No Sew Gnome Simple Tutorial
December 4, 2019
Line of handmade sock gnomes with gift tags

No Sew Sock Gnomes

While everyone is enamored with their Elves on Shelves I’ve been cooking up a little mischief of my own with a simple no sew gnome tutorial to create the cutest little Scandinavian Tomte inspired friends for the holidays.

In less than 30 minutes you too can make your very own!

Gnome sweet Gnome DIY no sew sock gnome
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Scandinavian Tomte Gnome Inspiration

I’ve had gnome making on the list of to-dos for years and finally created a bunch to give away as gifts and decorate for holidays like this fun Entry Table Christmas Decor.

With Scandinavian roots I was inspired by mini tomte gnomes from Sarah at Ruffles and Rain Boots and created my own “recipe” for a house full of new furry friends.

No Sew Gnome Tutorial Materials

Material supplies for simple Scandinavian Christmas tomte

First things first…..let’s gather up a few simple supplies. You may already have some on hand. I did have to make a few adjustments to the list as I went along so keep reading to find out why! 

Step 1: Fill the Gnome Sock Body

Rice filled sock body for a no sew gnome

Use outdated rice from your pantry or pick it up in bulk. The easiest way to fill the sock bodies is to add 2 cups of rice to the glass, stretch the sock over the top of your glass, then turn it upside down. Easy peasy. No spills.

This first attempt of filling it using the funnel worked alright, but did spill a bit.

Step 2: Rubber Band Sock and Trim

Sock body for no sew gnome

Use a rubber band to close up the sock body and if you use a men’s crew sock, you’ll need to trim the top. BUT You can use the extra to make another gnome! How’s that for easy!?

Step 3: Glue Sock Body to Secure

Glue sock body on gnome

UPDATE: I actually recommend skipping this step. After making dozens of these little guys now, it’s easier to just keep the leftover sock standing upright inside the hat. If you glue it too far down it can interfere with the hat and beard.

Add a dot of glue at the top gather to make sure it’ll stay closed even if the rubber band breaks. Then glue the edges of the sock down to finish it off. Don’t worry about the raw edges of the sock top. They’ll be hidden under the hat.

Step 4: Slice the Beard

DIY sock gnome pattern for a furry beard

Everyone knows the beard is what gives a gnome it’s magical powers. So you’ve got to make sure to get this step right! Use a simple triangle or Download my Gnome Beard Templatesand trace onto the backside of your chosen furry material.

Please make sure you place your pattern with the point in the direction of the hair. I love the look of these long haired ones. There are lots of fun options out there. I chose classic white and shaggy grey.

Cut the BACK of the fur for the gnome beard

Using a utility knife carefully cut through the fabric backing and STOP. This is one fabric you DO NOT cut with scissors.

I tried trimming a strip of fur for my Cozy Cottage Christmas table runner with scissors last year and it was a huge mess! Like HUGE. And you’re stuck with an awful choppy haircut instead of the lovely furry fringe.

Step 5: Glue Gnome Beard

Glue beard to no sew gnome - Salt Lake Party Stylist

The beard will wrap around most of the gnome body, if you want to see more body…add additional rice for a taller gnome. This little guy has only 1-1/2 cups of rice and a very long beard and I love him! Using your glue gun carefully attach the beard in a circle near the top.

 Step 6: Glue Gnome Nose

Confession time. There are a few potential issues with gnome noses you need to be aware of so here’s how to make a gnome nose the EASY way!

Attaching the nose at the top of the beard as shown above looks great until you try to put the hat on and see sock on either side of the nose. SO…against all instincts, place the nose down into the beard to avoid issue #1.

Glue the nose on Scandinavian Christmas tomte

#2 If you happen to pick up a package of wooden beads instead of wooden balls {because that’s all the store has} I’ve got you covered.

Place a little glue dot into the bottom of each “nostril” and press a small tuft of beard to help hide the holes. Be careful not to use too much hair or glue it too high. That’ll look weird.

Or you can wait the 48 hours to get the proper 3/4″ Wooden balls from Amazon Prime!

You also have permission to craft a nose with pantyhose and stuffing as an alternative. I just love the look of wood with all my woodland Christmas decor

Step 7: Trace and Cut Hat

Easy hat pattern for no sew gnome - Salt Lake Party Stylist

This is the pattern I used for the gnome hats and it worked really well for me. You can download it here: Free printable gnome pattern

Step 8: Roll Hat

Felt hat rolled and pinned for gnome to wear

Now that your hat is cut and ready to go we need to glue it into that cute little cone. These are no sew gnomes remember? The felt rolls alright but the point at the top is a little squirrely.

So try the hat on and pin the bottom where you’d like it to stop. Now start at the top of the point and make sure it gets glued down well. Then work your way down in sections making sure the angles all line up with your pin.

If in doubt, make the hat slightly larger so it sits down on the head, over the top of the beard, and has room for the nose to to sit underneath it.

Step 9: Stuff Hat and Glue

Darling felt hat on No Sew Gnome

Now that your hat is ready, stuff the inside with batting to help hold it’s shape. Then, add a bead of hot glue on inside opposite your seam. Place that just above the nose so you’ve got your hat nice and centered, then continue around the perimeter until firmly glued in place.

Darling tomte profile with his hat glued on

I like my gnome profile with his jaunty little hat! His beard is a little long for his squat body but I totally love this shaggy little guy.

Proudly Display Your DIY Gnome!

Darling Christmas tomte gnome

The hardest part of this whole gnome tutorial is deciding where to put them! And being able to STOP making more!!

Gift of Gnomes

Line of handmade sock gnomes with gift tags

I made a whole family of them in time for Christmas. It’s such a quick and easy craft that makes a great gift idea! Snag the “Gnome for the Holidays” gift tag from my friend Brenda at Festive Fetti for the perfect finishing touch!

If you do make one {or a dozen!} I’d love to see them! Please tag us when you share @partieswithacause on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday full of cozy little DIY Christmas gnomes!

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Easy No Sew Holiday Gnomes that, yes, even you can do

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Until next time my friend! Signature and photo
Easy No Sew Holiday Gnomes by Salt Lake Party Stylist
Easy no sew gnome decor


  1. Angie

    Love your tutorial! I began making these last year and love them but the hat was always my tricky part. Thanks for the simple shape pattern. I’ll send a picture when I get my gnome making supplies out and get busy making them.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m so glad to hear it. I had trouble with the hat at first too. I know I need to make a video so I can help walk people through it. I hope you are enjoying them. I’m working on a Halloween gnome now. it’s been so fun. I’ll be posting about it later.

  2. Cindy B.

    They look so cute. But why are there no measurements on the patterns? I’d like to know how big the beard and hat should be.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m sorry if that made it difficult for you. The patterns are scaled for an 8.5″x11″ piece of printer paper. The gnomes are small. I’ll measure one for you and send it to you.

  3. Sharla Fisher

    Getting a start on fall and christmas and would love to make these little guys/girls but cannot seem to download the hat and beard pattern. Thanks so much for this great tutorial and patterns. Sooo appreciated!


    • Brianna Adams

      Oh no! I’m so sorry it’s not working. I’ve updated everything and hoping that it’s working now. I’ll send yours directly to your email. Have so much fun making them. They’re a little addictive.

  4. Bobbi

    I love the gnomes! I hope I will be able to make one. My health isn’t the best. But I could not download the hat and beard pattern.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m so sorry. I will have to check the files and make sure they aren’t corrupted or something. I’ll email you them directly. I hope you enjoy making a few. I know they are quite therapeutic for me!

  5. Nancy

    I an unable to download pattern for hat and beard. Can you advise ? Thanks so much.. Love this little guy

    • Brianna Adams

      Oh I’m so sorry you’ve had troubles. Please check your email for the files.

  6. Beverly

    I’m not understanding how to put the hat together. I didn’t understand the folding part. & what to do next.

    • Brianna Adams

      Run a bead of glue on one edge of the hat and roll it into a cone shape while pressing the glue onto the other side in a straight line. If you’re point isn’t perfect that’s ok – you can trim off any extra. The bottom should end up in a circle that you place on the gnome’s head. Please email me a photo if you are still having trouble. bri{at}partieswithacause{dot}com

  7. Jamie

    Hi, Bri!
    I’m excited to make these! Could you please update the links to the patterns for the hat and beard? They’re not displaying.

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ll get that fixed. Until then I’ve emailed you the files directly. Have so much fun making them.

  8. Cundy

    Just a quick question. What braids is the yarn used for?

    • Brianna Adams

      I made a girl gnome but wasn’t super happy with how the hat went over the braids so I’m tweaking it.

  9. Kimber

    I made one of these guys .i added peppermint essential oils to my rice and now he makes my home smell like candy cane wishes! I’m going to play around with hand sewing the parts so you could heat them up like little cuddly friends for kids!

    • Brianna Adams

      What a fabulous idea! Love that. I don’t want mine getting smushed but having them be a little more play friendly is a great. YOu’d have to stuff the hat – which I’ve already decided I’ll do next time I make a bunch. But the peppermint is genius!

    • Debbie

      Hi Kimber, I stuffed mine with lavender buds. I put some dry beans in the bottom to add weight for the base. Like yours, I have the fragrance benefit. Merry Christmas

      • Brianna Adams

        Another genius! I love this. Thank you so much for sharing!! Merry Christmas.

  10. Sarah

    Your gnome is just too cute! I’m addicted to making these – we have so many in our house now (and still about 100 planned in my head). 🙂

    Pinned this little cutie and I’m so thankful you shared my little gnome.

  11. Carolina Villarreal

    I totally need to make these next year! They look so so cute Bri!

  12. Holly

    I can’t believe this was a no sew project, Bri! Absolutely adorable!!

  13. Pili

    Your gnome is so cute! Yours is definitely one of the easiest tutorials I’ve found so I am going to give it a try next year.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Julie

    What a cute little fella, he sounds like loads of fun to make too.

  15. Susan

    Omgosh Bri ! I always wondered how gnomes were made. This is the perfect tutorial! I may have to try making these next year for fun.

  16. Susan

    He came out great! Thanks for the tutorial and super thanks for all the added tricks for overcoming the obstacles.

  17. Debra

    The little gnome is so adorable. I can see why you are going to make a gnome family. Great tutorial on how to make them.

  18. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I just love how you join these DIY challenges. Maybe one day I’ll feel like I have the time to join one. They look so fun. Love the gnome!!!

  19. Mallaury

    Oh these are so cute! Not sure how long these would last with my 2 toddlers anyway but worth a try!

  20. Samantha Roller

    What!!! These are soooooo cute! Definitely need to give these a shot!

  21. Nikla Lam

    We always pass this giant gnome each morning at a nursery when I take my son to school. My son loves seeing that gnome and I bet he would also love to make this craft! I love how easy they are to make and most of all no sewing involved!!

  22. Debbee M

    Bri, what a great tutorial of a really trendy decor item! Your gnome is absolutely adorable. Brought a big smile on my face. Happy holidays!

  23. Sarina Kinnunen

    This Gnome is soo fun and creative!! That’s awesome that there’s no sewing involved!

  24. Roseann Hampton

    So cute and I love how easy they are to make!

  25. Jen @ Jenron Designs

    I do not think I knew how simple these were to make, thank you for such great instruction to create these cute little gnomes.

  26. Anna

    Why didn’t I think of this. This is so cool, saving this post so I can make it. Your creation is so beautiful.

  27. Lori

    Oh he’s just so cute!! What a fun little guy to make for the holiday!!

  28. Shawn @ Healthy Wealthy Skinny

    This little gnome is too cute! Your tutorial makes it look so easy to make. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  29. Erlene

    Oh my goodness he is so cute! I’ve always wanted to make a gnome, but haven’t tried it yet. This tutorial looks really easy and pinned to try it.

  30. krizzia

    This looks really great and the fact that it’s so easy to make motivates me to do this at our house too. Perfect for my reading nook!

  31. Kirsta

    I love this! It’s adorable and no-sew! I am notoriously bad at sewing so this is right up my alley. I am definitely pinning and will be attempting this, if not now then next year.

  32. Jenny

    I can’t get over the cuteness of the gnomes this year, I have seen them everywhere. I love it! Thanks for a great tutorial, I would love to make one.

  33. Mother of 3

    He’s so cute! Thanks for the tutorial too. Pinned.

  34. Gail

    Gnomes are so fun and adorable to look at and yours is no exception! Too cute and the fact that it’s a no-sew makes it perfect to create!

    • Doris

      Love the gnomes, they are so adorable. I am definitely will be attempting to be make them for next year.

      • Brianna Adams

        That makes me so happy! I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do. But be careful… just might end up with a house full of gnomes!😉


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