hit I created a Christmas version AND a birthday version. And because I LOVE you, they are available in the VIPP {Very Important Party People} Resource Library with lots of other fun downloads you can use to celebrate.

Custom Christmas Gnome Themed Crayons

Gnome shaped crayons for Christmas party theme favors

To go with the activity mats each child was able to take home 2 custom created gnome crayons from the Creative Crayon Workshop. They were a total hit! If you want to keep the favors nice and organized during the party, just put out some regular crayons for them use and send the gnomes home in a gift baggie.

These are my favorite self-sealing clear bags for things like that. The 4×6 size will fit two crayons with room to spare, but order a bigger size if you'll be adding any other favors.

The moss rocks are another spring time Dollar Tree find.

Christmas Gnome Party Balloons

Gnome balloon bouquet for Christmas party

To finish off the party atmosphere I added some fun polka dot balloons in greens and red with this darling gnome mylar balloon that is huge and so fun. It might be a birthday balloon {wink} but he's so cute, no one even noticed!

Christmas Party Theme – Gnome Food Table

Gnome for the Holidays Christmas party theme table

Now that your table is all set to go, let's figure out the menu.

Christmas Gnome Themed Party Cupcakes

Gnome and mushroom cupcake toppers for Christmas party

These darling Christmas gnome and mushroom cupcake toppers are so cute and dress up these store bought cupcakes perfectly.

  • Drop your cupcake into a striped liner for some color and pattern
  • Top with silver and snowflake sprinkles
  • Add cupcake topper and serve!

These are Trader Joe's gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and they are pretty dang good!

Edible Mushrooms?

Chocolate cookie mushrooms for gnome party treat

Edible mushrooms are also a must have for any gnome party!

These Japanese chocolate and cookie stem treats are available in-store at World Market or on Amazon. But World Market does have some darling mushroom dishes and mugs if you're interested. I love it all!!

Strawberry Mushrooms for Woodland Party

Gnome Party Cake

Christmas party theme gnome cake

If your party calls for a cake, this topper from Avalon Sunshine transforms a plain grocery store bakery cake in about 60 seconds!

Since I already had cupcakes I used this fake cake as decoration! Having a cake is a great centerpiece but you often don't need it when there's other treats available. I use my Confection Deception faux cakes ALL the time as decor!

What's Your Favorite Christmas Party Theme?

Gnome sweet gnome Christmas party table

Have I convinced you to try a Gnome Christmas party theme? Or do you have another favorite theme? There are so many great ways to celebrate, it doesn't really matter. But it does make things feel more special when you've got a theme of some kind and can pull the party together with a few cute details like these.

If you try hosting a Gnome for the Holidays themed Christmas Party, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Christmas party theme Gnome for the holidays by Salt Lake Party stylist
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