Halloween Gnomes DIY: No Sew Witch Gnome
September 22, 2020
Halloween Gnome DIY Witch and Wizard by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Halloween Gnomes DIY: No Sew Witch Gnome

Ready for a Halloween gnome DIY!? I'm so excited. You've all loved my simple Christmas sock gnomes so much it seemed fitting to create a no sew Halloween witch gnome… and wizard gnome!

Halloween Gnome DIY Witch by Salt Lake Party Stylist
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13 Days of Halloween Inspiration

Welcome to the the 13 Days of Halloween Inspiration! Jordan from Jordan's Easy Entertaining and I are bringing you great ideas everyday! Today is Day 7 and all about DIY HALLOWEEN DECOR! Join us each day for more Halloween decor, snack, and tablescape ideas.

Halloween Gnome Supplies

Felt and socks for DIY Halloween gnomes

It doesn't take much to create these cute little guys. So take a peek at your craft supply and make a list of anything you're missing:

Snag the Witch Hat Pattern

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    NEW Gnome Pattern and Instructions

    Many of you have expressed interest to have ALL of the gnome patterns in one place. I've compiled them all and will continue to add any new patterns and you'll be able to download new copies in the future.

    You've also asked for measurements and written instructions. This has taken a bit of work but I've got it all completed and added to the shop. And it's now available for purchase immediately. 👏🏽

    What you'll get with the No Sew Sock Gnome Pattern Collection:

    • Standard Gnome Beard and Mustache Patterns
    • Standard Gnome Hat Pattern – also use for Wizard Hat and Sweater Hat
    • Skinny Gnome Tree Topper Pattern
    • Witch Hat Pattern
    • Sweater Body Pattern
    • Female Hair Pattern
    • Instructions and Supply List for Group Crafting in case you aren't able to reference the blog post tutorial

    No Sew Gnome Body

    I've written all about how to create these cute little no sew sock gnome bodies here. So check that out to create your first body then hop back over for the witch gnome details! It's okay, I'll wait….

    Witch Gnome Nose Creation

    Pantyhose witch nose on sock gnome

    A wooden ball just doesn't seem fitting for a witch so let's create an elongated nose using an old pair of nylon pantyhose, or a new cheap pair. Seriously don't spend good money on these. You're just going to cut them up!

    1. Cut a 5″ section of your nylons – you will have a short tube
    2. Slice the tube and lay the nylon rectangle flat
    3. Pick out stuffing about the size of 2 cotton balls
    4. Gather the 4 corners of nylon and hold at top
    5. Arrange stuffing into proper oblong shape
    6. Add rubber band to keep it tight
    7. Leave excess at top for attaching to body

    Halloween Gnome Feet Tutorial

    DIY sock gnome feet tutorial steps 1-3

    The previous Christmas gnomes don't have feet, so you can skip this step if you'd like. But I like the extra bit of detail it adds to these Halloween gnomes. Especially the witch as she doesn't have a beard to cover her body.

    • Step 1: Cut the toe off your sock at least 4″
    • Step 2: Fill toe “cup” with approximately 3 Tb rice – you can add or remove rice as necessary
    • Step 3: Glue the top shut down about an inch making sure the rice is secure but loose enough to move
    • Step 4: Poke a hole in the top of the glue line with your scissors and thread a piece of string, cord, or twine
    DIY sock gnome feet tutorial steps 4-6
    • Step 5: Arrange the rice evenly on both sides of the center and knot the string at the back
    • Step 6: Use the 1″ flap to glue and attach under the witch gnome body. Make sure the edges are glued tight so they don't stick out. You may have to add an extra dot of glue to tuck them in.
    • Congrats! Your Halloween gnome has FEET!

    DIY Witch Gnome Hat Pattern

    Mini Witch hat with spider and ribbon

    Now that your witch gnome is taking shape we've got to add her hat.

    Mini Witch hat pattern tutorial steps 1-3

    Start by downloading this simple Halloween gnome witch hat pattern:

    Snag the Witch Hat Pattern

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      • Step 1: Trace your pattern onto the fabric. I use a blue sharpie and it shows up nicely on the black felt. No blue sharpie? Try chalk.
      • Step 2: Cut out your shapes with great scissors including the center hole
      • Step 3: Wrap the top piece into a cone shape and pin. Glue the edge down tight.
      • Step 4: Add the top to the brim and glue from the underside
      • Step 5: Add ribbon to brim to hide the seam. This ribbon was in a multi-pack at Michaels, a black ric rac or sequin trim would be really fun too!
      • Optional decor: Add a spider if desired and try it out on your witch! Skies the limit on how much decor you'd like to add. I envision a spider web hanging from the top, maybe a mini bat, and tiny flowers.
      Witch gnome from the side with hat and feet

      Try the hat on to make sure it fits and admire the cuteness of these squat little Halloween gnomes! I just love them!

      Halloween Gnome Witch Braids

      Adding grey braids to no sew sock gnome Halloween witch

      Now that your witch gnome's got a nose, feet, and hat, she needs braids!

      • Step 1: Measure out AT LEAST 9 pieces of yarn approximately 12″ long
        • Body sizes will vary, make sure the yarn touches the table on both sides when placed on top of head.
      • Step 2: Tie a knot in the center of your bundle of yarn and lay over the witch head
      • Step 3: Add rubber bands down around 1″ on either side, TRY THE HAT ON to make sure the bands are still covered. If not adjust them up until they are no longer visible. You want the yarn to lay flat on the sides so the hat doesn't bump out excessively.
      • Step 4: Tape the yarn down and braid each side, use a small rubber band to tie it off
      • Optional: Add a bow to the bottom of each pig tail

      Witch Gnome Wart

      sock gnome witch with wart

      With her hair all done, this witch needs her wart! I used a small ball of air dry modeling clay hot glued to her nose. A small bead or dried pea would also work great! Use your imagination.

      Give a Witch her Broom

      No Sew sock gnome witch with broom and cauldron

      Now that your Halloween gnome is done, this witch needs her broom! Purchase a mini broom or create a broomstick using scraps with this easy diy.

      Attach broom to her side and feet with a couple dots of hot glue and decide where you're going to display your darling new creation!

      Wizard Halloween Gnome DIY

      Halloween Gnome DIY Witch and Wizard by Salt Lake Party Stylist

      Your witch gnome is perfect, but if you feel like she needs a friend, add to your Halloween gnome decor with a wizard gnome variation!

      Create the body and feet exactly as outlined above. Then use the hat and beard pattern from the Christmas gnomes here.

      Wizard Halloween gnome DIY by Salt Lake Party Stylist

      The biggest difference with the wizard gnome is the floppy hat and added mustache. Make the fabric hat exactly the same as you would with felt, but I did take the time to hot glue finished edges on the bottom and the outside edge.

      You could absolutely sew a little hem but these are NO SEW so I stuck with the glue gun! If you've got a sewing machine and want to give it a go, it might even save you some time.

      Halloween Gnome Decor Addition

      All I know is that these little guys are additive so please don't get mad at me if you can't stop making them! So if you do try making a Halloween gnome or TEN, I'd love to see them. And if you share, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

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      Halloween Gnome DIY Witch and Wizard by Salt Lake Party Stylist

      Day 7 DIY Halloween Decor

      I hope you love my Halloween gnomes, a spooky take on the classic Christmas gnome, now take a look at this amazing DIY Bleeding Candles from Jordan's Easy Entertaining.

      Bleeding candles in candelabra for Halloween
      Floral Skull Centerpiece by Salt Lake Party Stylist
      Floral Skull Centerpiece Tutorial
      Welcome to the haunted hollow pumpkin
      Halloween Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow SVG

      More Great DIY Halloween Decor:

      Day 8: Join us again tomorrow for Halloween Drinks for Kids!


      1. Natalie Mayhew

        These are so freaking adorable! Love then so much!

        • Brianna Adams

          Thank you!! They are so dang fun to make. And such a great little piece of decor.


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